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  1. Im in agreement with the comment above..hes probably figured with a remodel he can really jack up the rent but doesn't have the heart to tell you that's the plan so out you go. Hard to get rid of a steady check for 19 years but with the way Nashville area rents are going way up im sure that's what his plan is....or maybe remodel all the cottages and then sell it and retire.
  2. They waste a ton of money on that crap and the fear mongering they do is the worst...its like how stupid do you think I really am...and the amount some of those guys make.....sheez….
  3. then why in the world wouldn't you save the gas and ship it lol....good lord the time wasted driving is worth as much as the gun!
  4. ya'll do realize its legal and shippable through the post office in state to the buyers house right?
  5. heckuva a buy, great ad...but man..what a buy!
  6. Mr Digital has first dibs on it when I get back up to mt Juliet will update if something changes!
  7. I have 2 friends that are...I don't know how they do it honestly.
  8. Well the cop has a terrible record...however...this all goes back to...comply with the officer and don't get shot...also...what in the hell was he thinking pulling forward or anywhere... I don't think he deserved to die but he definitely could have easily avoided his fate.
  9. my experience has been they are overall good but they do have their slip ups from time to time....I would highly suggest trying a different brand if you can find one for cheap just to rule that out.... S&W's are usually pretty much GTG in my experience.
  10. the lockable container is useful when going through places like Illinois....or when you have a reason to leave it in your car (i.e. non carry locations)….not required though in TN.
  11. messaged member and didn't hear back Still for sale unless posted otherwise!
  12. dude...this was posted 3 years ago...please check dates before resurrecting the dead.
  13. Sounds to me they tried to make their own "estended clip"

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