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  1. Taking someone else's property is a crime. It's called theft. It doesn't matter if it laying on the dash of a jeep with no top, still theft.
  2. Not surprising. More victim blaming from the cops. The gun owner bears zero responsibility for this. He is not responsible for what other people do with his property after they steal it from him. Poor guy.
  3. Capbyrd

    Ruger Wrangler

    Not necessarily.
  4. Was? Oh no. Did he die? Well dang. Must have missed that one. I wonder if they will deal with that in the Deadwood movie.
  5. We read this in school. It's been a while. I think my copy is still floating around the house.
  6. I think we all have missed some of the point of the article. The article specifically talks about the military's ability to target has been hampered by a dependence on technology. Forget our individual ability to travel. When whoever our enemy of the month is decides that its actually time to rumble, they target satellites first, and suddenly, none of our artillery works.
  7. The satellites may survive, especially a small EMP but cell towers will go down which will render that phone useless.
  8. Well he clearly said a Colt AR-15 which is not an M16. No stamps for AR15s.
  9. Wish you were closer. I have need for a chainsaw.
  10. But that was half of the fun of travel. Stop to go over the map and see things off the beaten path. Route 66's demise goes along with the change in travel and the rise of GPS. People began only caring about A and B and nothing in between. I remember traveling as a kid and we would go to the AAA office and get state level and city level maps for everything between us and our destination. AAA would also help you plan the routes and let you know about lesser known stuff along the way. "It's not the destination, it's the journey," used to really be true. Now its just pretty for people's inspirational facegrams.
  11. What's wrong with a large supply of maps. Orienteering was one of my favorite classes at scout camp.
  12. RUSA was cheaper but less quality. SPB is top quality and you pay for it. So Tom Givens still runs it?
  13. You seem to have taken a defensive position. I didn't say it was a bad thing. I said it was interesting.

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