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Community Answers

  1. This guy is responsible for a great deal of my automotive knowledge. Joe was great!
  2. Great look. Looks like its gonna be a fun bike.
  3. Im not a fishtail fan but its coming along. Oil tank and rocker covers next?
  4. Unfortunately, my work schedule has changed and I will have to work that night. You guys enjoy.
  5. I'm not a softail guy but this definitely has me reconsidering. Needs some fatter meats though.
  6. Car notes and cell phone bills are luxuries and people should be reminded of that.
  7. I'll second this. I would also say that the drive to Murfreesboro for classes with Aq and crew at Citizens Safety Academy is more than worth it.
  8. "What makes fish bite?" Well in my experience it is dropping or setting down your rod and someone else touching it. Everyone but me can catch something on my rod.
  9. The issue is things like trees falling and taking out my neighbor's truck, driveway and tearing up my sewer. Last year I spent about 20 grand recovering from that (and getting rid of the rest of the trees so I didn't have to deal with it again) and that's after insurance covered what they would. Everytime I make some progress disaster strikes. But that's getting better and I did something that hurt to get through it last year but i sold some guns. I'm working on getting rid of the debt before I start replacing them. Increasing my income three fold certainly helped.
  10. GOA easily. TFA is fine and the local fight is great. But I believe that the national fight is much more important and needs more attention. Personally, I'd like to see an organization pop up that dedicates itself solely to attacking the ATF and NFA. Everything that has happened recently has been reactive and we need a group being more proactive.
  11. Not impossible. Depends on how willing you are to work. The Memphis Police Department Dispatchers currently make 71k a year and change with constant overtime opportunities. Its not difficult to get to well past 100k. And the city council just approved a 5% raise for them. No college required. Just a high school diploma or GED. There are jobs like that all over the place. Just have to be willing to make those sacrifices. Another example would be an OTR driver. Gotta be 21 for over the road but you can get some forms of CDL at 18 in TN and then at 21 hit the road. If you are willing to let him live with you while he's home, he could bank some serious money over the course of a few years and get started. Then, of course, there is the military option. A job where you can have housing provided under certain circumstances. Options exist for people. People aren't willing to give up the keeping up with the joneses lifestyle. Hard times make strong men, but people are too scared of hard times to make those necessary changes. And look, I'm not immune to it. I carry a good bit of credit card debt right now. I made some recent life changes and have started to make serious progress to get myself out from under it. If I can maintain my current trajectory, and avoid any major disasters, I'm looking to be free of the credit cards by this time next year.
  12. Hardly a classic. If it was pre-evo, I MIGHT agree with you. But they made tons of these and he hasn't done anything that isn't reversible. The original tins are safe and stuff can be re-chro*gag noise*....re-chro*gag noise*.....re-shinied if the black out look isn't for the next owner or Rob down the line develops bad taste.
  13. If that baby was Ted Bundy or Hitler....


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