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Community Answers

  1. Most of you are likely aware of the flooding in Waverly TN this weekend. You might not be aware that we had a knife maker there in Waverly. Mark Kee owned a pawn/gun shop in town and made knives on the side. He, his wife and his mother-in-law were initially reported missing. Kim and her mother were found yesterday and Kim has been in the hospital. Mark’s body was found this morning. We lost a great man and friend. Please remember Mark, his family and all of those in Waverly in your prayers.
  2. https://tennesseefirearms.com/2021/04/bill-lees-hallmark-2nd-amendment-legislation/
  3. Signed today. TFA says that they are waiting on the AG opinions on a few matters but that's about specifics details and not overalll legality.
  4. This can't be stated enough. I haven't lost a thing. I won't be giving up anything and I won't be going to jail. Whatever happens from here is not decided by me but I will certainly be the one to decide how it is going to end.
  5. MP5 touched on the fender. The 70's enduro bikes had high mounted fenders. They were also smaller engines. The jug in that picture looks huge compared to the 100s and 125s of the 70s. It's almost definitely a Honda but I just figure out what model.
  6. I wish I could figure out what kind of bike that is.
  7. @Chucktshoesnext vehicle purchase...
  8. Coenders Machine Gun. https://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2017/11/14/forgotten-firearms-august-coenders/
  9. That's Leaspeed6. She loves me.
  10. Your second image show the Senate vote. "Floor vote : as amended." So you need to go to the senate version and click on the amendments tab. There are two. Amendment one was passed and amendment two was tabled. If you click on Amendment One, you will see the language that I quoted above.
  11. It's not Constitutional Carry but Permitless Carry. But you aren't wrong.
  12. I'm well aware of what passed. And it wasn't just the Senate version but the Senate version AS AMENDED. And the Senate version as amended contained the language "lawfully present."
  13. True constitutional carry would be anyone can carry any gun anywhere. This bill allows people over 21 to carry a handgun in some places.
  14. hmm. Im curious what mountain of personal information you think they don't ALREADY have!


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