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  1. Just fine. Just not a fancy as the Thompson.
  2. Visit your local gun shop regularly. You will run into hunters, target shooter, self defense folks. Check your local social media for dove hunts and also ask about joining deer clubs. Join a gun club! You’ll find some old fart that doesn’t want to take all his hunting knowledge to the grave. My old fart taught me how to duck hunt and fly. We were thick as thieves before he passed. I’m now an old fart but don’t live anywhere near you. Good luck man.
  3. How the hell has this not sold? I paid more than this for my model M918, plain Jane black, no fluted or threaded barrel. Come on guys. If my old eyes could use a red dot sight I would have bought the whole package.
  4. You could always become a photographer! When Tennessee first offered the HCP we had thousands of photographs suddenly appear. Many, many, many people wore photographers tan vests. I still have mine and will send it to you free. We looked ridiculous.
  5. I think the form 4473 simply states: have you been adjudicated as a mental defective by a court. My grandson has the same issue and is a straight “A” student in his senior year. The form is available online to review.
  6. All my books seem to agree with Grayfox54.
  7. I’m about to hit my pillow. I’ll dig out some of my old blue books tomorrow and see if I can answer this.
  8. I had one almost identical. Mine was a smith & Wesson 38 ctg post war police revolver. Mine had a number that I thought was a serial number on the frame. It wasn’t. It was a factory assembly number and when I ran the number it came back as stolen. Police confiscated it. Police contacted me the next day to tell me the gun had been reported in nearly 100 different locations nationwide and the number was not a serial number. They returned it that day ( I owned the local gun shop at the time. )
  9. I had to give up my Harley a several years ago due to issues with Vertigo. Been riding since 14, I’m now 65. I’ve had several Polaris’. Last two were 500 and 800. Now own a Honda 420 and it is awsome. It Carries my big arse and works like a rented mule. Way easier to maintain than the Polaris. I agree the Polaris always requires maintenance anytime you press it. The Honda requires gas and fluid changes once a year and ridden to keep the battery up. A friend of mine has a Can Am. Good but transmission and engine are one unit. Just like a Harley Sportster, If you have an engine or transmission problem, both have to be disassembled. What a pain.
  10. I know you’ll think I’m nuts but take a 3 foot wooden dowel and place one end on several spots on the engine while holding the other end to your ear. This will help to locate where on the engine the noise is coming from. I have a mechanics stethoscope for this. I can also find water with divining rods and tell you when fish will be biting.
  11. I’ve met more than my share of them that almost demand to be called Doctor. Damn they’re fun to mess with. I’ve asked many of them to check my pulse to see if it seems right to them. I was an EMT for 12 years and could always come up with a new ailment. My God the looks they would give me. Priceless!
  12. Welcome. You’ll be OK, there’s more Bubba’s in Indiana than Tennessee. You’ll be right at home.
  13. It’s really not that hard. Order a kit and maybe find another rifle to try first. You will find a ton of satisfaction in it.
  14. Fireball is a great guy to deal with. Somebody please by this, I don’t need another one but I’m weak.
  15. Sweet. I have it’s big brother from HK and Love it. Word to the wise, when cleaning be careful with the bolt. Those roller locks can drop out and they are a bear to reinstall. YouTube is your friend.
  16. Play stupid games and Win stupid prizes. We need to start this in Memphis. Can I burrow a vehicle to use?
  17. Congratulations. But feeling old? I was blessed in January with my first great-grandson.
  18. I have a later model and love it. The color and grip always gets a lot of attention. They function flawlessly.
  19. You got a price or trade options on this?
  20. derf


    I am a Sig snob but my son in law has one and it functions flawlessly and is very accurate. It ain’t a Sig but it ain’t $1,000 either. Great pistol for the price. IMHO
  21. Welcome to the dark side.


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