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  1. I can attest that the USP Compact 45 is an excellent weapon...its what I normally carry. It is extremely accurate and boringly reliable. It actually shoots softer than my USP Tactical 45...which makes no sense whatsoever but it does. Im not a big guy and mine easily conceals in a Don Hume IWB holster...if your wanting to carry something that's not tiny but not full size either...this is a great compromise. Being that its not ultra compact it also pulls double duty as an excellent range gun which helps with practice. Edit: I would also like to add that this is the only gun that the finish didnt develop any kind of rust marks that I have carried...whatever finish they use is definitely sweatproof.
  2. Magiccarpetrides

    Savage MSR .224 Valkyrie Accuracy Issues

    I think if you do too much more checking you might very well run into warranty issues...if it was my rifle I would contact Savage now and just get the RMA rolling.
  3. Magiccarpetrides

    Some Interesting MP5 Insights

    https://loadoutroom.com/21856/hk-mp/#comment-18435 thought some of my fellow HK snobs might appreciate this article.
  4. Magiccarpetrides

    ad closed No longer for sale

    He can mail you that in state through the post office since it's a rifle ...cheaper than driving !
  5. Magiccarpetrides

    Cheap Savage pump shotgun at Walmart?

    probably made in turkey...but honestly with savages name slapped on it for $147 I don't think you could do better...perfect truck gun or something to knock around...if your gonna take it in the woods I would recommend you do one of those bubba coating jobs on it to prevent rust...I'm sure its finish is thin thin thin.
  6. Magiccarpetrides

    Buds has P365 in stock

    doesn't exactly instill confidence for a carry gun...even a low percentage....typical modern days Sig....reminds me of Nissan...back in the day super reliable...today...we are all beta testers.
  7. Magiccarpetrides

    Springfield Armory Announces TRP 10mm with RMR Red Dot

    my lord...that thing will weigh as much as a vector...
  8. Magiccarpetrides

    CMP 1911’s

  9. Magiccarpetrides

    USP9 or MK25

    actually this is a smoking deal over the MK25....and you can buy it local...I had one of these...great gun...
  10. Magiccarpetrides

    USP9 or MK25

    Is this going to be a range only gun? I carry a USP "Compact" 45 and its about as big as can reasonably be concealed...I think either the full size USP even in 9mm or the MK25 are more nightstand/range toys. Having said that I have had nothing but absolute reliability out of my Sig's and HK's...the USP is going to be slightly lighter...either of those will be tough to resell later without taking a loss if you buy new...I would recommend you definitely hunt down used. I do however think there are much better more modern options in 9mm...for the USP I would definitely go with the VP9 instead and for the Sig I would go with a non MK25 variation as the MK25 is quite overpriced for what you get in my humble opinion.
  11. Magiccarpetrides

    ad closed SOLD!! Beretta M9A1 Compact Inox

    glad you got it!!!! was making me itch!! such a beautiful gun!
  12. Dude that is awesome...great looking build with high quality parts! GLWS!
  13. Magiccarpetrides

    for-sale **Price Drop** Universal M1 Carbine

    so freaking cool! looking for any trades?
  14. Magiccarpetrides

    ad closed SOLD!! Beretta M9A1 Compact Inox

    I sell cars and can use that as a trade-in ;-D
  15. Magiccarpetrides

    ad closed SOLD!! Beretta M9A1 Compact Inox

    besides rent money are you looking for any trades?

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