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  1. xtriggerman

    My new Knife from Grand Torino and sheath

    Clearly craftsmen of the highest order! Looks like nice select coco bolo for the wood if I'm not mistaken and more than likely a Rockwell you cant get on the store bought butter knives!
  2. xtriggerman

    Sparta gun show score

    Anything 5 screw in nice shape like yours is tough to find period! Bet it shoots fine groups with a smoooooth action of those yester year guns. A real classic for sure. Great find!
  3. xtriggerman

    New to TGO

    Most welcome Ehunt! My Brother in law just visited from VA (retired NG Major) where he just retired from his civi Maintenance Supervisor job at Fort Ustus. He was surprised at how many businesses give Vet discounts here in TN. Its got to be the most Vet friendly state in the US. All the more to Love & Respect the Locals who have preserved this wonderful place.
  4. xtriggerman

    Savage 1907 Disassembly

    The stock spring is very beefy and you need a very thin hardened blade like tool to force the spring back to let the safety go. When I take these out, I all ways grind a small pathway for the spring to slip off the safety when you have the safety half way threw its cycle. The bolt heads are not that bad. The only real issue is forcing the FP spring back far enough to get the little horse shoe shaped spring retainer in. Not a big deal really.
  5. xtriggerman

    My Frankin build..... one of a kind!

    Thanks guys. Oh, and I cant forget the SKS trigger guard latch and bayonet hinge fabed up to work the butt plate. A full length dual FAL carrier spring set runs the show under that thumb plug there under the hinge.
  6. Still have to fab a bipod block for a M2 bipod and I think I can fit a HB FAL folding handle for this 17lb target plinker. Its built up around a HK91 FCG and G3 cover with finned SS barrel. M249 SAW butt plate and belt bags.
  7. xtriggerman

    Any love for an old Argentine?

    Yes indeed, a fine example of the 1909. When I went to Gunsmith school in 79 those 1909's were THE Mauser to sporterize simply due to the fact they were the only military 98 Mauser made with a hinged magazine floor plate. That distinction alone wiped out a portion of the 09's so yeah, that's a keeper for sure!
  8. xtriggerman

    New to Tn. Retired LEO

    Cumberland county Sheriff runs a qualification course every year that they advertise on the radio. I had a certification card when I left NY but since I have no interest in visiting the libtard states that don't recognize a TN CP, its more trouble than its worth. Keep in mind a TN CP is good in 38 states. Get a life time permit for 300 and its done.
  9. xtriggerman


    Im convinced most all flashlight componants are made in Asia. And the rub is most are junk as far as quality of build. What constitutes the good from the bad is directly related to longevity. A few of these things are.... the only place aluminum should not be anodized is on the threads where continuity is needed. All the springs and contacts should be gold color plated, including all the internal parts of the clicky switch. Corrosion resistance measures like these will keep the flashlight from needing the hand bump to keep in in the proper mode of operation. Personaly, I like a flood to beam light coupled with the 18650 batteries. Its shameful that it took Asia to develop the 18650 and other adaptations of the CR123 battery. But it is what it is. The best china unit Iv found is the TANK007 TK737 in this model... https://www.ebay.com/itm/192299300487?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&fromMakeTrack=true The most impressive feature is the size of the flood out of the small diameter lens. Stand it up on a floor in a regular 8' high ceiling and the flood covers about a 7 foot diameter of mostly even brightness light. Out of the 4 or 5 minis iv tested over the years none can come close to this. For the 35 bucks, its a good value. Since I bought this one several years ago, I stopped looking at others in this category. Frankly, I'd rather spend the $$ on decent protected 18650's that I use for laser set ups also. Fenix has a good summery on the 18650 types. https://www.fenix-store.com/blog/what-is-the-difference-between-protected-and-unprotected-18650-batteries/
  10. These little .41RF derringers are pretty neat old guns. This one actually has a decent bore. The gun had a barrel latch button that was completely gone from the barrel latch pin. My task was to fab one up. First thing was to mig weld a new stem onto the latch pin while not taking the hardness out of the pin since the rear of the pin is actually a split spring that has a retaining lip at its tip. Wrapping the bulk of the pin in wet cloth satisfies that need. Here you can see the weld ready for a new button made from a screw head. I only had pictures to determine the size, shape and type/quality of checkering of an original. All in all, it came out pretty nice to where an untrained eye, may not tell its a screw head!
  11. xtriggerman

    1941 Chrome/Nickle FN HighPower info

    Normaly, a plated finish can be recognized by the non factory cut surface of the metal. Also, fine pitting can at times be seen in hard to re-cut areas like the finger groove cuts in the slide. Most platers will simply plate over them but they can still be seen along with some what rounded edges in various places. Any one who restores older gun can spot these things pretty quick.
  12. xtriggerman

    Good SHTF Survival Fiction Books

    If any one has a curiosity to scratch a UFO itch, an outstanding investigative work that reads quickly is David Jacobs PHD "The Threat" . Jacobs is the only professor to have taught college credit curriculum on the UFO phenomenon. The stories he has extracted via hypnosis in The Threat lead you down a road that reads Sci Fi , but grounded in multiple case similarity with folks not even vaguely associated with each other. Jacobs latest book "Walking Among Us" drags on and on threw the middle with to much incidental detail. But in the end ties it all up with the meat & potatos of what appears to be going on with the whole abduction scenario. What makes Walking Among Us rather intriguing to me, is in it, it describes a specific procedure used by Aliens on abductees that sparked a memory of something that happened to me over forty years ago. Pretty dang freaky... something defiantly going on that may affect us all in this stranger than fiction read. We'v all heard about the Anti Crist. Im about convinced this last man standing power broker may very well have his roots from else where. JMO!
  13. xtriggerman

    Henry AR7 MAKE OVER

    Thanks for the comments, And yes, I'm aware of the 23" minimum. A set screw is installed in the front lower portion of the grip that holds the front of the latch pin in place rendering the take down lever inoperable. Once a wrench is needed to bring the gun under 23", that "should" satisfy the requirement altho it could be argued in its original configuration it can be fired safely and effectively without attaching the storage butt stock. Main thing is the owner is happy with the set screw arrangement.
  14. A friend of mine wanted something a little different in configuration out of his 7 so he wanted a pistol grip and a Glock stock fit to the grip. So, the challenge was made! I had a solid cast AR15 lower laying around and by God, it's just slightly thicker than the 7 receiver so that became the grip adapter. Also, the top of the AR lower was exactly the correct height to mate up with the bottom of the 7 trigger guard. After much measuring and milling, this was the result, The rough fit looked a bit blocky so a nice scalloped cut was in order, Much better.... Now I had to figure a way to make the Glock stock click into an AR grip rock solid and at the proper angle. I milled a long groove on both inner sides of the grip and fit the wider stock tip insert edges to fit the newly cut grooves. Also a latching plate needed to be fabed up that could be epoxied into the grip. In this shot you can see the back side of the contoured plate with the plastic stock latching pin sticking up under the welded washer. The welded washers act as locking tabs once the G-Flex epoxy flows all threw them. The latch hole is formed via play dough pressed threw the latch hole before the epoxy is poured into place. Completed, the stock latches in place snug and rock solid and can be permanently fixed to comply with fed standards. The target is fired at 34' with 2 full mags of Win HV totaling 16 rounds in that group. The 7 weighs in at a near meaningless 2.25 lbs unloaded. What a great shooting little air weight gun!
  15. xtriggerman

    Hog Hunting in TN?

    I hope to look into this some day with my son as a cheap week end hunt down in Georgia. Its still on the bucket list. http://www.southeastfarmpress.com/miscellaneous/georgia-program-hooks-feral-hog-hunters-farmers

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