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  1. I grew up with Joe Diffie's music and I do love it. And it really sucks that he died. Unrelated but I'm putting it here because his name is on this thread. I blame Joe Diffie for the current state of country music. Specifically, I blame Pickup Man! The kids that grew up on that song went on to write crap like Florida Georgia Line songs and Jason Church and Eric Bryan Aldean crap. Hell, these idiots actually made a song where they just chant Joe Diffie's name like he's Bloody Mary or Beetlejuice and they are trying to get him to appear.
  2. Yall are crazy. That cop is just way ahead of his time. Wait till Costa drops his newest training video highlighting the benefits of the A Frame Grip!
  3. David, why did you choose to set back the front sight rather than the light? Or is it simply because of how the light operates and it can't be set back? Most people want that long sight radius so I'm just curious.
  4. It's the part at the end that should be the most shocking to folks. Just how much they touch their face and how its almost involuntary. It's why wearing gloves through the store doesn't help. Sure your hand was protected from the germs on the shopping cart but then you touched the glove to your face without even realizing it.
  5. Your daughter should also get 1200 plus 500 for each kid (2700 total). And yes they are going off taxes and specifically AGI. I think the single threshold was 75k and married threshold was 150k. Head of Household is higher, around 110 or something.
  6. That applies to every president, not just him.
  7. Well a friend and I went to Chattanooga to visit a friend this past weekend. While we were there, we hit up a gun store or two and loaded up on cheap long guns to bring back home. My four. The 10/22 came with three butler creek 10 round mags and they were clipped together in an awful triangle thing. Got the mags apart. My buddy's trio. I also hit an estate sale Friday and they had this old Tasco. Made in Japan and surprisingly clear so I brought it home for 5 bucks. It's got a good home on the model 60 that I got and they make a nice little pair.
  8. That’s not what she means. Seeing a gun is probable cause. If you remove the need for a permit, no more probably cause for the stop.
  9. so it’s pistol in box with papers. A couple of wolf hammer springs still in the package. And unknown hammer spring. An unknown guide rod spring. 1 factory mag, four unknown standard size mags and 1 loooong mag (total 6 mags). Factory grips, pachmyr one piece grip and an unknown rubber grip that’s on it. The grips that are on it also have a removable backstrap that’s not installed. Oh, and one extra magazine spring.
  10. I wish his hand wasn't on the light.
  11. Whoever wrote the text in that picture sure didn't compete in the competition.
  12. Still looking? I have a P89 that I might be willing to let go of. I can get some pictures tonight.
  13. Capbyrd

    Ruger Wrangler

    I feel like that conversation shouldn't be public.

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