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  1. Hello, I’ll be happy to take them off your hands. Thanks
  2. That’s not American Loan on Poplar you’re talking about, is it? I’ve used them for transfers from time to time.
  3. I bought one of these a few years ago and though it's large, that isn't a problem for me. No problem at all seeing .22 hits at 100 yards, haven't tested it much further except to look at Jupiter and Saturn. It's about as long as my forearm, from elbow to fingertip. https://www.amazon.com/Celestron-52250-Ultima-Spotting-Scope/dp/B0002CTZ70/
  4. You can see in the photo below that a corner of metal has broken off above the extractor.
  5. The only thing special about the Detonics mags are the custom length, IIRC. Standard 1911 mags will work but won't fit flush to the frame. The recoil assembly was the other special thing about these, getting the right springs to replace them can be a challenge. The reason for the odd cut on the slide is that the designer intended the gun to be carried hammer down, so provisions were made to make thumb cocking quick and easy. Apparently it's also not uncommon for the piece of metal above the extractor at the rear of the slide to crack off, I've seen photos of two guns that happened to
  6. Something like a S&W M&P AR .22 rifle. Not only are they fun in their own right, but they're a useful trainer for the AR platform.
  7. One thing to be aware of if you reload, especially lead coated bullets. The 509 has a very short throat and unless you seat the bullets fairly deeply in the case, say 1.080" or 1.090", they simply won't chamber. And deepening the throat with a reamer is a no-go because of the nitride finish.
  8. That's one of the few Cerakote camo jobs I've seen that I really like. GLWS/T
  9. Newly acquired M&P. Accuracy is on par with my other 2.0s, that is to say, excellent.
  10. This week, I should be getting back a CZ P-07 slide that I'd sent to Jaegerwerks a couple weeks ago, to be milled for the RMR/Holosun cut. If you have Glocks, you have more options and I think buying an aftermarket slide with the cut already done is the way to go. It allows you to try out a RDS without modifying your factory slide or making unrecoverable investments. Just be sure that the slide you buy is compatible with your frame; for instance, most of the slides I've seen have been for Gen 3 Glocks.
  11. I used to order a lot from Brownells and Midway. About 5-10 years ago, their selection went downhill and the shipping duration went up. Before then, I could order something Monday and usually have it by Thursday. Over the past 2 years I found myself ordering a lot less because even if they had it in stock (and Brownells was bad about this), it would take at least 10 days to arrive... and that was before the current panic state. At some point in there, Midway also stopped giving discounts to C&R FFL holders as well, which didn't help.
  12. I've always found the Midwest Industries handguards to be good quality and priced reasonably. I have several of them on different length rifles. I tend to favor the free float handguards, but installation does require removal of the front sight base as well as the barrel nut. From top to bottom in the photo below: UTG Pro, Midwest carbine length, and Midwest mid-length. The UTG brand as a whole has a reputation for being junk, but the UTG Pro stuff is a cut above that. I bought the rifle with it installed by the previous owner and so far it's hasn't given me any problems. I woul
  13. ken_mays

    IWI Masada

    I was able to pick up a few more magazines from the IWI store about a month or so ago. They do come back in stock from time to time. Mine has been my primary carry for most of the year. I have about 900 rounds through it at the moment. Not one problem so far.


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