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  1. It was probably one of those assault cowboy guns. I need to check my SAAs and make sure they are behaving.
  2. Hell of a deal. Nearly $100 in ammo. Wish you were closer.
  3. I’m sorry. I thought you were looking for guidance. If you have never loaded before, I would suggest a single stage loader to build your confidence and you will always have it to set up for a single caliber in the future. A Lee starter kit works just fine.
  4. I have the 550 and the 650 and an old rock crusher standing by. I love my Dillons. I like them mounted on the strong mount. Gets you up off the bench and my old eyes need to be as close as possible.
  5. I’m Pro Good Cop. These morons even said on body cam that they were hunting people. I’m surprised the group guarding the store didn’t blow them away. Im glad it turned out like it did. Nobody got killed and the good guys didn’t die. I’m glad the cops weren’t harmed but hope they learned a big lesson but they probably didn’t and will all be promoted. Its getting crazy out there folks.
  6. Once it’s upright and you have to move it on a flat floor, use a handful of golf balls underneath and you can move it by yourself. Just tip it a bit and roll the balls under. On carpet it keeps you from wading the carpet up. It just rolls. I have moved my 48 gun safe by myself twice. I’m 64 youngin’. Move is another 4 letter word!
  7. I own a blue one and a stainless one but I’ve never seen a two tone one. That’s awesome! GLWS
  8. One auto rotation and you won’t get in another one. I don’t fly in anything that uses one nut to stay in flight. The Jesus Nut
  9. A guy That uses gasoline to clean shouldn't worry about a little powder or primers. Just test a random sampling. I have also tumbled loaded AMMO before, but please be careful. Some powders have a coating that retards powder burn. Tumbling those will brake down this coating and make the powder burn faster than it was meant to. It sure makes em purdy though.
  10. M14 Semi auto, .308, all military parts in nice walnut stock with Springfield scope mount. Built by former CMP armorer. Includes 6 20 round mags and 2 10 round mags. Absolutely beautiful weapon. I bought it about 10 years ago and have never fired it. It really needs a home that will put it through its paces. Asking $2,500 or best offer and yes I'm open for trades on modern revolvers, pistols and rifles. My weakness is .308, .357, .45 and 9mm. Thanks Don. PLEASE TEXT ME AT 901-848-8886
  11. Most of our bills are done by bank drafts. I have found a sure fire way to get off stupid mailing list that require a return answer with prepaid postage, simply fill the prepaid envelope with your junk mail and send it to them. They won’t send you anything else.
  12. My granddad have a fix for these little issues. If it was useless, he didn’t waste money on it. He would take them hunting, one last time.
  13. Awesome “Collection “. I love the Tyler grip adapters. I may have a trigger shoe here somewhere, if I can find it, it’s yours. It belongs one one of those fine revolvers.
  14. Yep! Thompson Center mountain gun or my Thompson Center Hawken 50 cal. God bless you Flintlock guys. I always messed something up or couldn’t keep my powder dry.
  15. Just saw it myself. I have the 918 and love it but would like the option of RMR. Somebody got a great deal. Too bad it wasn’t me.
  16. Great tank of a gun. The first pistol I’d ever owned with a decocker. I remember the first time I dropped that decocker, I think my pants were a little damp afterwards. Super find.
  17. If they are under aged and picked up, they should be taken to the bus station and sent to Chicago. They only had 59 shootings this weekend. If it’s too dangerous in your neighborhood call the police and make a report instead of remaining silent when asked for help on solving crimes. Most departments are under staffed and over worked due to the current political environment being run by who ever has the loudest voice. Like most conservatives, I have to be on fire to raise my voice. I’m ashamed of most of us for this. if they are underaged and in possession of a firearm, hold their parents responsible. If the kids don’t come to school, they are held responsible. That’s the way the world used to work. But common sense ain’t as common as it used to be. “May You Live In Interesting Times!” (But Damn)


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