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  1. I got my renewal notice and was able to do it online so I went ahead and did it. Mistake on my part. My renewed permit came with the issue date, therefore taking about 3 months off my 8 years had I waited closer to my expiration date. Next time Ill know better. A lifetime won't pay off for me.
  2. Also, this ole world runs 24/7, and not everyone works a 9 to 5. Many of us get off during the night time, and just because we are gassing up at 3 AM doesn't mean we are up to no good or making bad choices. While I agree with the first part of your post, I have to chime in for those of us who don't have a choice on when we have to navigate the night.
  3. Very well put and well said. In fact I have backed away and been looked down on and had some people accuse me of being "scared of the guy" because I chose to walk away from an immature escalation of an incident with a young man.
  4. Sorry if this should be posted elsewhere.... I looked at the other forums and didn't really see one that fit. Just wondering, why is there no outcry for tighter knife controls and a whole movement with headlines and bans on right to carry or the dangerous abilities of knives to leap off the counter and stab people uncontrollably after the Japanese knife attack which left 19 people dead. http://www.cnn.com/2016/07/25/world/japan-knife-attack-deaths/index.html.
  5. From the Tennessee Firearms Association Website:   NASHVILLE, TN: In a move sweeping the nation, some Tennessee Sheriffs are stating their public encouragement for Tennessee Handgun Permit Holders to participate in their own personal defense by encouraging them to legally carry their weapons at all times. John Harris, Executive Director, Tennessee Firearms Association, today announced the receipt and availability of copies of letters recently signed by two sheriffs affirming their confidence in Tennessee’s law abiding citizens and Handgun Permit Holders.  Specifically, letters of support have been signed by Sheriff Paul Thomas from Gibson County, Tennessee, and Sheriff Guy Buck from McNairy County, Tennessee. “In light of the numerous terrorist attacks in this country and that apparently growing trend, at least some of Tennessee's Sheriffs are making it clear that they support Tennessee's Handgun Permit Holders as being personally responsible for their own, personal defense needs.  These Sheriffs are also sending the important message to potential criminals and terrorists that there is no safe haven for them in Tennessee,” Harris said.  “We do not need more ‘Chattanooga’ incidents to confirm that Tennessee is really no safer for the individual citizen than was San Bernardino and that Tennessee Handgun Permit Holders can stand as a solid deterrent against terrorism - at least as to their own self-defense needs.” In the past several weeks, sheriffs from around the country have been making public statements regarding the importance of citizens being vital in the duty of keeping of the peace. Constitutionally, the county sheriff is the highest ranking elected official in any Tennessee county and has first-line responsibility for the safety and security of its citizens even above any other state or federal official. The Tennessee Firearms Association recently called upon Tennessee's Sheriffs to state their position on the importance of individual citizens being willing and able to provide for their self-defense when their own lives are at stake. “The Volunteer State is called that for a reason,” said Harris. “We continue to ask Tennessee Sheriffs to step up to the plate and reaffirm their confidence in Tennessee's citizens and, in particular, the Handgun Permit Holders, to join them in building a bulwark of protection against any person or group that seeks to do harm to our citizens.” Harris concluded, “The Tennessee Firearms Association will continue to support elected officials who demonstrate their understanding of the 2nd Amendment and act accordingly.  The TFA looks forward to the passage of Constitutional Carry as early as the 2016 legislative session so that government fees and oversight no longer infringe the ability of law abiding citizens across Tennessee to carry personal firearms for self-defense without the need for a permission slip from the government.  The need for this legislation is not just constitutionally justified but is now even more pressing because of the real and present dangers that terrorism presents in Tennessee” Those seeking more information should check the Tennessee Firearms Association’s website at www.tennesseefirearms.com and can also join the TFA by going to join.tennesseefirearms.com
  6. The biggest concern I would have in an active shooter situation if I chose to engage the BG's would be when the police arrived, being someone with a gun in my hand. That still is my biggest fear........  being shot by the good guys.
  7. Here's a great video for those wondering about how fast someone can close the gap, plus other thoughts on carrying with an empty chamber.   http://www.usacarry.com/always-carry-round-chamber/
  8. I can sympathize with those of you who have family that have hurt you, turned their backs on you, or just simply don't really care about each other and what the concept of a "family" means. I too come from a group of DNA linked individuals who don't give a d#*^ about each other and it hurts.    I recently lost most everything I own in a house fire and I had people I didn't even know stop in front of my house and hand me a $5 bill or offer to help me with clothes or even move some stuff. Not one member of my family ever offered to come help. A few of them called to say they were sorry, but I feel it was more for their own sense of "reaching out" than it was for my benefit. I also had some who never called at all, and are now embarrassed because of their inability to care about anyone except themselves.   While I always carry concealed, my family knows I carry. No one says anything to my face about it, but when I leave comments are made about how I must feel inadequate as a man and that I must be a female body part for feeling the need for it. These are the same people who thank me for being in the profession Im in and sometimes having to work holidays so that people make it to the hospital within the "Golden Hour". It hurts to know that they care so little about me, and I have problems sometimes believing they are related to me, as I would not blink an eye if any of them needed help. Nor would they have to ask me either.   Say what they want about me, but if any of them, or any of you, ever needed my help, either before OR AFTER a gunfight, I'd do whatever I could to help anyone. Its just how I feel. I sometimes wonder if I'm adopted.
  9. Another incident involving someone walking up on someone else has this time resulted in a shooting. From News Channel 5:   MURFREESBORO, Tenn. - A man has been taken to the hospital following a shooting during a road rage incident in Murfreesboro. It happened just before noon at the intersection of Middle Tennessee Boulevard and South East Broad Street, and witnesses said the victim was a veteran.   The man witnesses said to be a former Marine, was driving a black infinity and stopped in the road to get out of his car and say something to the 22-year-old driver of a Volvo. The 22-year-old fired one shot from inside his car, which hit the man in the stomach and exited through his side and hit his elbow. A witness told NewsChannel 5 that the man asked the shooter, "why did you shoot me?" The driver responded by saying," you scared the [expletive] out of me." The victim was LifeFlighted to Vanderbilt University Medical Center. The other driver was questioned by investigators then released. The incident is under investigation. Anyone that witnessed the incident has been encouraged to call 615-893-2717 or Crime Stoppers at 615-893-7867.
  10. Per the report in the paper:     THE DAILY NEWS JOURNAL  MURFREESBORO — A Murfreesboro woman told police officers she pointed a gun at a man in the Walmart p arking lot because he approached her aggressively, according to the police report provided to The Daily News Journal. The woman Sherry McLain, 67, of Lascassas was arrested. Her bond was set at $15,000. The incident took place around 4 p.m. Friday at the Wal-Mart on Old Fort when the suspect McLain told officers she was putting groceries away in her vehicle when she heard a black man “hollering behind her.” M cLain said the man came toward her aggressively, so she held up her hand and asked him to stop. According to the report, MLain said the man continued to come at her, so she told him she h ad a gun and she drew it and pointed it at him. She said the man then walked away from her, toward another woman who was with a child, “still hollering.” The officer secured the handgun and interviewed the woman with the child as well as the man in question, James Crutchfield, 52, of Murfreesboro. The officer also reviewed security video. Crutchfield told the officer he only approached to the woman to see if she had a c igarette lighter because he had just purchased a pack of cigarettes and did not have one. He said the woman immediately pulled the gun out, pointed it at him, and began screaming. The officer spoke with the other woman, Diane Miller of Columbia, who told him that Crutchfield ran up to her, yelling that the woman had a gun. According to the report, Miller said she looked and saw McLain still pointing the gun in her direction. Miller said Crutchfield told her to call the police, then ran back into the store. The security video showed Crutchfield walking past McLain, then turning toward her. But he did not approach her more make any threatening gestures, the police report stated. O nce McClain pulled the gun, it said, Crutchfield can be seen walking backwards, away from her, with his hands in the air, until he sees Miller and her child. The police report states the video shows McClain lowering her gun until Crutchfield reaches Miller and yells at her, then s he again points the gun in his direction, while he was standing next to the woman and child. The officer stated that there was no evident threat to McLain and she had acted unlawfully by drawing a firearm on Crutchfield. She was arrested and charged with aggravated assault and reckless endangerment with a deadly weapon.   To me it seems she was negligent in aiming the weapon at the man as he stood next to an innocent bystander holding a child. Thats where I feel she used bad judgement. I too think it is suspicious that he just bought a pack of cigarettes yet didn't have a lighter. Whether or not she felt she was in any danger is hard for anyone but her to say.    In my HCP class years ago there were about 10 women in there and most all of them were asking about when they would be within the law drawing their weapon on someone. To several of us in the class it seemed like they were more interested in what they could use an an excuse to pull a weapon vs. using it as a last resort in a situation where it was justified. Several of us even mentioned that we hoped we never walked up on these women in a parking lot somewhere.   Im sure she was frightened, and at the time felt it necessary to pull her weapon. But responsibility goes along with the privilege of carrying a weapon and I think she was irresponsible in pointing the weapon in the direction of someone other than the person who threatened her. The rest is up to a judge to decide.
  11. So if an officer were to see her somewhere he would not have the grounds to charge her with anything, just by wearing it? 
  12. She better hope an off duty police officer doesn't call her lockout service and her show up with that crap on. She might need to call her own lockout, I mean locked up get me out service!
  13. Maybe this will work. Again sorry the pictures weren't better but I tried. http://s24.postimg.org/cjraqkj9x/Full_Size_Render_2.jpg http://s24.postimg.org/5ukrajxxx/Full_Size_Render.jpg
  14. Ok. Ive tried to post them. Sorry but I have never posted pics here before. I think you have to be a benefactor, right? Any other way I can post them? Thanks

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