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  1. Capbyrd

    Anyone Fish From A Jetski?

    Congrats. I've always liked SeaDoos but if I ever drop the money, I'm getting a pontoon boat.
  2. Capbyrd

    for-sale Core15 22lr upper

    Dedicated 22lr upper from Core15. Has maybe 100 rounds through it. Its an M4 profile barrel with a carbine length hand guard and low profile gas block. No reason you couldn't put an A2 front sight or railed gas block on it since they are just for looks. Lower is not for sale. Scope and mount not included. $300 in or around Memphis I can deliver to the Chattanooga area Saturday or I can ship for actual shipping cost.
  3. I wish my financial situation were different. What did you think of the rifle compared to an off the shelf standard model?
  4. Capbyrd

    Killer 84 Gun Safe Deal at Rural King

    When my safe was delivered, they put it on my porch. I was responsible for everything past that.
  5. Capbyrd

    Any Canik Lovers?

    All good here.
  6. Capbyrd

    Any Canik Lovers?

    When I first heard them talked about, all the models had them. I remember one model coming out without it but wasn't really following at that point. Yeah, safeties are a no go for me too. I don't have a problem with Canik. And I didn't imply that anyone couldn't handle a firearm. Steelharp is the one that said that feature was there because of people that didn't handle firearms properly. You are taking my statement way too personally. I quoted you saying that not everyone likes them and that you really don't understand it. I simply offered my reason for not liking them. That's all.
  7. Capbyrd

    Any Canik Lovers?

    No, you totally missed the point. I don't care why its there, I don't want it! Your inability to handle a firearm safely is not my problem. My post should have quoted hipower's post saying that he didn't understand people not liking them. I was simply offering my reasoning for never giving them a chance.
  8. Capbyrd

    Ct. Court-Remington can be sued

    They will have a hard time connecting the two since the shooter illegally acquired the gun. You cannot use advertising to show liability when the gun in question was acquired through illegal means and of opportunity, not choice.
  9. Capbyrd

    Ct. Court-Remington can be sued

    Every headline and comment on this is WRONG. The court allowed a lawsuit about malicious advertising practices to proceed. It has nothing to do with liability in the Sandy Hook tragedy. Yes the plaintiffs are parents of the victims and yes the defendant is the company that manufactured the gun but this case has nothing to do with the actual liability. This is about the way that Remington marketed their goods. I, personally, have no problem allowing this suit through and am anxious to see the outcome.
  10. Using this story as a reason to build a wall is ridiculous. You can find stories like this daily that have nothing to do with immigrants.
  11. Capbyrd

    Any Canik Lovers?

    I know they make a model that removed it or dropped it from the whole line, but I never considered them because I'm not interested in a gun with a button that renders my gun useless.
  12. Capbyrd

    Higher Education

    I've personally always found it really easy to make it into a collage. Especially if I'm the one making it. Facebook does it for you all the time now.
  13. Capbyrd

    To SBR or not to SBR...

    Until they are deemed illegal. And then they wouldn't be worth the hassle.
  14. Capbyrd

    Barrett Wins $50M contract

    Well that's interesting.
  15. Capbyrd

    Swai fish

  16. Capbyrd

    Swai fish

    The asian buffets around here used to have signs that said fried catfish. Now they all say fried swai fillets but its the same fish. So I always assumed that it was just a Chinese knockoff of real catfish.
  17. Capbyrd

    Havent been here in a while But I bought a RPR and

    1600 yards is beyond the effective range of a 308. Think more around 900. Past that, you are going to go transonic lose a ton of accuracy. While you may be able to consistently ring a gong out past that, you wouldn't be able to depend on that in a hunting situation.
  18. Not impressed. Seems like just another gimmick round. Also looks like a metal version of those ARX rounds that Ruger put their name on for a while. Which was just another gimmick round.
  19. Capbyrd

    Havent been here in a while But I bought a RPR and

    The most common stock is the PRS although I think some of the guys do use options from Luth-AR.
  20. Capbyrd

    M&P 10 - FTF w/Steel Case Ammo

    Tried different mags yet?
  21. That's odd. I've never read a bad review in an NRA publication.
  22. Capbyrd

    M&P 10 - FTF w/Steel Case Ammo

    1. She looks dry. Get some lube in there. 2. Tried multiple mags?

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