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  1. Is it still worthwhile to purchase NFA items through a Trust? If So can anyone recommend a good attorney to do the trust for me. I'm in Franklin, TN
  2. I bought a pistol complete lower and put a 10.5 inch upper on it. To make an AR Pistol. I didn’t put a brace on it. According to the BATF that is legal; at least TODAY that is legal. So my question is this: Unless you buy it new how do you know it’s a pistol lower? I bought mine new so I had the paperwork. But I see plenty for sale used or that people built. Its my understanding that if it ever was a rifle; it can't be a pistol without being NFA SBR?? If someone just threw a SB upper on their old POS AR Rifle lower and sold it as a “Pistol”; how would you know? Or more importantly how would cops know if they stopped you and found it? Would it matter?
  3. I typically file for my stamps and forget about them. When I get the call from my dealer, it is like Christmas time. Well, I have 2 stamps that have been pending since mid august 2018, and I can not wait for them to be approved. I called the other day to check, I was told the average time was 9 months but call back in another 4 weeks and they may be approved. 4 more weeks would put me over 12 months. All I want is permission from the crown to take my items home that I paid to have! Efile form 1s are at 30ish days...get it together with the form 4s, please!
  4. Would you turn yours in if they had not been stolen or lost in a boating accident? https://reason.com/2019/06/25/backers-of-a-federal-ban-on-gun-silencers-claim-only-criminals-use-them/
  5. Received an email from GOA regarding Jeremy and Kansas. Long story short, he purchased a suppressor from an unlicensed manufacturer. Why? Kansas has a law stating that all firearms, accessories and ammo manufactured and possessed inside the state are exempt from federal law. GOA and several AG from other states are backing the appeals. I guess if the Supreme Court actually makes a ruling, this will affect us and the country for years to come. In wake of the recent shooting suppressors are already a hot topic, but theoretically if you took all the legal, taxed suppressors and developed a crime rate, I imagine it would be inexplicably low.
  6. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/supreme-court-rebuffs-bid-to-expand-legal-protections-for-gun-silencers/ar-AACFdm7?li=BBnbcA1 With the SC somewhat leaned to the right it's surprising they are rejecting 2A cases. But in this case what kind of idiot sells/buys a suppressor without going through the well-known procedures?
  7. I did a search before posting, but none of the topics presented quite matched up with my situation. My dad passed away a few months ago and we're trying to get his affairs wrapped up with as little drama as possible. When he passed away, he had a few NFA items. I know that we can use form 5 to transfer the items to a lawful heir. The thing is after speaking with an attorney on just the estate in general, she said it really wasn't worth going through probate to deal with settling debts and dispersing what's left over. Which I'm fine with. But that means we don't technically have an executor for the will. Is it possible to fill out form 5 and have my mom (as the surviving spouse serve as "executor / personal representative") either transfer them to herself or transfer them to me? Or are we going to have to open probate just to deal with these items? Help?
  8. In today’s entirely predictable outcomes, the ATF has begun arresting folks who bought Glock autosears off of Wish.com. How they didn’t see this coming from a mile away, I don’t know. If anyone reading this was dumb enough to make this mistake, I’d get on figuring out how to get rid of it in a way that the ATF might take mercy on you. At least do it for your dog’s sake http://www.recoilweb.com/multiple-reports-of-wish-com-glock-sear-arrests-by-atf-149143.html
  9. I have a spare stripped upper to go with my TGO billet lower and have always intended to build an upper to match my 18” upper. For a couple of years now, I’ve gone back and forth as to whether I should do a 14.5” barrel with a pinned flash hider to avoid the cost and hassle, or go the SBR route and go with something like a 10.5” barrel. Admittedly, it’s been a while since I’ve researched the process. Is it still a painful and time consuming process?
  10. There are a couple of new products but I'm going to focus on this one. The AAC Jaeger 30. MSRP $449. Sounds awesome. A very affordable can rated for 300 win mag and smaller. https://www.advanced-armament.com/Jaeger-30_p_752.html?_bta_tid=26896381835476429281285461836602537231131002527621154498876057792524250710884059197117094903527809609254 Everything sounds amazing until you get to that aluminum mono core. I'm very curious how long that would last shooting 300 win mag through it.
  11. Well this is interesting. A suppressor with what sounds like moving parts. I'm very interested in seeing more from this as it becomes available. https://www.recoilweb.com/state-of-the-art-with-mad-minute-suppressors-146133.html
  12. The slide is not going all the way back into battery. I've Googled and YouTube and found several different things but would like to talk to somebody here that has knowledge about it. It does better with 147 grain but not always and it's really bad with 115 grain. Heavier spring lighter springs? Any help would be appreciated.
  13. I am considering getting a .30 cal can for one of my hunting rifles. Before I buy one I would like to test fire the rifle with and without the can. I want to make sure there is enough of a reduction to justify the cost. Anybody in the Nashville area have one and wouldn't mind me tagging along the next time they go shoot? I am thinking about putting one on one of these two Kimber rifles.
  14. Last week I called, left a voicemail and even completed their comment page and still no reply of any kind. Is Mike still in business? Thanks, Bill
  15. The ATF has issued new guidance that it will no longer rule on the legality of accessories as a stand alone item. They must now be attached to a gun and the entire gun sent in and then will rule on that specific and exact configuration. This most definitely is fallout from the ATF losing that case last month where the guy’s defense used several guidance letters to convince the jury that he hadn’t made an SBR. https://www.recoilweb.com/atf-declares-it-will-no-longer-offer-classifications-on-accessories-submitted-144230.html
  16. As of a few weeks ago, eForms are back online for Form 1. Anyone else filed anything this go around? I filed one November 1. Seems most people in this new batch are getting them back in 10-15 days. Here's hoping.
  17. What’s a good suppressor for the MP5 3-lug setup? Do the Short suppressors work well? I believe they are called K-series? Thanks
  18. Nothing like getting a text from Mike at Law Enforcement Sales saying all 3 of your transfers are in. Finally got to bring these home today. Now to find some range time.
  19. I am offshore in Finland, last week I got an email saying my Tax stamp finally came in so I can get my Suppressor when I get home in two weeks! i honestly forgot all about it but this was some great news for me and my trust!
  20. Got my stamp in the mail today! Going to build a 6” aluminum tube .22 suppressor. Anyone have any experience with drilling/machining out baffles like these? Any lessons learned? I’m assuming I don’t want to just drill a .25” hole? There needs to be some sort of cross cut? Just asking for advice and design ideas.
  21. Can anyone recommend a lawyer in the Knoxville area to help me set up a NFA trust? Thanks
  22. I’m in Smyrna area and was wonder Where everyone goes to get their fingerprints for form1 and form4’s? I’ve been going to the police dept, does ups do them?
  23. In about 2 weeks, I will be starting the process to convert my PPS-43c into a SBR. Why? Because without a stock, I can't really enjoy and use the firearm for effective legal and sporting use. In it's current config, it should be stamped, "not particularly dangerous to target, know what's beyond." I am pretty sure I am understanding the pros and cons of individual vs. trust. The extra $200 should make it easier to transfer when I kick. Leaning towards a trust, any Knox area attorney recommendations from the posse? Please PM me if you prefer some additional level of privacy. Thanks! AJ

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