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  1. This sounds awesome but my lack of any professional training and couch potato lifestyle will exclude me from something this cool.
  2. 2nd Harvest is always a good charity ...donating to your local shelter or zoo is also a good use of your donations. I know the zoos are getting hit really hard. The Knoxville Zoo cost about $22,000 a day to run and a lot of that money comes from daily visitors.
  3. I'll take 5! I work in Sevierville on 66 and live in Maryville how close are ya to those places?
  4. Welcome to the group from a fellow East Tennessean! I would suggest you use the 9mm for home defense until you have some time to practice with the shotgun. Also depending on the model I would look for some "low recoil" home defense ammo for it and start with that first depending on if its a 12 or 20 gauge model.
  5. I shot one of these at ORSA...really really accurate and fun to shoot, GLWS!
  6. I actually think the Dissipator looks pretty cool!
  7. CZ’s are great I have one too but they were a lot greater when they weren’t hipster and the prices were still low. For what most of them cost now I personally prefer other makes/models...I have a cz p10 compact...it’s very much Glock 19 like and it’s cajunized ...it’s fun at the range but for carrying I much prefer the very much lighter and still extremely shootable P365 I own or my tried and true to hell and back reliable HK USP 45 “compact”.
  8. I’d recommend you reach out to xtriggerman on here he seems to be the resident firearm magician if he doesn’t know the right answer I’m sure he could figure it out quick.
  9. I don’t think it would put a dent at all in the PSA PS5 sales (if it ever sees the light of day) as blowback action is so inferior recoil wise to the delayed roller action that the PS5 promises. I’ve honestly never been too thrilled with any of these PCC’s that run normal blowback the recoil is usually more than an AR and you lose a ton of stopping power.
  10. From what I researched long ago when I built my first 9mm AR you don’t gain anything velocity wise after about 9” (again it’s been awhile so I could be off) ...that’s where oddball ammo like that fbi contract +p+ shines...even though in a pistol it’s gains are negligible relative to the increase in pressure.
  11. Pretty cool! I had a 9mm revolver but the recoil was more than I anticipated so up for sale it went always thought it was fun though.
  12. The only experience I have with Tullamore Dew is the limited finished in rum cask version which is interesting and not so bad...I have more experience with Jameson which I appreciate but at the end of the day Bourbon is still king at my house.

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