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  1. Mongo

    NRA 2015 Annual Convention Nashville

    I seem to remember reading an article about the NRA Convention where they interviewed someone at the Nashville Convention Center......I think article stated the Convention Center left it up to the event organizers if they wanted to 'post' or not.......Maybe I'm imaging things (maybe it was Indy last year)......but that's what I remember........It's definitely not posted.....   The NRA is very aware of this 'situation' and it limits where they can hold the convention.....It's also a very large show and there are only so many facilities that can handle it ......
  2. Mongo

    Opinions on Hornady Lock-N-Load AP

    I've got the LNL and love it......   To be honest,  I don't  use the bushing setup ....I end up running 500-1500 rounds of one ammo (over a couple of weeks) then change to another caliber...When I switch back I screw the dies down to the locking rings and then adjust.......I don't find resetting the dies that much trouble......I guess if I changed calibers a lot it might become a pain...   Primer Tubes can be a pain, but I picked up a couple of spares....I fill them and the primer tube on the press and I'm ready for 300 rds.....about what I will feel like doing in a sitting......I tried the  Frankford Arsenal Vibra-Prime Automatic Primer Tube Filler and had mixed results....The first one I got working after some tweaking, but the motor died within a week....Midway replaced it and I haven't had a chance to tweak the new one to get it to work.........   I just added the case feeder and am loving that option (Christmas present to self)......One less 'movement' when loading....Don't think I'll ever add the bullet feeder though...I like the interaction of inserting the bullets and I feel like I'm having just the right amount of interaction with the load....The case feeder also took one thing 'off my plate' every time I pull the handle.....   One thing I did invest in is the RCBS Lockout Die.....It's a 'powder check' and when set correctly won't let the press cycle if you've double charged or missed a charge (which can happen if you're tweaking timing or having minor issues)....It's a little finicky at first, but a nice thing to have......   The Dillon stuff is good, but like you said you'll pay a premium unless you can find one used....(and still they may be at a premium)......
  3. Mongo

    va non resident

    Keep in mind Tn State police aren't the ones that will prosecute you.....that's the DA.......an opinion from the State Att General would be something quite different though.......
  4. Mongo

    TSA: it won't happen to me, oops it did

    Well....at least they "caught" you guys.....a few months back I went through BNA security with a 3.5" folding knife and mace in my backpack and didn't even get a second look......I didn't realize they were in there until I was in the "secure area" and wasn't about to go back and surrender them..... I do have a lot of 'crap' in that bag though....laptop, cables, iPad....etc...
  5. Mongo

    TN Carry Permit and NICS Check

    It has to do with the state not running annual checks on permit holders. If they made that change and requested the exemption from the ATF on the background checks wouldn't have to have a NICS check run for a purchase.....I used to live in NV and we were in the same boat until about 2 years ago....Of course that would reduce their revenue the get from these checks..... BTW the fee in Nv was $25.....
  6. Mongo

    what to do in las Vegas area?

    If you're an animal lover Best Friends (where'd some of Michael Vic's dogs went) is just past one of the entrances to Zion.
  7. Mongo

    what to do in las Vegas area?

    If you have a car drive out to Hoover Dam and take the tour,(stop in town if you have the chance) ,drive through Red Rock, Grand Canyon is a day trip, so is Death Valley....about 45 minutes out of town is Mt Charleston, the ski slopes should be open.....check out the "half price tickets" boots (there used to be one in front of the Fashion Show Mall) for "day of" tickets for cheaper....The Cirque shows are awesome, but pricy.....head Dow to Fremont Street for a taste of old Vegas...if you're a car guy the Quad(used to be the Imperial Palace) has a great collection....tons of great restaurants..... Lived there for 12 years and didn't ever 'do it' all.(just relocated 1.5 years ago).....
  8. Mongo

    Bad Info?

    Nevada was the same way....each gun qualified with was listed on the back of the permit(make and model).....about 2 years ago they moved to 'semi-auto' and 'revolver' qualifications only....any semi qualified you for all semi autos.
  9. Mongo

    Coon Control

    Electric fence.......Havaheart makes one that runs off d cells designed for dogs... .....or, if you've got power close TSC has units that start pretty cheap....
  10. Mongo

    Non FFL Background Checks

    TICS is just accessing the NCIS......in some way it's "money grab" by the state.....The state could can the whole TICS system and dealers could use the ATF's system which is free......but then they'd be losing a. revenue source.......I lived in Nv before moving here and CCW/HCP holders there had to pay for the state check UNTIL the legislators revised the law requiring annual reviews.....once they did that the ATF approved an exemption for Nv CCW holders. ......At $25 a gun a $125 CCW fee for 5 years was a no brainer........
  11. Mongo

    Hello from Nashville area

    6 Month waiting period???? I moved here last May and got it the same time as my DL in July....... BTW Welcome.....
  12. Mongo

    Action Targets dealers?

    Don't know about dealers, but I've seen discount codes for 10-20% off from online reviewers from time to time....
  13. Mongo

    Online knife store based in Nashville

    Here's wishing you success. I've been looking for a store that carried a decent selection since I moves here in May.
  14. Outside of Lowes, Home Depot, Wal-Mart......etc......looking for a gas station that has it.

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