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ISO Recommended Quad Rail Upgrade


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I just picked up my first (well, second, since I already bought the .22 LR training analog) “budget AR-15”; a Smith and Wesson M&P15 Sport II with the Crimson Trace CTS-103 on it. 

I don’t want to go crazy with it, but adding a weapon light a bit closer to the muzzle, gaining a little real estate on the hand guard and having some mounting options would be nice, but that stock hand guard...

I was told that if I want to keep it “budget” and stay off the gunsmith’s bench, I would need to work around the stock gas block with the integrated rail, but that options were out there.

This is not a brand new model, so I’m hoping someone might have a recommendation for a good hand guard upgrade on this one?

Thanks in advance!!


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It's not a quad rail, but the Magpul MOE M-lok handguard is an easy way to add attachment points for only $30-40.  Magpul sells all kinds of sling/bipod/light attachments for it.  I have two and am happy with them.  

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19 hours ago, deerslayer said:

It's not a quad rail, but the Magpul MOE M-lok handguard is an easy way to add attachment points for only $30-40.  Magpul sells all kinds of sling/bipod/light attachments for it.  I have two and am happy with them.  

I wondered about that, but feel like I want a little more real estate; not just for attachment, but for grip options as well. 

I stumbled across the Leapers UTG Pro Model 4 Super Slim and am thinking this might be my best option. Curious if anyone has used it?


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I've always found the Midwest Industries handguards to be good quality and priced reasonably.  I have several of them on different length rifles.  I tend to favor the free float handguards, but installation does require removal of the front sight base as well as the barrel nut.  

From top to bottom in the photo below:  UTG Pro, Midwest carbine length, and Midwest mid-length.   The UTG brand as a whole has a reputation for being junk, but the UTG Pro stuff is a cut above that.   I bought the rifle with it installed by the previous owner and so far it's hasn't given me any problems.  I wouldn't recommend it, but I also wouldn't NOT recommend it.  😁



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