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  1. I love my snub nose 38s as well as the next guy, but I had a jam with my 642.  I was shooting reloads when the cylinder locked up.  some unburnt powder or something go in between the cylinder and bottom lock above the trigger.  I was able to fix it by swinging the cylinder out and cleaning the outside, but it did jam.  To its defense, reloads can be a little "dirtier" in my experiene than quality self-defense ammo.    I've shot reloads through my G21.  I had a couple of bad primers that did not go off, but that was much easier to remedy in the G21.  
  2. I took the letter and changed a few things and sent one to each of my Senators and to BHO.  I wrote my U.S. Representative last week.  We need to keep doing this. I sent my letters USPS, but I will be following up with e-mails in a few days.
  3. I have written Marsha Blackburn about a week ago.  I sent out three separate letters, one to Sen. Corker, one to Sen. Alexander and another to the President today via USPS.  Warning: we are not being paranoid about this. These elite politicians who had armed Secret Service and Executive type security around them mean it this time. They came out almost immediately after the tragedy in CT. We need to contact our Senators, Representatives and house leaders via e-mail and USPS. We need to have a very clear message: That more infringement on the Second Amendment is NOT going to save liv
  4. I really feel an AWB is coming.  You have traditional pro 2A Senators that are leaning to supporting this, like Joe Manchin and Harry Reid.  Also, you have a Republican House with an incompetent leader who threatens his own party members with their Committee-ships at the first sign of disagreement with him.  BHO has Boehner over a barrel. BHO has always gotten he wants his whole life and no one has stood up to him.  He will end up getting the budget he wants, or he will just punish us little people by letting us go off that fiscal cliff. He will also strong arm Boehner into
  5. You are also paying for that handling convenience when you trade directly with a gun shop. You don't have to worry about advertising her gun, communicating with a buyer and meeting up with him or her. What is best is when you have a buddy that wants to buy your gun. I've got a G22 that I've thought about trading in for something else, but I just never have because I know I would take a beating on it. There are so many G22s out there on the market, with police trade ins and all, that I would not expect a gun shop to give me much for it. I am sort of surprised at the price they gave you on a S
  6. Excellent Job. My wife has been thinking about it lately. She is starting to become concerned of some of the violence she has heard over the news lately. I've heard there are more and more women obtaining their carry permit. When I went through the course back around November of 2008, about half the class was females.
  7. I would like to have a Kimber Custom II or TLE.
  8. I work for a large corporation that does business with the general public in Memphis. I, fortunately work in middle Tennessee and don't have to frequent Memphis much. I am afraid that it is just a matter of time before one of my co-workers in Memphis is assaulted or worse. Of course, the company I work for has a "No Firearms Policy", which I abide by. I feel that the company I work for would rather loose an employee to a violent crime on the job, than that employee legally carry a firearm and protect themselves in self-defense. If one of my co-workers were murdered on the job, my employ
  9. g2122

    police pistols

    Brentwood P.D. uses M&Ps now. I don't know if it is a .40 or 9. I just noticed one of them carrying it when I was in a traffic accident this past summer.
  10. I agree with D. Warren. I've just started listening to Herman Cain. I have been following Lt. Col. Allen West for a while now. Both appear to be top notch Conservatives. They appear to understand the U.S. Constitution, the dangers of this out of control debt and spending, and the threat the terrorist pose to our safety.
  11. I'll see what I can do about posting picture. I've never posted a photo, so I can't promise anything. There is enough steel. It really looks well done from the factory.
  12. I just traded by S&W 637 in for a 642 with the cylinder cut for mood clips. Unfortunately, I have only had a chance to take it out once and I only put maybe 15 rounds through it. I think I shot 10 rounds without the clip and 5 with the clip. Shot just like my 637 that I traded it for. It is very hard to load that last round into the moon clip. It is also very hard to remove that first round from the clip. It is super easy to load the revolver with the moon clip compared to a speed loader. The main reason I traded was for the internal hammer that would not snag. the fact that the mo
  13. I have a G22, along with a G21sf and G23. It's a great handgun. In the next few months, you will feel the desire the supplement you G22 with another Glock. I'm guessing you will become interested in a G27 before long.


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