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  1. EAA announced an updated HP clone with a rail at Shot 2022.
  2. Colt Combat Commander with some custom work by Mark Morris.
  3. Interestingly enough, last purchase was a FN 509 Tactical. It was a used range gun from Shoot Point Blank and I'd hope the use had lightened the trigger pull a bit, but it still clocks in at 6.5#. I have a spare striker spring I'm planning on clipping a few coils off to see if that helps.
  4. The VP9 has always had a good trigger as far as I'm aware.
  5. Apex has a trigger enhancement kit for the 509 and FNS for only $150 that will reduce the trigger to 5.5 lbs. MCarbo sells a spring kit that is advertised to take the weight from the factory 7.25# down to 4.25# or so. That's only $20 and it's worth a shot IMO. https://www.mcarbo.com/fn-509-trigger-spring-kit.aspx My Hi Point collection is doing fine, thanks for asking!
  6. The Edge I handled had a pull every bit of 5#. While not awful by 509 standards, I think it’s unacceptable for a so-called competition model, especially one that costs this much. I suppose it’s possible other examples might have a lighter trigger than the one I played with, but I’ve never had a FNS or a 509 with anything like a good trigger (VP9, Canik TP9 and PPQ).
  7. I'm not set up to do barrel threading, unfortunately.
  8. I was interested until I tried the trigger. Still "FN'" terrible. And on a $1300 pistol it's ridiculous.
  9. That’s how I feel about it. A few bucks a month isn’t too much to pay for the service IMO. If there were something better, that might be debatable.
  10. It’s common to have excessive spring pressure from the sear spring right out of the box. The factory would rather do that, knowing it will at least work and be safer from a too-light trigger pull. The last Springfield 9mm 1911 that I bought had a disconnector with so much spring tension it would hold the slide back. Most factory 1911s can benefit from some sear spring finger adjustment. Google and read the Weigand 2.5 pound trigger article if this is something you are willing to attempt. Having the spring adjustment too light can create an unsafe pistol, so be sure of any adjustments you make, start with small adjustments, and leave a good safety margin.
  11. I agree that the cost and stress of trying to source components is frustrating and has led me to drop my consumption. I have a lot of components but I hate to eat into my supply if I can’t replenish. I have a hard limit I’ve set where I will stop to guarantee a reserve. I’m not there yet but I’m slowing everything so I won’t approach it as quickly. As an alternative, I have shifted to bolt action center fire shooting. It allows me to shoot less while sharpening a different skill set. When that hits the limit, I’ll do black powder for awhile. Meanwhile I am doing more reloading to refill my ammo cans. Also, experimenting with powders I haven’t used before but that I have been able to source since this lunacy began.


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