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  1. "Must.  Get.  Back.  Into.  The.  Limelight..." Tick, tock...   http://my.xfinity.com/articles/entertainment-eonline/20160301/b744998/?cid=featuredent_media_jenner
  2. Mr. Scarpino at OnTarget in M'Boro threaded my Beretta 21 for my YHM Mite. He did a great job.
  3.   Whether I can make it or not, thank you for doing this.  Very generous (your time, effort, and knowledge).
  4. First off, I respect him as a trainer...even when I disagree with him.  I have always felt that he was the bigger talent behind Magpul's training rather than "The Beard."  But this?   OK.  He was demonstrating stupid TTPs, on purpose (for educational purposes) to show how stupid they are.  I've done that myself and have no problem with that.  A "this is what you don't do" sort of thing. So, when an ND happens, while demonstrating said stupid thing, why in the hell didn't he just say, "See, this is stupid and it even caused me to have an ND." Had he done that, the only thing someone maybe could fault him for was demonstrating with a loaded rifle.   Personally, that's not a biggie for me because Haley was minding other safety rules in a controlled setting and I know the talent / experience he brings to the table. Even then, we're all human.   Instead, if you Google some, it seems he completely denies having a ND. Anyway...   http://bearingarms.com/travis-haley-negligent-discharge/
  5. I've mentioned several times here that I'm not an EOTech fan, but I do like the MRDS (probably because it was designed by InSight Tech).  I've owned a few of these and have never experienced the zero shift, battery, and durability issues currently plaguing EOTech.  Anyway, one of these in black, 3.5 MOA.   http://www.eotechinc.com/holographic-weapon-sights/mini-red-dot-sight-mrds   and mount, which is surprisingly good and better than some of the more expensive mounts that I've used.   http://www.walmart.com/ip/KZ-Mount-for-Insight-Mini-Red-Dot-Sight-MRDS/38601685 The package comes with the MRDS, the armored "hood," the KZ mount (absolute co-witness), and box/manual/extra battery.  It's new, I just tested the battery and mount / hood to make sure it's all good.  $399 shipped.  PM if interested. 
  6.   Mine has been 100% reliable (115, 124, 147...brass, steel, aluminum) and it's suprisingly accurate.   http://www.tngunowners.com/forums/topic/89913-cz-scorpion-inititial-thoughts/?hl=scorpion
  7. Two things from that Video...   1.  122 degrees = extreme temps.  In the middle of a hot TN summer, think about the rifle that's stowed in the trunk or vehicle (patrol car or otherwise).  122 is not that extreme and EO guy acknowledged that shift could occur at even lower temps. 2.  Towards the end of the video, when asked about current design changes / fixes, the EO guy's answer seemed to be, ahh, vague.
  8.   And smokes and has had throat surgery. I think Adele is one of the most talented female singers to come down the pike in a very long time.     I would add Amy Lee to that catagory as well.  I don't necessarily like a lot of Evanescence's stuff (some), but she is amazing as well.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5anLPw0Efmo
  9. While I disagree with all those Anti 2A actors, the ones that irritate me the most are the ones who greatly benefitted from the "gun heavy / action type" films they starred in.  To me, that's just an extra dose of hipocracy.
  10. Thanks all (DaveTN, I'm writing this not having fully read your provided link yet...I will shortly).   In doing a search, this is exactly what happened to me...   http://forums.xfinity.com/t5/Security-and-Anti-Virus/Email-inbox-deleted/td-p/1437787   I checked everything on my end and all my settings are the same / as I want them.  I'm fairly certain the problem is not here.  This will be a Comcast Tech call and there better be some love when my next bill rolls around.
  11. I've got Comcast. On 01.01.2016, my entire email "Inbox" disappeared.  All the other folders (Sent, Pending, Trash, etc.) are still there, but Inbox?  Gone. Anyone else have this happen? 
  12.   My Dad felt the same way (except we wanted the meat :)  ).   But, when he was involved in a motorcycle accident and lost much of the use of one of his shoulders, he got a medical waiver and hunted with a crossbow (unless its changed, in Wisconsin, the only way you can hunt with a crossbow during Bow Season is with a medical waiver).   I don't hunt anymore, but I'd like to have one of these.  $800 + is silly, but if they work and come WAY down in price, I'll be getting one.

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