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  1. Bought the S15 starter kit a couple of weeks ago (1 mag with the release). Haven't had time to even open the package yet. Contemplating returning it or selling it ... but at the same time really like the idea of it. Question: are there any issues using the Shield mag release with the Glock mags?
  2. Now just gotta decide on bumping up to the lifetime permit.
  3. Looks like the Governor signed it on Friday 5/24.
  4. Can someone summarize what happens to the existing permits? Are they now equal to the enhanced permit? When does this take effect? If I didn’t go with the lifetime before, should I upgrade now before this new law hits?... or am I already too late?
  5. From what I read one use is using photos to find serial numbers to search for stolen guns.
  6. I also wouldn’t be surprised if google, yahoo, etc aren’t already indexing gun possession/use/sale info from email history... waiting for the appropriate secret subpoena to release it.
  7. We shouldn’t be surprised that Fed computer systems are monitoring online gun sales. A significant portion of the Memex cache also comes from arms sale and review sites—largely Armslist.com, but more than 80 sites and forums in total. The Memex database holds 7.2 million images and files related to gun sales. The government probably knows if you've ever advertised sex work or a gun for sale between 2014 and 2017. And it has receipts. https://reason.com/archives/2019/02/05/hotel-surveillance-state-sex-trafficking/2 https://memex.jpl.nasa.gov/MFSEC17.pdf
  8. Interesting information ... thanks for sharing. It balances well with this article: It's not a carry gun if you don't carry it. https://www.shootingillustrated.com/articles/2016/9/27/it-s-not-a-carry-gun-if-you-don-t-carry-it/
  9. Paul, Based on my decision making process, if you don't already have a small pocket gun, that Taurus might be hard to beat. Here's a review I just read: https://downrangedaily.com/thoughts-taurus-spectrum/ ... it sound ok, but personally I would look for a used LCP before the Taurus... have seen the first generation used around $150 and new around $180. I'm currently saving up for a Glock 26 with my GSSF coupon.
  10. You're most welcome here in Tennessee ... especially if you're fed up with California politics! I'm in mid-TN, about 15 minutes from the Jack Daniel's distillery ... about 60 miles from Nashville, Chattanooga and Huntsville... but have spent a bit of time in Knoxville (college and after). You'll definitely enjoy the area.
  11. About a year ago, bought a Gen2 G19 at a good price, then replaced very dim sights with new AmeriGlo sights & replaced springs. Can buy a new one for less than I have in this one... but it has served well for armorer training and is my EDC.
  12. Photographed a wedding today and was very comfortable with the LCP in the pocket. I couldn't have easily carried anything much larger. The LCP isn't easy to control with larger hands. I have problems pulling to the right on the LCP that I don't have with the G19. Looking forward to trying out the G26. BTW, some of us have used a concealed permit to give a seller confidence he's not selling to a prohibited possessor.
  13. Ya know I hadn't even considered relieving myself of particular guns for the purpose of consolidating to a single caliber. I bought the LCP after being gun poor for a couple of years because it was inexpensive. The RM380 was purchased for my wife ... and at that point we only had .380... as I don't count the .22 rifle purchased for my daughter. So the G19 was actually the odd ball. I will probably only purchase 9mm in the future... probably a G26 in the next couple of weeks. I've also considered the SCCY CPX-2, but likely to stick with the Glocks.
  14. Update: Am keeping both of the .380s. Discussion here convinced me that 1) their resale value is minimal, 2) there are circumstances where either one is ultimately more concealable than anything else. BersaGuy also made a good argument for spreading them around the house ... which at the moment I'm not going to do as we have a 13 year old daughter who has friends over. Thanks to everyone for the conversation. BTW, my next purchase will likely be a Glock 26 Gen5.


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