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just curious, what benefits come with joining any of these organizations? Im looking at joining my local sportsmans club, and they require membership of one of the above, or NRA, to be a member. 

Are there any requirements to join any of these? For example, im leaning towards USPSA, but I'm primarily focused on rifle competitons right now so wouldnt be shooting any pistol matches for awhile. Do i have to compete to join and stay a member of USPSA? 

I was previously a member of the NRA, but it seems everything has turned so political with them and thats not what I'm interested in. 


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3 minutes ago, MikeF1000 said:

You can be a member of USPSA without competing although it is a fun competition. You do also get discounts with their partners.

I would eventually like to compete. 3 gun interests me, but I do not currently have a shotgun. But my focus right now is f-class and possibly PRS if I can find somewhere around here that does it. I just need to join a local club so I can get out and practice and work on load development for my .308. Due to the scarcity of Varget, I've got to work up some loads with more commonly available powders. 



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4 minutes ago, MikeF1000 said:

Yeah, Varget was scarce before COVID. Haven’t seen any for a while now. 

Lol yeah, I was signed up for email alerts at Midsouth for when it came available. I got an email, logged in no more than 10 minutes later, and it was already gone. 

Think I'll give Vhit N-140 a try. It seems to be in stock everywhere and has a similar burn rate to Varget. 


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12 hours ago, chances R said:

join NRA....they are on the front lines everyday so you can enjoy any of the shooting sports.  When the other side quits trying to politically take your guns, the NRA can give it a rest as well.


I completely disagree. The NRA is currently just as corrupt as most of the government. While we don’t have the option to withhold taxes until the government corrects itself, we do have the ability to financially starve out the NRA until they (at a minimum) oust LaPierre and some of the top brass. When you look at the NRA’s financial plummet, and the pending cases against them it becomes obvious that they are more concerned with maintaining access to their slush fund than they are about actually fighting for gun owners and protecting the 2A. If those in question actually cared then they would resign so that the flow of money would start back up, allowing the organization to regain legitimacy and get back into the fight.

As to the OP’s question about the benefits, I’ve been a NRA life member for quite awhile (haven’t sent them a dime the last couple years) and I have never found their discounts particularly useful. It’s been awhile since I looked, but their rental car and moving truck discounts were usually the same or less than AAA or Military discounts. The range I go to used to require NRA membership to join, essentially to ensure its membership was doing their part to help the 2A cause, but they have since changed that to a GOA membership or one of a few other lesser known organizations that I can’t think of at the moment.

I have also heard talk of trying to get away from the requirement that some ranges have of NRA certified instructors, as a way to further distance from and bleed out revenue for the organization. I haven’t heard what their alternative will be but it’s encouraging that all avenues are being looked at.

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26 minutes ago, Danger Rane said:


I looked at the NSSF but it looks like you have to be a retailer or some kind of professional? 

I may look into GoA and SAF as well. I joined the USPSA yesterday. Looking forward to getting started! 


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On 9/4/2020 at 1:01 PM, Loudcherokee said:

I looked at the NSSF but it looks like you have to be a retailer or some kind of professional? 

I may look into GoA and SAF as well. I joined the USPSA yesterday. Looking forward to getting started! 


The NRA has become corrupt, compromising and self centered under Wayne LaPierre and his minions. I could write a book on it but would be wasting my time, just like they waste their membership money; so I'll let it go at that.

If you enjoy shooting a pistol and the excitement of competition; you're going to like USPSA. Had the USPSA been around in 1776, Washington wouldn't have needed an entire Army. He would have called up the USPSA and said, "hey, I gots me a little problem with Englishmen; can you spare a handful of "C" and "B" class shooters. Keep your Grand Masters through "A" class, these turkey's are fighting in strait lines using no cover or concealment."  😂

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