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45 ACP "carry" ammo

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Thanks guys , I ended up going with Winchester 230gr JHP . They were $33 per 50rds. I couldn't beat that. I am going to still look more into the Speer Gold Dots , The Federal Guard Dog , and Federal HST. They all seem very good. I carry a Glock 30 , 21 and a 1911 all in 45 so I may carry a different one in each of them. The 21 and 30 aren't picky so I'm sure they'll run in them. My 1911 hasn't ever failed with any ammo but I'll run a few of each in it "just in case" . Its a plain jane Springfield fullsize but it eats ammo very well. Thanks all for the help !

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On ‎3‎/‎12‎/‎2018 at 5:11 PM, gregintenn said:

230 grain fmj atop 5 grains of Bullseye; just like John Browning and Uncle Sam intended.:hat:

I carry 230 grain FMJ in all of my 1911s.  100% reliable.

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    • By bucnball
      Found one orange tipped round in a bag of 30 Carbine ammo that I bought @ an auction a few months ago . Just got it into the daylight this (Sunday) afternoon . Any one know what it designates ? I don't have a Carbine but now have some to trade or shoot. Thanks ! 
    • By Ray Z
      What do you guys do to settle a load of powder? When I use stick powder like Varget in a bottleneck cartridge " 308" that there are times when, even though  I am using a long tube on my powder funnel and all the same brand of case I don't have enough room for all the powder. I'd have to check, but I think I drop 37 gr. of varget out of the powder measure into the case. After tapping the case on the bench top a dozen of so time  almost the whole inside if the neck is showing. This is a butt pain,  it breaks my concentration, and it slows me down. What do you guys do in a case like this?
    • By Six &Twenty
      Looking for a little 'baseline' info.

      I am not 'new' to reloading, but something I thought would be a walk in the park now has me seeking advice.  I picked up a boat-load of German (MEN) 7.62 which has proven reliable in my FAL.  I've been chasing the brass around for a while now and figured I'd re-load some.  Got another deal on Hornady 155 gn BTHP from Midway, and I was enthusiastic about this particular bullet as it has a cannalure exactly where it should be and these are destined for the FAL, a good solid crimp seems prudent... and it was really inexpensive.  Looked up some load data for 155 gr bullets to select a powder and settled on Hodgdon BL-C (2). Hodgdon data recommends a 45 gr starting load with a maximum of 48 gr.

      Now it gets interesting.  Brass was de-capped full length re-sized using a Lee .308 Winchester die, and tumbled for a day. MEN does not appear to stake in primers so I did not need to mess with primer pockets.  I seated Winchester WLR Standard Large Rifle primers.  I dropped my first charge in the case (45 gr) and it was REALLY close to the neck.  Puzzled, I threw a 48 gr charge and put this in a second case.  This was well into the neck of the case... there is no way this is gonna work! I checked calibration on my digital scale and it's perfect.   I did a little looking around on the internet and discovered that 7.62 brass is 'typically' thicker and may have a heaver 'web' than .308.  I have not attempted to do a case volume measurement, I've never messed with this before. 

      I am assuming (and you know what that means) the MEN cases are markedly smaller internally than the Winchester brass used to produce the Hodgdon data.  From what I am 'observing, it looks to me like 45 grs is going to be about max without compressing, and there is no way I want to start compressing a ball powder!  With bullet at the cannalure, LOA will be exactly 2.80 inches.

      So the question here, is how far back should I go to select a 'starting' charge.  My gut is telling me maybe 42 gr, and work up in half grs from there.

      Any thoughts??

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