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  1. This looks like it would be a great reference. Unfortunately it looks like it only works with Windows.
  2. I learned a valuable lesson this weekend. When you scrounge brass at the range make sure you check the primers to see if they are berdan or boxer. For what it's worth, a berdan primed round will break a decapping pin and bend a decapping rod in an RCBS die. I found replacement pins, anyone know where I can find a replacement rod around Knoxville?
  3. That's a good point. I actually just found that Rat Worx is selling the STG556 railed version with 5 30rd magazines for $1050.
  4. Smith, Where did you find the $1300 pricing for the E4? I'd like 20" in OD Green.
  5. Did you buy locally or through Bud's? Who has the best prices locally? I'm really wanting one of these now and I like ordering from Bud's, but I'd like to fondle one first (in a purely plutonic way, of course).
  6. Love it Cowtown. My CBOB is my favorite pistol, followed closely by my DW CCO. Now you need to dress her up with some of Sarge's grips.
  7. I saw that one too Magic. The benefits of the ammo ($80), the extra magazine ($25-30), and not having to ship to an FFL are just about enough to outweigh the classic arms package. Plus, I've been wanting to try my hand at building a lower for a little while and I've got a lower from my AR that I can use while I'm working on it. Didn't you have one of these? What were your thoughts on quality, etc?
  8. I've been intrigued by these for a while now. Found this deal yesterday. The whole package is cheaper than Cabela's sells the upper only, and the shipping is free. AR57 Upper Complete Package
  9. I got mine from Big Jim at C5 Leather (Home Page). Well made, heavy duty, and work great with all of my holsters.
  10. Major Kong


    Take a deep breath and relax. The issue with HK has very little to do with the GSG. If you don't get the general animosity towards HK, google Larry Correia and the term "cause you suck and we hate you".
  11. Major Kong


    HK hating them was a big plus for me, but I actually found a Sig 522 yesterday at Guns & Leather for a better price. I'll pick it up in the next week and let you guys know how she runs.
  12. Major Kong


    Daniel, I saw your thread on the vendor forum. Any idea when you'll get some more Sig 522's in? I think your prices would be worth the drive from Knoxville.
  13. Major Kong


    Thanks guys. I'm also looking pretty hard at the Sig 522. That GSG has some sexy lines on it, though.
  14. Major Kong


    Anybody have a GSG-5? I'm currently obsessing on owning one. Any particular ammo they like or don't like? Any peculiar reliability issues? Anyone know of a dealer around Knoxville that has them in stock (and isn't asking an arm and a leg for them)? Enough questions?
  15. For what it's worth, I had some friends that were relatively new to handguns ask me to take them to the range last weekend. We all live in West Knoxville, less than 10 minutes from CCA. I drove them 30 minutes to Gunny's instead. Frontier Firearms also has much better service, is less than 30 minutes away from Knoxville and will have a new indoor range open up this spring (March I think).
  16. Good day at the show. Managed to pick up a model 29-3 in great condition (pics to follow). Didn't see a 610 anywhere at the show.
  17. Thanks for the responses everyone. Dave, that's a beautiful collection you have there. I think I'm going to head to the Knoxville gun show tomorrow and see if I can find a "good deal" on one or the other. I'll let the bargain decide what I get. If that doesn't work I'll either order one from Bud's or hope that Coal Creek hires some employees that aren't rude morons.
  18. Major Kong


    I've had a powerful craving to buy a wheelgun lately. I'm looking at either a model 610 (4" barrel) or a model 29 Classic (6.5" barrel). I like the flexibility of the 610 (10mm or .40) and I love the history and the bad-ass-itude of the model 29. Either one would be a new caliber for me. Who has experiences, good or bad, with either one? Thanks.
  19. They are a great company to do business with. I ordered a Supertuck on Christmas Day and got it New Year's Eve. I've worn it all day today and it is really comfortable. There is also a discount code (10%) out there if you are an NRA member.
  20. Sent you a PM with some info.
  21. I live in West Knoxville and I hate going into CCA. There is a female employee there that is the embodiment of a rude b***h. She is condescending and sarcastic, which is odd because she knows nothing about guns or gun accessories. There is nothing in that store worth her piss poor attitude or the other tacticool mall ninjas that work there. I shoot at ORSA so I don't need their range. I guess it works out, since apparently they don't need my money.
  22. I've got a Springfield, a Colt Gold Cup and two Dan Wessons, and in my opinion the Dan Wessons are the the best "bang for the buck" in the 1911 world. 2010 prices are going up but you can still find 09s. Here's a pic of my CBOB wearing some amboyna burl grips made by Sarge.
  23. Hello all, checking in from Knoxvegas. I just found this place a couple of weeks ago and thought it was time for me to introduce myself. I work in aviation and also serve in the National Guard (16+ years). I do most of my shooting at ORSA, and primarily shoot .308, .22lr, and .45acp. I look forward to getting to know some local shooters and sharing the little bit of knowledge that I have. Umm, have I said enough yet?


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