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  1. I agree with both of these. Axle play doesn't seem excessive and the bevel case seems about right. At least if it is a bevel drive. Someone earlier called it that and bevel drive gears are always really noisy. Ducati used it on the camshaft of a motorcycle once. LOUD.
  3. Original SUV’s were compact go anywhere convertibles with four wheel drive and body on frame construction. The modern SUV doesn’t really fit any of those criteria. Modern SUVs are big four door family haulers that might be able to traverse a gravel road. Like I said, AMC and IH were building those in the 60’s. I guess there suburbans at that point too but they were less common than the others.
  4. He did not create the SUV segment. IH and AM both had what we would consider the modern suv in the 60’s.
  5. She kinda looks like my granny.
  6. The man responsible for the Mustang and for keeping Chrysler alive passed away yesterday at 94 years old. I read his autobiography in middle school and fell in love with nonfiction at that point. Thank you, Lee, for everything. You will be missed.
  7. Agreed so much.
  8. Capbyrd

    SRO Law

    From what ive seen, teachers would riot if that were to happen.
  9. Capbyrd

    SRO Law

    Why? What was going on that they had cops there all the time? Like I said, we didn't have cops at the school all the time but usually one or two would sit in the parking lot as school got out. But that was really it.
  10. Capbyrd

    SRO Law

    Where did yall go to school that you had cops around? I went to a Memphis City School and they didn't have a cop until after I graduated.
  11. Sure. Although those are individuals that are able to defend themselves. They aren't a place that can't defend itself because its a place. So I'll stick up for it.
  12. Capbyrd

    SRO Law

    That's actually a better ratio than policing in general. I don't know about other departments but the Memphis Police Department has a little over 2000 cops right now. The city has an area of about 207,360 acres. About 5700 acres of that are water so we can take those out if you want and get it closer to 2000 cops covering 200,000 acres (for the sake of simple math). That's one cop for every 100 acres. I was able to find Nashville's numbers. They have 1315 cops covering 336,000 acres. That's one cop for every 255 acres. A worse ratio that Memphis and way behind the SRO that you said.
  13. The Memphis bashing gets old. And Memphians, true Memphians not the suburbanites, take it very personally. We all know that Memphis isn't perfect and has more than its share of problems. But we are still here, trying and tired of hearing people that don't want to be here and are never here talking crap about what we consider "ours." If I just wrote crap about your house all the time, you'd get tired of it too.
  14. So far, my experience with the SS office is far superior to my experiences dealing with the DMV or even just the local police department when trying to get CLEO signoff for NFA items. Thank goodness I don't have to do that anymore.
  15. Why not just get a passport card and throw it in the wallet?

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