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  1. Black Magpul UBR. $150 in Memphis.
  2. the thing is, I feel like I’m being attacked because I’m using my vacation time to walk around Nashville getting chummy with the criminals. I’m reading some of these posts as someone trying to claim moral superiority over others and talking down to those people. If I’m wrong, I’m sorry. But that’s the way these posts are reading. And no, I haven’t spent as much time as him. I’m not as old and haven’t been interested as long. But since I have, I do what I can. I email and call and try to get others to do the same. I inform of them important bills and request they email or call and spread the word. But I certainly don’t talk down to anyone that says they can’t or question their priorities. That’s great. And to be clear, I never said I hate you. I said that I hate organizations that use fear mongering and guilt trips to get dollars out of people. You are an individual. I am able to separate the two entities.
  3. Again, not everyone prioritizes gun stuff the way that you do. A few years ago there was a bill to allow motorcyclists to use the shoulder to get to the nearest exit during a traffic jam on the interstate. It was a safety issue for us in several ways. I emailed and called about that and did my best to drum up support from others in the area. Did you do anything to help? Likely not. And that's fine. It didn't work out. Thats fine too. Its part of the process. But acting superior to everyone else because you chose to devote your free time to something is NEVER going to help your cause. Instead of winning people over, you alienate them. This is why I HATE the TFA and the NRA and all of the others that fear mongering and try to guilt me into action or giving them my money.
  4. The stock trigger group. Nothing wrong with it. It's not a match gun.
  5. Sunday morning I woke up and went to the range for the monthly 600 yard match. When it was over, I came home and got the bike and rode before going to work for the night. Was an amazing day all around. I really missed my bike.
  6. I have one and have never opened it. I 3D printed a Clevis pin type tool and use it.
  7. Capbyrd

    30 Super Carry

    internet gun myth.
  8. I took mine in April and it snowed on us.
  9. Id prefer for them to not hear anything at all. Springs generally fatigue from cyclic use. Steady state on a properly made spring should not have an effect unless we are talking extreme long term.
  10. I have mixed feelings about it. We do have houses near by so it’s nice knowing people aren’t lobbing rounds over the berms into neighborhoods. As the area grows around us, we have to be sure not to cause issues that could get us shut down.
  11. You misunderstanding my point. The qd exists because of the charging system. We have better ways of handling this in the higher voltage applications like EVs.
  12. The range has certain sections that they consider to be a bit more dangerous or liability hazardous than the general lines. These include 200, 300 and 600 yard and the action pistol lines. These areas require one to review a separate rule book and prove a level is proficiency to be able to use whenever one desires. That’s the qualification we are talking about. I can now go and use the 600yd range whenever I am there.
  13. Simple connector issue. Fork batteries have toolless qd for charging. No reason to use similar on a car.
  14. Not that I’m aware of. Some companies are doing it for their performance track models. But no one is for street cars that I’m aware of.
  15. Some of them have really expensive sporters. You drive a yota so even the rifles weren’t worth more than your truck. But yeah, we have people in the pits putting spotters in the target during the sighter portion. For the scored fire, I couldn’t see a single round. And No e targets.
  16. CNG causes the environmentalists just as much anguish as dinosaur sauce.
  17. March Car and Driver did a piece on the Rivian R1T and with a 5650lb trailer, range was reduced from 270 to 110 miles. They claim an 11000lb tow rating which would be even worse. That’s a huge hurdle to overcome. personally, I think they went the wrong direction with batteries built in and charging stations. Instead, hot swappable packs with swap stations.
  18. Structure is important in lawmaking. And with the exception of a few legal terms that require minimal research to define, the majority of the code is relatively simple to decipher by anyone with a high school education (what should be the majority of our population). The issue is more likely that no citizen is willing to pour over the thousands of pages to know the full law, nor should they be expected to. simplification of law should be a matter of necessity for common understanding based on quantity, not verbiage. As to Worriedman’s point about people not doing anything, people are busy. I bet that the majority of people that would support this bill have no knowledge of it and if they do, it’s from a news source that misrepresents the bill. It’s not that they are malicious, but the American way of life leaves little in modern times for mass activism. You pick and choose what you can involve yourself in based on fitting around school and work and band practice and football games and shopping and karate and cheerleading and the plethora of other activities that families currently engage in. When something has little to no impact on that person’s daily life, they simply don’t have the time for it, even if they support it. Insulting these people won’t help. Friendly requests and reminders will. The majority of members of this board are part of the fringe group of gun owners. We represent a tiny percentage. And it’s prudent in our endeavors to remember such.
  19. Range when towing is severely diminished.
  20. Thanks. It’s a Ruger Hawkeye Long Range Target in 6.5creedmoor and the muzzle brake removed (per rules). The scope is a Vortex Strike Eagle 5-25 in mrad mounted in Hawkins Precision rings on the factory rail. I’m shooting off of a Harris bipod and using an Armageddon gear rear squeeze bag (I forget the model but it’s the one developed with the guy from K&M precision). My ammo is Hornady Match 140gr ELD. Yes the match will get you qualified as long as you can shoot under 3 moa. Robby Miles is the match director and he can sign off on it. He did for me. But I was already qualified on 200 and 300. You might still have to do those but that should be easy if you can nail 600.
  21. I don’t know. I know you can use a brake. But I don’t know about a can. I don’t think it would change class.
  22. If that’s the case, my factory loads beat their hand loads. Benchrest is first Sunday with practice on the Saturday morning before. If we can make the same match, we should both be in factory together. Hopefully I get the chance to beat you. Haha
  23. Thanks! Yes I am now 600yd certified. I know you said f class but unless you just want to shoot prone, shoot the benchrest match. It’s 20 rounds plus sighters so a lot less ammo. At least if that’s a concern for you. Then after you do that and are 600 cleared, less go shoot some.
  24. The last time gas was this high the Republicans were in charge. R's and D's are just the same clowns in different rings of the circus. They aren't looking out for you, me, or us. They are looking out for whatever the agenda of the week is.
  25. I shot my first rifle match yesterday and it was the 600 yard benchrest match at MSSA outside of Memphis. Previous to this I have shot at 200 yards once and 300 yards once for a total of about 20 rounds. I was quite nervous but the folks are friendly and quite reassuring. I really didn't expect to do well. I was setup on the line with guys running 10-15k dollars worth of fancy equipment. And I'm running an 800 dollar rifle with a 600 dollar scope off a bipod and squeeze bag with factory ammo. After the first two targets, I was leading the factory class with a decent margin. Unfortunately, on my fourth and final target, I crossfired on my last two rounds which resulted in a zero score target. Even with that, I managed to still be in the running for second until the last couple of rounds. My competitor finally found the 10 ring and I missed second place by 6 points. With only three factory shooters though, I still had a podium finish. It was a blast. When I got the targets back and started running the numbers, I would have finished the day with a 181-1x if I hadn't crossfired. It would have been good enough for first place in factory and I think it would have been the second highest score of the day across all classes. It was a great time. I loved it. I really want to do it again but my schedule likely isn't going to allow me to make the next monthly match. Get out and shoot folks. Its a great time. This was my best target of the day. That group measured 3.65" at 600 yards. The math shows that to be a .608 MOA group. I didn't even know that I was capable of shooting that small, much less my equipment that everyone says is crap. It's especially surprising that I was able to do that with a 25 power scope and every other scope on the line was at least 40 power. And they had rifles that are generally considered better than mine. Also, I've never cleaned this rifle. All of the things that people tell me I'm wrong about worked in my favor for at least that one day/target.


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