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  1. I am just starting to get in to this. I recently acquired a rifle to use, although a .308, I am excited about learning. Just ordered some glass this week, so maybe I can join you guys next time. Looks like a place I need to go and practice either way. Thanks for posting!
  2.   Why yes I did, and yes it is at times! I am still having fun with the Judge, thanks!
  3.   Yea I work there on Polk Avenue, probably how you cut through. The other place is called Shooters, and it has turned in to one of my favorite to visit. I have got to know the owners a little and they are great to deal with. I have had several transactions with them, and he has found a couple I was looking for. They are worth stoping in and checking out. No, they are not affiliated with Gun City whatsoever.    Coop,,,, over and out.....
  4. I work around the corner,,,, and it has not changed.   Since you are in the boro, look at the new one they opened in Lebanon if you want an indoor range. I have been there a couple times and it was really nice. http://www.thegunroomshootingrange.com/   I am in the Boro as well and I go to outdoor ranges most of the time, but if it is indoors I go to Lebanon, but I do live on that side of town.   Have fun and bee safe wherever you end up............
  5. I'll take it,,,,,,,,,,,,, :up:   Just kidding, but that kind of grouping excites me. I can only hope to get one of mine this good at 100yrds.
  6.   That is what we did last fall and had a great day. It is well worth the trip. Fishing off the pier would be something I would plan on when we go back down.   Have fun!
  7. It is good to see I am not the only one that thinks more is better. I started with a two pound charge, but my last one was ten pounds. I think when I got to about 6 pounds is when my neighbors started calling and asking if I was okay. They hear me shoot a lot so they didn't call they law, or not that I am aware of.    Fun stuff!
  8.   Same here.   My 13 year old son has taken an interest in WWII since both his granfathers fought in it. This has led him to studying the history of other wars as well, which has also got me more involved. He has spent probably 20 to 30 hrs working on an old M1 steel pot trying to clean it up and somewhat restore it. He even sleeps with it. I am picking a net up I found for him today. Anyway, his desire is to get a .30 cal or an actual M1. We will just have to wait and see if I can make it happen for him.
  9. Well, I am very new to this reloading thing. I have recently acquired my equipment after a fried has tried to get me into it for years. I had been gathering components even before the recent events with ammo and all. Anyway, as much as I hate to tell this, and some may want to stop reading now.    I worked and loaded some .45 while my friend was visiting and showing me the ropes. I also got some LC 5.56 ready so he could walk me through it. I had gotten me a new Dillon swage and swaged 500 rounds or so. When we started "trying" to seat primers I found out I had the Dillon 600 set w
  10. Amen, and God Bless all of you, and this country.   As the sun came up this morning I thought about the first time the Son rose in my heart. What a change it has made in all areas of my life. Thank You Lord!
  11.    Same here,,,,,,,,,,,,, cool truck though.
  12. Man, cannoncocker beat me to the punch.
  13. In the last year I have picked up a couple of Dan Wesson 1911's. I think they are a great value for what you get. My V-Bob is way better than the CDP I sold. I got a Guardian shortly after since I liked it so well. They are hard to find at the moment since they had a fire at the plant last year, but well worth the money.   I was torn between the Brown and the V-Bob, but have not regretted the decision to go with the V-Bob.
  14. Wow, I would have to say congratulations to all of you that have so many years on me. My wife and I got ours in '09, we will have to renew this year.   Funny thing is, I was a very different person back in the 90's and early 2000's, it is the right thing I didn't have one back then. Thank God those days are behind me, and I am much more responsible these days and appreciate the privalage/responsibility I have now.


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