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  1. Looking to get a Dillon 550B and was is hoping someone in the area had one that i could check out before i drop all my money on one.  Interested to see how it gets setup, how to change out calibers, etc.  If you wouldn't mind me stopping by and spending a few minutes getting a feel for it I'd really appreciate it! Thanks
  2. Love my Ameristep Brickhouse....you can move without getting noticed at all (a must IMHO if you're hunting with young kids)....easy to set up. and holds me, my buddy, and all our gear with no problems whatsoever......
  3. Thx guys...I appreciate it.  I'm open to offers.  If you're interested PM me please.
  4. Selling a LNIB 3rd Gen Glock 27.  Has less than 50 rounds through it. Price is $550 FTF.   Comes with the box, lock and three magazines.
  5. First bow kill/first buck from Sunday evening...
  6. I'm ready to put some meat in the frig!!
  7. I own and shoot both......prefer the M&P for the same reasons Smith stated about.....ambi safety, adjustable backstrraps, feels better in my hand, and I also like the higher magazine capacity of the M&Ps....
  8. NRA Instructors are much better than state instructors in general (I'm certified as both so I feel like I can give my opinion from both sides).....the NRA instructors that teach the advanced courses are noticably better instructors.....we have heve certain standards we have to meet and so many hours of training we are required to have to be certififed by the NRA....I've had students take the HCP course and then take my NRA Basic Pistol course and said they got WAY more info from my NRA class than from the state course....NRA course goes into a lot more specifics/topics than the TN HCP course I
  9. Personally I never have, but my dad was stationed in Korea after the war......ate dog meat over there and said it was pretty good....said it tasted just like chicken--no joke....I'd probably eat it
  10. Leupold Vari-XIII 3.5-10x40.....expensive, but worth it...
  11. Fairly new hunter myself, trying to get my son his first deer. We've used everything from fawn bleats, estrus calls, buck grunts, tending grunts and even some rattling and snort wheezes. Haven't seen a thing yet. What are you all having luck with out there? Am I doing something wrong? He doesn't care if it's a buck or doe, just looking to get a shot off. All I've seen in the last 24 hours are 9 fawns. I'd prefer he shot a doe or small buck..... Got any suggestions for us?
  12. Saw two about 0500 this morning on a field were hunting. They were hauling arse man!
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