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    Ok then

  3. Well I just got myself a nice education this morning. Thanks, guys, for sharing the info.
  4. Very interesting. So the cup had to be dropped in through the neck. It's cool to see a little firearm history.
  5. This is very interesting. Excuse my ignorance, but, what is the purpose of the crimp at the bottom of the .44 Colt and the .50 Rem. in the last pic?
  6. Thanks, everyone. A whole lot of the fun is the building
  7. It also happens to be my second build... I spent more money than I meant to; just like last time. I didn't get to do any shooting this weekend but I will report back next weekend...If not sooner. i reeeaaallly need a front sight tool. What a PIA. Aero Precision upper and lower.. Spikes BCG Spikes 16" Barrel, chrome lined, 1:7 twist, carbine length gas system, pinned A2 gas block BCM Extended A2 flash hider BCM Gungifhter Charging handle I think the LPK is Anderson...The trigger is better than the PSA LPK in my last build CMMG ambi safety switch Magpul MIAD grip Magpul MOE buttstock and handguard Magpl MBUS rear sight Magpul AFG2 foregrip Magpul ASAP endplate Lower finished. Starting on the Upper Finished...
  8. So I assume there is no tax stamp required but it's best not to carry one around in the truck...
  9. That is cool. I would love to have one of these beside the bed AND in the truck. I just want to make sure I understand...The short barrel is legal since it was manufactured this way so it’s technically a shot pistol?
  10. An A2 flash hider, crush washer, MOE FDE handguard and buttstock to finish up my AR build.
  11. Thanks for the replies. I can't wait to get in the blind. I will definitely keep your advice in mind. More lead might help me on the skeet field.
  12. I went to the Big Sandy blind drawing this weekend. I've never been duck hunting nor have I ever been to a blind drawing. I got an opportunity this year so I put in with some people. My ticket was drawn 8th. All the stories you hear about people offering $$$$ for top spots is true. I turned them down of course. We are hunting in one helluva spot. The blind we got is supposed to be a top 5 blind most years. We have to rebuild it this year. Any tips for a newbie duck hunter would be appreciated. Mostly I plan on just watching and learning from the other guys in the blind. I shoot trap and skeet occasionally. Should I be hitting the skeet range or do I need to start hitting the sporting clays course?
  13. I see. Went back and re-read. Thanks for pointing that out. I guess I thought the subject got changed. And that brace looks dangerously close to a stock to me. Still a nice looking gun...
  14. This really makes me want another AR. Nice looking rifle
  15. I couldn't get two boats on here if it wasn't for the cradle. But you could definitely use heavier unistrut and make it wider. Man, what are you talking about? I've been putting them on and off of my XTerra. This will be great. The wife goes more than I do so we had a hitch and light harness put on her car because she just can't get them on top of the XTerra.
  16. If you've been thinking about making something like this maybe you can get some ideas from this. I should also mention that the racks are 5ft. wide.
  17. I built a kayak trailer from a Harbor Freight trailer kit. The kit was $249 for basically a rolling chassis. It included the frame, wheels springs, lights and coupler. I had to get all the wood and make the racks. Also, that is not the tongue that came with it. That is a piece of 2 1/2" x 12' square tubing I bought because the tongue that came with it was too short. The racks are unistrut. I can fit 2 kayaks and a canoe on it as is. But I believe I could get 4 kayaks if I had 4 sets of cradles. The trailer is 40"w X 48" long. It works fine for our 12' canoe and kayaks. But I would need to add another support up from the tongue if I wanted to haul anything longer. Y'all don't laugh at my grill collection and mattress box. The tongue looks longer than it is. It is only sticking out 8' I took some paddle holders and lashing hooks and made a way to carry the paddles. I drilled holes directly into the unistrut for the barrel bolts to latch. The hinges are from a gate kit.
  18. KaNuckles


    pk http://
  19. I filled mine with ice Friday night at about 7:30. This morning at around 10 I checked and the 20 oz was melted but still COLD so I called it at 36 hrs (it still had ice when I went to bed last night but I didn't think to check it early this morning). The 30 oz still had some ice. I dumped it out because my patience had run out and I was ready to use them. But there was enough ice to easily go another 12 hours in the 30. The wife and I filled them both up with Gatorade at around 2 this afternoon. We went to Costco and did some other running. After a 1 hour drive and 3 hours in a hot car the Gatorade was still nice and cool when I took the last drink around 6:30 on the way home...no ice. I am thoroughly impressed with these cups.
  20. Mail lady just dropped my two off. I got a 20 and a 30. These things look great. Everybody at the office likes the logo. I'm with jonathon1289...if this ever happens again i would take another 20 oz
  21. Ordered a 30 oz!...and a logo...and a 1 year benefactor membership....My wife will be thrilled.

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