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  1. From what I see at estate sales, that isn't likely. People don't care about their family's stuff except for what kinda money it can bring them. It's sad. I think their end goal is get craftsman to nearly 100 percent US assembled. I think they are still going to be using foreign materials and parts and unless their QC goes way up, I'd still probably avoid them.
  2. Lots of people make bed organizers like that. But the one in the picture is under the rear seat and I've not found anything that looks like it. I really do think its a custom project.
  3. It looks custom built. That's a 2009-2014 F150. The rear floor is flat so its just a box with a drawer. Tuffy makes a nice underseat box but its a flip top rather than a drawer. https://www.tuffyproducts.com/p-424-f-150-under-rear-seat-lockbox-wo-subwoofer.aspx
  4. You are going to have to quantify that statement. You regularly wear pants from the women's section.
  5. Capbyrd

    CZ P10c

    Nah, not that high. I wanna say it around 749 to 799. I just don’t remember exactly. It’s a ton of fun though. Worth every penny.
  6. Capbyrd

    CZ P10c

    I don’t know about a deal. I’ve had it for years. Don’t remember what I paid. I know the stamp was 200 and the 922r kit was less than 200.
  7. What is obvious? My Harley in that picture seems obvious.
  8. You make a lot of assumptions.
  9. I disagree on motorcycles.
  10. Stanley Black and Decker also owns Mac Tools. and these glory days of Craftsman being made in America are kind of a myth. Craftsman was rebranded tools for most of their existence. Every machinist box craftsman marketed was made by Kennedy. New Britain was a big supplier for Craftsman. Craftsman tools were made in the USA but usually by someone else. When craftsman started taking over production themselves, that’s when quality started to decline. They never really made great tools on their own, in the US or abroad. Whether the new Texas plant produces quality tools remains to be seen. and yes, rebuild kits are available for most of the classic craftsman tools.
  11. Capbyrd

    CZ P10c

    My CZ family grew. I really like this one.
  12. Care to expand? What rigamarole? Residency is covered since we have never lived anywhere other than TN. The multiple owner thing is her and her two brothers so I'm pretty sure that's within the third degree. My question is whether TWRA considers her the owner since her name is explicitly on the deed. It's the difference between me being a child or a grandchild and one is covered and one is not.
  13. Here is a question about the landowner exemption. Current law exempts landowners and their children from having to buy a license. The land that I hunt was my grandparents. They have both passed away but when they did, we never went through probate to change the names on everything. There was no will, so now the property belongs to the estate of my grandparents. My mom and her two brothers own the estate. So would I be able to use the "and children" part of the landowner exemption to skip the license part? Let me also say that there is possibility that I will hunt other pieces of land than the ones that my family owns so I still buy a license, but this is just something that I am curious about.
  14. So far, the people that I have talked to at TWRA do not know the answer to the question.
  15. I haven't really seen this spelled out clearly anywhere and I do plan to call and ask but I figured I'd ask here just in case. On a mandatory physical check in weekend, you kill the big buck you have been waiting for and were planning to have mounted. It gets tested and comes back positive. Do you still get to keep it to mount? Or is it surrendered to TWRA?

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