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  1. That’s how I feel about it. A few bucks a month isn’t too much to pay for the service IMO. If there were something better, that might be debatable.
  2. It’s common to have excessive spring pressure from the sear spring right out of the box. The factory would rather do that, knowing it will at least work and be safer from a too-light trigger pull. The last Springfield 9mm 1911 that I bought had a disconnector with so much spring tension it would hold the slide back. Most factory 1911s can benefit from some sear spring finger adjustment. Google and read the Weigand 2.5 pound trigger article if this is something you are willing to attempt. Having the spring adjustment too light can create an unsafe pistol, so be sure of any adjustments you make, start with small adjustments, and leave a good safety margin.
  3. I agree that the cost and stress of trying to source components is frustrating and has led me to drop my consumption. I have a lot of components but I hate to eat into my supply if I can’t replenish. I have a hard limit I’ve set where I will stop to guarantee a reserve. I’m not there yet but I’m slowing everything so I won’t approach it as quickly. As an alternative, I have shifted to bolt action center fire shooting. It allows me to shoot less while sharpening a different skill set. When that hits the limit, I’ll do black powder for awhile. Meanwhile I am doing more reloading to refill my ammo cans. Also, experimenting with powders I haven’t used before but that I have been able to source since this lunacy began.
  4. USPSA Limited division 2011, 20+1 rds of .40. It was about $3800 in 2014, payable up front and an 18 month wait. I’m a big Infinity fan but my other ones were all purchased used except this one. Not sure I’d do it today, as much as prices have risen in the past few years. Every gun they build is a “custom”, spec’d by the customer through their Gunbuilder online tool. You can design one, pick all your options and submit it for a quote. Goes without saying anyone here is more than welcome to shoot it, should we ever have the opportunity
  5. Tough call, but it would probably be the Infinity .40 I designed and ordered a few years back.
  6. I have always had good luck with the Nikon P series scopes and they can usually be found well under $200. Philippine made IIRC.
  7. I would say the G30 with G21 mags and a weapon mounted light is the least bad choice here. The problem with the Hi Point is A) capacity and B) chambering. Carbines in general do have advantages like being able to use a cartridge that might be too powerful for slightly built shooters to handle in a handgun, ease of manipulation of controls, and sight radius. Most folks are going to have an easier time operating and getting hits with something like an M1 Carbine than a handgun, especially on home with any kind of acreage where shots over 25 yards might be needed. Adding a decent red dot makes it even simpler to use. Disadvantages are maneuvering inside tight areas like hallways, and the need to use two hands. A pistol is easier to deal with when going through a house, opening doors, etc., especially if you're using a WML.
  8. I confess I’m interested but also 3 hrs away.
  9. IMO, it's a good idea for everyone who carries a RDS equipped CCW to practice occluded eye shooting so that you will be able to go right to that mode if you ever find it necessary. Blue painter's masking tape on the lens lets you see the dot without seeing the target.
  10. I’ve had one for a few years. Two things I don’t like about it: it’s oversprung IMO, and the shape of the trigger means my finger drags the bottom of the trigger guard. With a lighter recoil spring and a different trigger, it would probably work perfectly. However, for competition, I shoot reloads at minor power factor, and got more stovepipes and 3 point malfunctions than I’m comfortable with.
  11. ken_mays

    Glock 45

    It's my favorite 9mm Glock ever. They simultaneously got rid of the finger grooves AND frontstrap mag scallop, both of which resulted in a less-than-optimal grip on previous frame designs. The front slide serrations are very welcome too.
  12. I put them on carry guns and I like to buy factory models with optic cuts whenever possible. I would also like have one or two set up for competition as well, but honestly, the USPSA carry optics division is meant for just these kinds of guns anyway. I don't have much appetite for getting one mounted on a .40 or 9mm 2011.
  13. Saw one yesterday for over $1000 and had a good laugh. The slide looks like gloss black Krylon wearing off. I like my 365 but this one’s ridiculous IMO.
  14. If you can’t bring yourself to pay USGI prices, and just want something to shoot, you might consider the new Kahr / Auto Ordnance or a used Plainfield. Universal carbines run the gamut from OK to junk. The earlier models are better when they were still using lots of surplus parts. I’d avoid the later ones, mostly identifiable by the cutout on the operating rod. I personally avoid all of the Universal guns on principle but times being what they are, I might reconsider if I came across one cheap enough.
  15. Already been tried and largely abandoned. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/9×25mm_Dillon


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