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  1. Trying to go the budget route on a slide mounted dot isn’t wise. Anything that cheap is going to have problems sooner or later. Something like a Vortex Venom is about as low as I’d go, and if you don’t like it, you will still be able to get your money back out of it.
  2. Staccato and Nighthawk are two 2011 builders, at present, that come with optic cuts from the factory. The slide can also be milled, but due to the narrow profile, an adapter plate is needed.
  3. You could also look at a 2011 or Para clone in 10mm. Rock Island makes the only Para clone that I would take a chance on, at this time. The benefit with these is that there is an infinite variety of springs weights that you can swap to tune your gun to your favorite load.
  4. Keep in mind that one useful role for the iron sights is to help orient the slide so that you can help find the dot. You hear a lot of people saying that a proper presentation will fix all problems with finding the dot, but that's not taking into account off hand or nonstandard positions. In other words, a repeatable, consistent presentation isn't something that can always be relied upon.
  5. They ship USPS Priority Mail, so with the current logjam in the post office, it spent as much time getting back to me as it did getting there and cut.
  6. JaegerWerks. Sent this off last December and got it back after a 2-week turnaround. $125
  7. That's good; I wonder how it looks with a HS507 since those rise a little higher than RMRs. @NickinTN Can I ask what LGS you saw the PDPs in?
  8. That's a pretty good price, I handled one with a $700 tag on it. I'm a fan of the PPQ and I'll definitely pick a PDP up. I've followed their other optic ready models but felt they were too expensive and not quite what I wanted. The PDP fixes that. The trigger was, if anything, lighter than the PPQ. The grip texture was better than the PPQ without being obnoxiously rough for a CCW. It would have been nice for them to include RDS-ready high sights in the box, if not necessarily installed.
  9. What I've done in the past is taken a belt sander or bench grinder to a 1/16" punch. Keep it spinning against the wheel or belt as you take material off. Often you don't need to take off very much at all, and it doesn't have to be perfect. It also helps to shorten most 1/16" punches to the minimum length you need, in order to help avoid bending or breaking.
  10. I agree... not only is the area itself thin, but the sharp square cuts where it joins the slide invite stress risers and cracks. In actual use I'm not sure how much of a problem it really is, unless you happen to drop the slide just right onto concrete. The Glock slides I've seen crack have always been at the left rear corner of the ejection port, which is another sharp corner. I notice on the Gen 5s they've put a bit of a bevel or radius there.
  11. I've owned the P365 for a couple of years. I was impressed with the way it fit my hand, and how it shot like a much larger gun without the snap traditionally associated with subcompact 9mms. I recently picked up a Hellcat as well. However, it was not nearly as good IMO. While the trigger was a bit shorter in travel, the gun grip itself was just that much fatter and the shape of the trigger made it noticeably more unpleasant to shoot than the P365. In particular, it was not always easy to get the perfect position of the trigger finger on the trigger to depress the safety finger all
  12. Not sure I've ever heard of the X3TROV line of scopes
  13. Hello, I’ll be happy to take them off your hands. Thanks


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