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  1. I'd go with PSA if the difference in price is minor...they have a good return policy/"Lifetime Warranty" and they are known quantity you can sell if you ever change your mind about it later.
  2. Well dang if I didn't already send it to the auction i'd offer you up my BNIB 1978 Blackhawk Convertible 45acp/45lc with 7.5" barrel. Alas its at PowellAuction.com should be on their online auction late Feb early March.
  3. Im fired up about that PSA5...mainly for the simple fact it uses the delayed roller blowback like a normal MP5...my AR9 kicks harder than my 5.56 cause its standard blowback instead of DI...my PSA KS47 with a 7.5" barrel (and DI) shoots softer than my AR9 or my AK's, most of these 9mm sub guns are running direct blowback...except the MPX and the HK's causing them to kick harder than one would expect for such a "small caliber"....this PSA5 is gonna sell like hotcakes if its reliable...and if its not PSA will at least stand by it with their lifetime warranty. That JAKL....oh my....
  4. 1973 vintage no dash Model 66 357 magnum with preferred 4” barrel...the “real” Smith and Wesson This revolver is in superb condition, it’s super tight, no cylinder shake, has been fired, but not by me. I have had this one guarding the safe for many years just because I haven’t run across another in similar condition with the factory box, papers, cleaning tools, etc. If you have been looking for a near perfect collectors piece or shooter this is it. Not looking for trades. Can meet anywhere in Blount l, Sevier, Knox Counties. Must have valid TN license be 21 or over and not look shifty.
  5. That's quite awesome!!! Who needs tinfoil when you can just bring the HELO down! j/k GLWS!!!
  6. I forgot that place even existed!!! Thanks for the heads up!!
  7. I once had a Kahr k45....never again....
  8. Thanks for the review surprised to hear it has so much muzzle flip being a pretty large gun firing 9mm...do you think part of that has to do with the imbalance of the dot sight on the back end or? Cool looking cannon!
  9. DaveTN your doing it wrong...and Keltec actually was ahead of the curve with the AR pistol the ol PLR16 is quite manageable even if the fireball is a bit overwhelming....I wouldn't usually reprimand you but I think you need to make a little more effort....
  10. Great price for a classic!...like the first edition of a book (that someone signed on the inside).
  11. I used to think the same thing but then one of them was on CNBC (or was it cbs) and after hearing him talk and his well thought out points and counterpoints to whoever the interviewer was...I no longer thought his face looked so punchable.
  12. That thing would weigh 3lbs
  13. Hey I've smoked many a Hookah and not got shot...course I was smoking actual tobacco or whatever that stuff is lol...and it sure as heck wasn't 3:30am
  14. Interesting both parties were armed with an NAA 22 derringer(one was killed by police)...also like your parents always told ya...nothing good happens after midnight. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/nypd-2-dead-after-police-open-fire-on-shooter-in-east-village/ar-BBYM95H?ocid=spartandhp

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