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  1. Where do the bullets go? I only play military golf. Left, right , left, right. Nice club. Good luck with sale.
  2. Make sure your fuse is long or your fingers will be short. It’s a very easy system to figure out. Consult the anachist cookbook. Don’t know what your using them for but 12 gauge perimeter alerts may be cheaper and less lethal.
  3. Someone needs this. I was trying to figure out what kinda firearm it was. Had to google it and was barely able to do that. My FedEx management experience with secretarial and administrative support technically crippled me. Sometimes ignorance is truly bliss!
  4. Surely that Sig P-210 won’t last long. I’ve got one of the newer ones and they shoot very tight groups. I’m sure it’s the gun and not me, just like my Browning Highpower.
  5. Absolutely. Go to the door and introduce yourself and assure them that you will leave there property in better shape than you found it. Just be yourself. Us old folks appreciate the younger folks being polite. Getting harder to find them like that. Ask about hogs too!
  6. I had a highway patrolman shine a light at me in the opposite lane headed right at me. I locked up the brakes and hit the shoulder of the road. He, of course, turned around with the whole Christmas tree lit up. I told him, nicely, that if he had blinded me and i hit someone head on because of his stupid action, that I might be dead but all survivors would be attached to his retirement. We both realized I was right , thank god, cause we were miles from anything and I’m sure he knew where to hide the bodies. He turned out to be a cool guy and I made it home with no ticket, water tight and all my teeth.
  7. You might want to take this kind of questioning to a PM. IMHO
  8. Refinishing a gun with this much history would be like having a gold metal bronzed. Don’t do it. As fa4 as jamming, try CCI ammo. It’s slightly smaller case allows them to eject from the chamber easier. I have a Uberti 22 revolver that you can’t hardly get anything put CCI to slide into the cylinder.
  9. Wow. I thought Memphis had some real asshats but this guy should rise to the top. Just like poop in the pot.
  10. I have the model 918 and love it. It points like a 1911. I paid more than you are asking for the whole outfit. Helluva deal!!! GLWS
  11. derf

    Mostly a rant

    You should test drive a Shadow Systems. It’s everything a Glock ain’t and it points like a 1911.
  12. I’ve camped at the Chickamauge battleground. It was really nice and within a short walk to the battleground and a short drive to the city. The aquarium is awesome. . It was years ago.
  13. I’m in Collierville also. We lost power for about 30 minutes. Crossing my fingers and praying for everyone.
  14. That’s $10 each delivered. You can’t beat that price. Awesome deal. If I didn’t have plenty, I’d buy them.
  15. I’ll get some pictures up for you today. It’s sweet.
  16. NYPD district attorney will probably plead it down to J-walking.
  17. If you let a camel put his nose in your tent, you will soon have a camel in your tent. We have given government so much power they are now creating their own power. The constitution is the most powerful document ever written and it must be preserved. It seems every day we give some of it away or it is simply walked on. It’s your land, post it and allow who you want on it. Period!
  18. I’m glad you got to shoot it and enjoyed it. I picked up a Winchester 1894 yesterday in 30-30. It was manufactured in 1897. Hex barrel and 5 digit serial number. Can’t wait for some range time. 125 years old.
  19. Welcome. Good to hear you made it out of the land of crazies. If you ever miss LA just come down and I’ll drive you through Memphis.
  20. I know two FedEx pilots who were about to invest millions to produce every component to construct AR15’s. I owned a gun shop at the time and advised them to be very careful as this market was so volatile. Up one day and down the next. Well they didn’t take the risk and it payed off. Turns out a few months later Obama backed off some of his crap and everyone had AR’s and they were cheap. They would have lost their butts. Please be patient. I’m 65 and seen the gun world go up and down too many times.
  21. Show it some love, Shoot it. You’re not gonna hurt a thing. You may be impressed with the performance.


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