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  1. His eyes and teeth are too bright and it’s freaking me out a little. The Hodge Twins did a video similar. The problem with those videos is that don’t really accomplish anything. The right wing white fellers just say “he’s one of the good ones,” and the folks rioting call them uncle toms or worse. My biggest issue with this stuff is that it does a great disservice to Philando Castile or the fella in NY that was choked to death. They get lumped in with this stuff and it makes the real stories, the real issues watered down by the bull crap.
  2. Looks like no injuries other than the shooter's death. This seems to be a unique shooting because of the detail in the bystander's videos. The first video is from a reporter. You can see him in the second video that is a bird's eye view from a nearby building.
  3. No-one said that. You are inferring something which was not implied.
  4. Beauty is subjective. And I think its beautiful. If nothing else, just for what it represents. Nothing like it would ever be built today.
  5. I love single sixes. I've only ever owned one and I gave it to a friend's son. But I'd love to add a few back to the safe.
  6. What point? You didn't make a point. Do you mean the affirmation of my point? Or were you trying to contradict me and accidentally agreed with my point? I'm confused.
  7. I can live with some of that. I really need to get my place setup.
  8. Geez. It took forever to find the actual proposal but I managed it. I only saw one TN area on the list. Here is the link to the full proposal if you are interested. https://www.fws.gov/home/feature/2019/2019-2020-Station-Specific-Hunting-and-Fishing-Proposed-Rule-Signed.pdf
  9. Correct! Also, I just realized that the 94 AWB, or Brady Bill, was championed by a lifelong Republican. Only more reason not to trust them.
  10. Modern history has shown the GOP to be the party to take away gun rights. The only thing that the Democrats have done in my lifetime was the 94 AWB and that was temporary. In that same amount of time, every time a Republican has been in power, the changes have been permanent.
  11. This is just a big guess on my part but I think that this is more than just what they said in the article. I think that this is a Firearms Freedom Act case. I think the purchase and sale was legal at the state level but still federally illegal. Kansas passed their FFA in 2013 and this case dates to 2014 so I believe that they are related.
  12. Two pieces of information. The first is from the Form 5 instructions. This is from a lawyer giving instructions on how to fill out the form five.
  13. I don't see anything in that post that disputes what I said. Perhaps the reader isn't the issue but rather the author. And there is no hatred. I can't hate you, Dave, I don't know you. Let me write a post that opposes your view but is structured like the post we are talking about. "The cop saved that man's life by administering first aid and keeping him alive until paramedics could arrive and transport. But he's still a cop." Read that a few times and see how it reads to you.
  14. What's not to understand. You admit that ED is wrong and then follow it up with but SCOTUS says its okay. Who cares if the law is wrong, its the law so it must be right. Its that cop attitude. "If you don't like the law, change it, until then, I'm going to enforce it."
  15. Well that definitely makes it okay. Why didn't you just open with that.
  16. Taking someone else's property is a crime. It's called theft. It doesn't matter if it laying on the dash of a jeep with no top, still theft.
  17. Not surprising. More victim blaming from the cops. The gun owner bears zero responsibility for this. He is not responsible for what other people do with his property after they steal it from him. Poor guy.
  18. Capbyrd

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    Not necessarily.

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