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  1. thats a crazy low price. You might wanna try WORTH.com they will give you prepaid shipping and wholesale it a reserve price for you all for free (minus their cut for the sale)....i doubt you will get less than $500...this is a great deal for someone needing a nice set on a budget....anything out there for under $1,000 at a jewelry store is gonna look like garbage FYI.
  2. Better not post up meeting places someone might try to Hijack your big shipment F&F style
  3. The best 1911s for the money hands down...someone got a great one!
  4. Stacking it deep while it’s cheap is the name of the game. Amazes me how many Gun owners don’t get that concept still.
  5. Some people pay good money for that !!
  6. Done plenty of deals with Smith...if he says its something it is! Deal with confidence...freaking awesome gun...like wow...thanks for the inspiration and reminding me how my AK looks like crap-ola compared to yours
  7. A lot of gun owners are so dumb. If you think your planning for the future buying 5.56 at $1.00 or more per round you are terrible with money. BTW Vista Outdoors (a better investment than that 5.56) has a backlog of ammo orders of over $1 Billion.
  8. I can't believe people are willing to pay this much...I remember when I get blasted for listing 1000rds of brass 5.56 for $400 https://atlanticfirearms.com/products/wolf-223-ar15-rifle-ammo-1000-round-case
  9. What brand upper and lower and BCG? Also what brand scope? Thanks!
  10. Excellent shooter I used to have one myself GLWS!
  11. Best way to counter that front heavy imbalance is to put a forward grip on it...am i right? am i right?
  12. Chuck I sell cars for a living I deal with this daily and sometimes I'll have vehicles we have had for over 90 days that seemingly no one wanted and then boom its sold and I get like 5 calls or emails about it!


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