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  1. rkguns and or Rural King has had them in stock on and off at very reasonable prices...i think the Sig tread was only $799 same for the Ruger
  2. DDI is the OG of AK's.... i think you can google-fu them but yes they built/imported good stuff (destructive devices inc?)
  3. Pretty pitiful...a lot of those people had gone down that insane Q rabbit hole. I was a fly on the wall of a Q group for awhile the amount of BS is incredible and its like trying to tell a 3yr old Santa doesn't exist when you point out all the inconsistencies and the changing timelines and the dates of "big events" that never happen....reminds me a lot of scientology actually. I think a lot of people bored and unfulfilled by daily life find conspiracies to give them some feeling of belonging to an in crowd and a big idea. They would be better served playing video games, learning a new life
  4. You mean one of the many capital police that helped the rioters ? nothing staged about that...just someone throwing their duty out the window over politics.
  5. Is the pro run inertia or is it an Argo cloned action too?
  6. Ya got my number gimme a ring !
  7. Oh I know it ain’t a benelli but for what i would be using it for I can replace a whole lotta parts at that price before I ever regretted the purchase...which I guess makes my decision easy
  8. I say make hay while the sun shines....like "No One" said make sure your fair to yourself first. For all the people riding the high horse I would say no one is forcing anyone to buy anything. Also its easy to sit on that perch if all your bills are paid in full and ya got no mortgage no kids and or your already retired. For 99% of the people that have any bills remaining I say charity begins at home and take care of your bills and family while you can as long as your not forcing anyone into anything its not unethical its just a free market. Capitalism rocks!
  9. Known by many different names P4, Canuck Operator, Turkinelli....or in this American Guise the Panzer M4....uses the same ARGO system as the Benelli M4 (patent expired) and they claim all the parts are interchangeable. Has actual ghost ring sights (not the blade found on some of the other clones). At $550 or roughly 1/3-1/4 of an actual Benelli M4...is this a steal? (especially with todays crackhead market) Panzer Arms M4 Tactical Semi-Automatic Shotgun 18.5" Barrel 12GA 3" 5rd - Piston Driven - Black (classicfirearms.com)
  10. Yeah thats freaking cool....great promo vid too.
  11. adding to what I said above....If your not gonna fly THE FLAG then fly a flag that honors our current generation of soldiers or any of those from say I don't know any campaign that wasn't about dividing our nation. Out of all the wars to "celebrate our history" why anyone would pick the civil war is beyond me. WWI WWII VIETNAM KOREA DESERT STORM OPERATION ENDURING FREEDOM but no lets "honor dixie" General Lee would roll in his grave if he saw the stupidity associated with that flag.


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