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  1. This would be an interesting paper on economics. A lot of factors in play. A legalized/decriminalized market vs a black market. That cause a lot of other factors like increased supply but taxes and it would be interesting to see someone study all of the effects.
  2. I just try to only ride bikes with bags. It makes my wide rear end less noticeable. Hah
  3. So I saw one of the tv channels posted a poll asking about what students think were the biggest issues for them. Gun violence came in fourth on the list. And it got me thinking about the political side of the argument. The antis tend to use it and focus on the first word, Gun. But I think society needs to focus more on the second half, violence. of course, this is something that a lot of have said throughout the years but I’ve never really seen it framed that way.
  4. Oh, also, my nine year old niece told me she wants a Harley so I’m about to be in the market for a sporty that we can fix up over the next few years.
  5. That’s probably why so many people take pictures of me and laugh at me at stop lights. Jokes on them, I’m on two wheels.
  6. No one makes anything large enough to fit me. I’m a huge dude.
  7. I’ve been riding to work nearly every day for over a month. Managed to avoid the rain. I got here this morning at 8 am and there was rain predicted at around 1 am. Now it’s moved to about 11:30 pm which is right before I leave to go home. Looks like I’m getting wet tonight…
  8. Thank you for trying to dispel some of the myths. In a time of real crisis, you probably shouldn’t let politics override your mental health but it’s still great to push the truth. Side note, anyone know how to make all of the text appear as plain text? I found this post incredibly difficult to read but don’t want him to have to change it just because my eyes don’t work right.
  9. “…..should always carry.” nope. Some shouldn’t even own a gun, much less carry it. Everyone should be interested in their own protection and take some precautions and have some level of training with their preferred method. But I’ll never tell someone that they don’t do enough because they don’t carry.
  10. Mane this is close to what I was trying to say!!!
  11. Your relationship with police is very different from kids growing up in the poorer parts of town. He’s officer friendly to those growing up in the suburbs. He’s the enemy to the boys in the hood. That’s another issue, well collection of issues, entirely. But it’s the way it is.
  12. I didn’t say let’s not put cops in schools. I said that should be nothing more than a stop gap or bandaid. Actually, let’s do it today and call it a tourniquet. It’s the best solution right now but will cause a different harm if left too long.
  13. The average democrat is the one that isn’t shoving their opinions down your throat. They are the ones that quietly vote for Obama and Hillary and Biden. They are the average American. Much the same way that there is an average republican doing the same.
  14. And I’m is!!!! Until we can buy sheen guns, there is still work to do.
  15. You are wrong. Have you ever had a real discussion with someone from “the other side?” They want to solve the same problem but they view the path to get there differently. Im talking about the average democrat here. Not the ones in DC and not the talking heads on TV.
  16. You misunderstand my point. I can see why it was taken that way. Both sides MUST agree to honest and open discussion. Not debate. Discussion. Progress towards a common goal cannot happen without that. And currently, no one is willing to have a discussion. Politicians are more interested in remaining in office, while their constituents are too busy demonizing one another.
  17. I’ve had a long time to mull this over and I believe that my opinions are about to be incredibly unpopular and some of you will likely view me differently, if you had an opinion of me at all. But I’m reminded of the cliche that freedom isn’t free. I’m heartbroken for the families and friends that lost their loved ones. I do not view this as anything other than the tragedy that it is. And I know that cliche isn’t typically used this way but it’s the other side of the coin. Sometimes bad things are going to happen. There are precautions we can take to minimize these risks but I’m not sure how I feel about police in schools. I understand that the world is different than my generation and those older than me grew up. But we didn’t have that. Children already think of schools as prison and uniform patrol is going to be the prison guards. I don’t believe that this is going to be healthy for our youths in the long term. I’m okay with this strategy if we are using it as a bandaid with a limited life span. But we must attack the root of the problem and begin to reform our society. I don’t know what that involves or what it looks like. I’m not smart enough and haven’t done the required research. But I know it must happen soon or we already much too late. I fear the future. I fear for our children. The strongest moves anyone could make right now would be to sit down at a bipartisan table and have honest discussions. Lay out the goals and begin to map a path to achieve those goals. We aren’t all going to get what we want. But we must all recognize that concessions we make at that table are for the betterment of our children and ultimately our society’s future.
  18. Hmmm. Rings a bell but still just can’t quite place the name. Haha
  19. I know it’s late, but… https://products.radacutlery.com/collections/kitchen-knives
  20. Capbyrd

    Bank Run

    You’re starting to catch on.
  21. Capbyrd

    Bank Run

    Guess I ain’t gonna make it.
  22. Capbyrd

    Bank Run

    That’s both terrible and genius. I was just joking.


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