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  1. I used to work at Schrade Ellenville back in the 70's oiling leather sheaths by the thousands. I grew up in that area. And Yes, the old Walden Schrades are very collectable. Great blade steel in those knives for sure. A buddy of mine opened up the Napanoch Knife museum. Hes a walking taking encyclopedia of collector knive info. Schrade being a favorite of his. Come to think of it, I worked in Walden also! They have a super max state prison there. I Officered in that S**T hole.
  2. Yeah, model 81 barrels are pretty much hens teeth. The very only option aside from buying an 81 is something I'v been thinking about. Numrich has Taurus model PT 57 barrels. That is a 32ACP barrel exactly like the 81 except its scaled up by about 20 percent. Iv been thinking about buying one and lathe turn and mill the smaller barrel dimensions out of it. Its a bit longer so it could be threaded and most of all, unlike the slightly loose Beretta barrel fit to frame, I could cut it to a press in friction fit to my frame, eliminating the wandering target hits all together. The other issue I'm trying to uncover is PTG makes the chamber reamer. The odd thing is on their web sight they list 2 different reamers. A standard 32NAA finisher and a 32NAA SAAMI spec reamer. I called them to see what the difference is and the woman said one "may not" be US made. Thats BS all PTG reamers are in house, so I emailed them the question. Nothing yet. The standard reamer is a bit oversized IMO with fired case expansion of .009 and a few cracked necks on the hornady fired casings. I'm hoping the SAAMI spec reamer is a bit tighter around the cartridge. That way, I could make a real "Target" barrel out of a PT57 barrel. IDK, what folks would pay for one but its a play project that might have some stumpy legs on it!
  3. Apparently Beretta uses the same recoil springs in the 32ACP and the 380ACP according to the parts listings.
  4. Hello folks, I bought this Beretta model 81BB recently exclusively to convert to 32NAA. My goal is to match its grouping abilities to a 32NAA casing loaded with Lehigh 55g all copper defense bullets. For now, this is what the used M81 can do at 30 feet shooting off a wooded 4X4 block as a frame rest. Prior to the rechambering, the average speed of some pretty old PMC 71g FMJ loads were 962 fps out of the 10 round string. The PPU averaged 914 fps. To do a conversion on a Beretta Model 81, it simply requires renting the reamer from 4D rentals for a total cost of $47 bucks, adding a model 84 380 magazine and some ammo. No other mods are needed since Beretta uses the same bolt face in their 81/84 model slides. The thick gripped Beretta is a most comfortable gun to shoot. In 32ACP its a real kitten. Stepped up to the new chambering and you know immediately, this aint your grandfathers ACP! The 80g Defensive HP's stepped out at an average of 1067fps in the pictured 10 shot string. I'm looking forward to see what kind of velocities I can generate with the 55g Lehigh copper pills. They should have some serious splash out of the Beretta's 4 3/4" barrel. Then I couldn't help giving the Guardian a go at the 30 foot target with the PMC's. There is some evidence of slight key holeing out of the Guardians shallow rifling but hitting the paper regularly at that range with those sights is still acceptable in my view. ;D
  5. The guy who owns Grizzly is a long time bench shooter and specifically had the Asian manufacturer (my Lathe is from Taiwan) to build "Gunsmith" specific Lathes. I would Love to upgrade to one but my old Griz is still running fine (new 220v motor about 10 years ago). I thought about that same machine before I bought the $1000 bench top mill. The size of the quill diam on the drill is a required spec for accurate milling. The combo machine could be used to thread/chamber barrels on center, mill cooling fins on barrels and lock the carriage for dove tailing barrels & pistol slides and a variety of fine milling. I would still like to have one of those..... just for its versatility on small jobs. Honey do list is syphoning off too much scratch right now but I'm months away from SS checks
  6. Iv been using Grizzly machines in my shop for 30 some years. I find them pretty decent and Grizzly has a good parts dept for about any of their machines in case something breaks. Just keep in mind, the more you spend obviously, you'll find a more heavy duty unit. I wouldn't hesitate buying from them. https://www.grizzly.com/search?q=(drillpress)
  7. I like the idea of paperless handguns & no SN so I bough a pair of the frames off the red back ground from here https://www.gunbroker.com/All/search?Keywords=1911 frame stainless Mated top end sets from here https://everygunpart.com/catalogsearch/result/index/?cat=31&q=1911++ And ended up with these. Seems all the good deal go fast so you need to look just before a holiday sale when they will Email you their holiday sale of usualy 20% off & free shipping. Keep in mind the stainless 80 % frames need integral ramped barrels. most part sets come with the old style non ramped barrels. But Ebay can fix that or any other parts seller. I milled the frame rails on a small bench top mill and used a AO frame clamped over the 80% one to drill the hammer & sear holes as a pattern guide. All pretty easy, but then I set up the 1911A1 production line at Auto Ordnance back in 81 and had the fun filled Fridays of test firing the week's 1911 production run in the test tank. 4000 pistols latter, I quit.
  8. I went to the show yesterday. There were a lot of empty tables in the back and to the right. 400 rented would be a stretch IMO. I was looking for a particular hand gun and glancing all of them over, it took me exactly 1/2 hr to go threw the entire show. Then 15 more minutes to figure out that no one there had any 38-40 ammo for sale. A lot of the "tactical" AR stuff and even the bolt on over handgun sub gun shell accessories. To bad Chilhowie shut down. I think I liked that one better for some reason.
  9. That's not really a big deal to fix. In gunsmithing school, welding on custom handles is more or less 101. The biggest part of it is to have a dead shank that screws into the inner hollow of the bolt nice and snug for a good cold sink transfer. Wrap the shank end sticking out with a wet rag and the bolt body with the same. Relief groove the handle base and jig it where it needs to be & mig weld it. Mill & lathe turn off the excess weld. Some may heat treat the finished unit just to stress releave the weld a bit but its debatable weather a 400 ish F degree heat treat is going to kill much brittleness in the weld joint. The only real 100 percent way is to re harden the entire bolt by turning it some 1500 %F , quench and then heat treat. This will uniform the bolt again to the desired Rockwell C of a bolt body. If its a play gun, I would skip the big rehardening bit. But a hunt trip gun, that or a new bolt. A new Remington bolt should head space out good unless the custom outfit turned the receiver barrel shoulder face true-er. For that matter any one with a dial caliper can check head space in 20 minutes pretty easy. Good Luck with it.
  10. One thing that needs mention when it comes to the sub compacts is with the availability of Lehigh bullets and now even Black hills makes a Honey Badger bullet similar to the Lehigh all copper bullets. The lehighs have a wide variety of reloading bullets at Midway or is loaded by Underwood. The all copper bullets are pretty much a revolutionary step in mouse gun SD. I was never one to suggest 32 ACP as a SD gun and cringed a bit with a 380 in that roll but these new bullets are game changers. Those small calibers simply don't have the moxy needed for violent tissue damage in many cases. A hollow point needs to expand and that expansion comes at a price of used bullet energy when theres little to be had in the first place. Imagine how much energy it would take you to put a 32 or 380 HP round in a hand press and squash it into a perfect mushroom. The energy you just used in the process is entirely wasted in effecting deeper penetration or cavity damage. The scalloped cuts on the all copper bullets lose none of their energy by necessitating a metal reconfiguration. The result is far more tissue damage and penetration. The youtube vidios all prove this out. I remember an all copper bullet that was tested in handgun defensive loads in a Gun Digest I have from the late 60's. It was of a pointed conical design and it was pretty devastating in the test media of the day. Problem was, those bullets were hand made on non CNC machines and simply were not cost effective for the market. That's all changed today. In light of all this, I'm waiting for my NAA 32 to come in so it can ride in a cell phone pouch I have. It will just fit with maybe a spare mag. Thats my when I have pants on gun without ever fooling with it on and off. A security clip snaps on and off the belt on the leather cell pouch. I bought some 115g Lehigh bullets to load in my serious K40 Kahr when on treks.
  11. Yeah, I'm with you guys! I think the Golden Mountie was the closest to my chop job but have you seen what they are asking for one IF you can find one? Gezzzz....
  12. I really appreciate being retired when I have time to slap various parts together and save a fine old gun from the parts bin, a true labor of love. In this particular case, I spotted this marked "ORIGINAL GOLDEN 39A" parts set at everygunpart.com about a year ago and jumped on it. I thought it weird that to make this a non gun, all they did was cut the tangs off the lower receiver half. Who am I to argue what constitutes a transferable frame . The set was also missing the butt stock, bolt assembly and inner mag tube but figured those can all be found eventual. As for the cut up frame, Numrich had Marlin 1897 straight grip frames (no FFL) so I got one and integrated it into the 39a upper. Straightened out the curved lever to match the straight tang and I was off to building a 39 that would be configured like an old world gun. I shortened the fat forend by 3" and put it on a disc grinder diet. Shortened the barrel to 17" and put 1/2x28 threads on it in case I ever spring for a can. The butt stock is an unknown from Ebay that is an odd ball since it was hollow between the tang cuts and was made with a threw bolt instead of tang screw attachment. No idea what it came off of but it was a bit over sized to the Marlin tangs so it inletted good and fits pretty good. Luckily, the microgroove bore was mint end to end and cut down with the lite butt stock this puppy weighs in at exactly 5 lbs. The full size 39A I have next to it is 7.5 lbs as you see it. A tank by comparison. Every 39 I ever target shot, shot very well with most any ammo. The group you see is 40' with that cheap Federal 550 pack of hi vels Walmart used to sell for $17.99 before the great ammo drought of a few years back. That stuff is not prime target ammo but the microgrooves like it. After I dialed it in at center, the 2" red dot has 2 mag loads in it totaling 24 shots.
  13. The links are OEM RPD link belts. They are direct descendants in design of the MG42 belts. In this case I modified the 100 round drum hook up to take M249 saw nut bags as you see it. They comfortably hold 75 rds of 7.62x39. The drums are super clanky with the belted rounds in them and worse with some of the 100 belt hanging out of the gun. The saw bags are whisper quiet no matter how much belt is left in there. Here I welded new rails to accept the clip in saw bags. Way better on/off than of the original drum hook up.
  14. The MG42 is a pretty cool piece. In the build, at least theres no piston arrangement to deal with. Im not familiar with building any of those. I took the easy way out and did an RPD / semi DSA rec. with a number of my own mods. Best thing to do is read everything here at the Guild on them if you haven't all ready. http://www.weaponsguild.com/forum/index.php?board=25.0 If it wasn't for the crematory, I'd have then put this in the box with me... LOL
  15. Update. Nice day to shoot! So this is Tula FMJ play ammo run threw the Mec Gar 15 round mag. Bottom is 10 yards off hand 10 second rapid fire while the top is shot off the bench. I don't use my bifocals shooting despite the blur of the target (lesser of the 2 evils). So for me the FEG is a nice target toy now. Having good sights as you get into your 60's is much more an item than ever! Only thing golden about these years is getting paid to breath air. LOL

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