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  1. Dang! I don't buy anything that isn't used or on sale!!! Maybe that goes back to me being a used car salesman but I know all my other friends are the same way...if ain't a deal I ain't buying! lol. Glad your stimulating the economy though!
  2. I think for safeties sake they would want to pay more and get better help...but then again us Americans are cheap bastards and no one is paying retail these days....least no one I know.
  3. No im not getting any but I know some of you love this stuff 50count for $32.75 https://sellout.woot.com/offers/black-rifle-coffee-company-caffeinated-af-coffee-pods?ref=w_disc
  4. That things gorgeous!
  5. The last activity on this ad was almost 2 years ago please check the dates on classified ads or try messaging the original poster directly instead of resurrecting a most likely very dead thread. Thanks!
  6. I think you got a great buy for the condition. Those do have a cult following and a certain feel to them that just makes the 228 a great gun...plus that's when Sig still cared about their customers and their product and didn't beta test all of us. SRT trigger would definitely be an upgrade. I love my old Sigs...and even some of the new ones...but I feel the old ones definitely were built by people that gave a sh*t. Right now I have a: P220 Sport (the resident evil compensated poster gun) P229 Sport (357sig compensated) Sig 1911 POW/MIA (stainless) and a P365 I carry most of the time. I used to have a bunch more including a p228, 229, 225, and 226 I think the 228 was one of my favorites.
  7. 8lbs...holy moly.....yeah I would definitely modify that unless shes going to be a safe queen....pretty neat ol gun..if you don't mind me asking whats the total damages add up to?
  8. I have a Mega MA-Ten 308 ...shoots great but heavy as hell....I have an FNAR...super accurate...also heavy as hell...mags are $$$ And then I have the Adams Arms "small frame" 308...haven't shot it yet but I like the size much better than the other 2 and if its reliable would probably use it over the other 2...however that being said I still prefer the ol .223 if I was using a "battle rifle"...if your defending the home then who cares about weight but ya know if for some reason you had to physically carry the gun for long distances...well then I sure wouldn't choose a 308.
  9. Guys this was posted in May.....I would suggest using the Private Message system instead of resurrecting a most likely dead thread.
  10. I love these things seems like a killer deal if you like or need FDE Troy Industries Folding Battle Sight Rear https://sellout.woot.com/offers/troy-rear-folding-battle-sight?ref=w_disc
  11. Raoul, If you ever see that family select hoard it up and resell it later. I think its good...maybe even great...but not worth what other people are willing to pay. Trust me if you ever paid $500 or more on the secondary market and actually drank it you wouldn't be happy with that decision. I've had Pappy 15year and while im glad I tried it...its not something I would ever hunt down for any reason except to resell it. When big whiskey buffs come over to the house I always let them try that Willett If for nothing else so they can see what the fuss is or isn't about. Willett pot still has become very common lately around here so I bit the bullet and bought the huge 1.75 bottle for the shelf..i don't even remember if I actually like that version lol.
  12. Kahrman, I've tried that peanut butter whiskey...its an odd duck that's for sure. My favorite mostly attainable "premium" drink of the past couple years is still Willett 4yr Barrel Proof Rye (110ish)...around here in East TN I think it runs about $49ish....I prefer it over any of my $100+ and unobtanium stuff....anything Knob Creek is always solid too. I have a Willett Family Estate 11 year bottle I wish I had never opened (worth roughly $500-700 if I hadn't) and I can say that once you get past $100 the law of diminishing returns really kicks in. I had got it on Black Friday years ago for $110
  13. Boy that is all kinds of dumb lol...not practical or tactical!

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