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  1. He really does make it feel like just hanging out in the shop. Great entertainer.
  2. If you get into bugs, subscribe to Mustie1 on youtube. I've recently gotten into them a bit. I've been wanting to build a bug based trike. A rusted out crapbox will be a fine donor but I just haven't run across the right car. Formula Vee cars are also a good bit of fun.
  3. Then you have a skin problem or aren't picking out suitable frames. Go to a real eyewear store and not the two pair for 99 dollars places and tell them your issues. They will help. Or wear contacts.
  4. Contacts, or just stop being stubborn. I've been wearing glasses since I was 9 years old. I can't function without corrective lenses. If my 9 year old self, or my friend's six year old little girl can figure out how to wear glasses, so can you.
  5. Awww you poor thing. It must be so hard not being perfect.
  6. I just got back my second report. I'm not doing this for the health of the engine as much as I am the health of the oil coming out. I've been running 5000 mile oil changes since I bought the car. If I had been running 7500 mile changes the entire time, I'd have done 2/3rds as many and saved myself a good bit. I'm about to switch to 7500 miles on this next oil change and see where I'm at. After that I probably won't be getting a sample done every change but every other or every third is an option.
  7. Classic Arms has shipped items for me before.
  8. Capbyrd

    Ruger Wrangler

    The stupid safety on the heritage is the MAJOR downside.
  9. Love the Harley Servi-Car.
  10. I mean that I'm a poor. I can't afford to shoot the almighty space whale killer that is the .45. I've repeatedly asked you not to share our private conversations. I don't know if we can continue our friendship.
  11. If only it was a good caliber...
  12. I agree with both of these. Axle play doesn't seem excessive and the bevel case seems about right. At least if it is a bevel drive. Someone earlier called it that and bevel drive gears are always really noisy. Ducati used it on the camshaft of a motorcycle once. LOUD.
  14. Original SUV’s were compact go anywhere convertibles with four wheel drive and body on frame construction. The modern SUV doesn’t really fit any of those criteria. Modern SUVs are big four door family haulers that might be able to traverse a gravel road. Like I said, AMC and IH were building those in the 60’s. I guess there suburbans at that point too but they were less common than the others.

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