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  1. The original ghetto blaster........... For sale............ Nickle Intratec AP-10 in original Box / case.................$475.00 2 Mags included.
  2. 250 round bulk pack of .380 Remington..................$200.00 200 rounds of Monarch .223.......................................$125.00 1000 rounds of Perfecta (fiochi).................................$495.00 Would be interested in Keltec P17 or lever action 38/357 rifle.
  3. Would you be interested in 2000 rounds of factory brass cased 9mm?
  4. You see all sort of crazy prices on gun boards. So really what is 9mm brass cased reloadable selling for on secondary market: $30.00, $40.00 $50.00 a box?,
  5. I have 2000rounds of perfecta (Brass cased Reloadable) 9mm Ammo looking to trade for Mini14 would prefer stainless Ranch if available.... but open to others . Please respond if any interest. Pleas let me know if I need to change or modify post as this is first time in several years I have used trading post.
  6. Bought a collection 20 years ago had a mosin with flaming bomb and made in USSR stamped on top of receiver. How much of a Premium do they Bring?
  7. Picked up a case of 9mm last night ...talked to a fellow who bought 6 case of 308 and 9 cases of 9mm.
  8. We killed pigs this week end  I hated to use the 5 .22 rounds.....should have used a sledge hammer :ugh:
  9. I had my carry permit when you had to be Bonded and go through the sheriffs Dept. could only carry the gun you qualified with and had to qualify every two years with the sheriffs dept. firearms instructor.......................this show that people are starting to come around to the beliefs of self protection and Constitutional carry. I hope it passes!
  10. Have you also noted no ammo less than 15-16 cents around on ammo seek and gun bot?
  11. I have not been able to pick up a box at Walmart in three months. Same family seems to buy every bulk box that comes in........ I wounder how much money they have made reselling. I bet they make $400-$450 every time they hit Walmart. I can understand keeping 5000- 10,000 rounds  if you are a hoarder but darnit . I bet they have made $20,000-$30,000 reselling. This seems to be a full time job for some folks. I guess I'll just have to wait till 2017.
  12. We have switched to 22 Revolvers and Mosin Nagant ammo I bought 20 years ago when it was 80.00 dollars a case...the kids still get to shoot once or twice a month..50-100 rounds of 22 then. 20- 40 rounds of 7.62x54. we stopped shooting the 10/22s and the Ruger government model. Mo more spray and Pray.
  13. Smyrna had 20 bricks last night.....I was late 12 or so people in line


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