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  1. My Thailand grips came in today and figured I'd show them off. The thing with these grips is there are a few of them on Ebay but they are all cut slightly different. This set looked like the best contoured out of the bunch and man do they fit sweet in the hand. I'm not a fan of rubber despite its properties in sting management on some guns. The well grooved grip allows a more relaxed grip and still have confidant control in full house recoil. Next I'll see how it prints after some action work and post that here.
  2. OK, Let me add one more thing here that maybe is a great compromise between the 2 sides of the argument. Back when I was 16, I took my hunter safety training class in upstate NY. It was 1975. We all had to watch a film of what can go wrong when stupid rears its head with a loaded weapon. In one segment it shown the result of a guy that saw a buck standing in the road, so he pulled up his rifle and shot, missing the deer but hit a guy coming around the corner behind the deer. The bullet punched threw the windshield and hit the guy square in the head. The picture was very graphic of the guy's head against a bloody mushy looking head rest. A couple years ago, here in Crossville a couple left their kids in the parked car to go into the Verison store. The 7 or 5 years old found moms hidden revolver and proceeded to shoot the 3 year old in the head while mom & dad were in the store. My point to all this is a graphic picture is worth a Sh** load of words or even training in a certain way. It can be down right inspiring. There was a sort series out once called "the many faces of death". In one segment Joe forest ranger was filmed trying to control a huge alligator in a pond with a lasso while standing in a small boat, One jerk of the gators head flung Joe ranger into the water and the vid showed the gator making bubble gum out of Joe. I don't think I'll forget about and thing so graphic as these type of real life instances. I would think that If the victim's families gave permission to use actual seen photos of these type of results of stupid, and a comprehensive DVD was made to be handed out to all "new" hand gun owners, It just might stimulate some deeper thought in the stupid pocket to look into not being "THOSE" guys or gals. The cost of punching out a DVD is pennies. I think it would be the best bang for the buck in "Hello"...... with your deadly weapon. Visual stimulation is about these best you can get aside from being bled personally by stupid.
  3. I understand all that. My use of CC was for the topic at hand... Constitutional Carry.
  4. I can see both sides of all this who ha.... I remember when I had a full service gun shop more than a couple times a person would come in to get his gun repaired and cover me with the barrel a few times. How many times did I feel like jumping over the counter , rip the gun out of the AH's hands and smack him up side the head with it. This sort of anger has tainted my other wise unbiased reasoning. What sort of puts me all in for CC is that if one liberal reads TN has CC and that is the deciding factor for them NOT to move here...... well then, this is a no brainer. Anger management has been achieved!
  5. I have a non safety 1894 in 44 and originally bought it to retro it with a tapered light octagon barrel n crescent butt that I have. After target shooting it with 240 & 180 g factory loads, I couldn't bring myself to pull the original barrel off. There is some sort of mysterious magnetic effect going on with the fired bullet pulling the consecutively fired bullets in behind it in the target/back stops. Just cant figure out how non ferrous metal is doing that.....
  6. This is only 1/4 lb of powder and it does nicely. 4 golf clubs jammed in the 3.5" bore take branches out of the trees down yonder... https://imgur.com/mI2DBl1
  7. Well, after building the 1892 Winchester in 357, I guess I got horned into 357 and just had to finally spring for a nice wheel gun. My taste is in S&W but I want a nice handling range gun and the K frame is just right as not being too heavy. Besides I carried a M10 S&W as a duty gun for 18 years and became fond of my qualifying scores with that action. Problem is, I think S&W has been giving the shooting public the screws on their K frame magnums for a very long time. Frame cutting, and burned throats aside, That I can understand but I draw the line at poor barrel shank design. Iv seen a few K's with bore bulges just forward the barrel shank threads inside the frame mouth. Its ugly and should not happen. Reason being, they stop the barrel treads into a "root diameter" opening cut of the shank rather than stopping the threads into thread OD. Taurus correctly decided long ago that they would correct this deficiency and that is one main reason why I bought a 669 rather than a 66 S&W aside from the $$$ difference. The barrel cylinder gap on the Taurus is perfect at .004. It needs a trigger job and a forcing cone hone that I figured would be needed but all in all, this particular Taurus 357 is going to be a very sweet shooter. Its a bit beefier in the frame than a S&W 66 and the finish is exceptional for the 5 bones even OTD on a GB purchase. The Taurus shank
  8. Nice Review. Thankfully, Ruger will put a dent in the Heritage run away train with the Wrangler. To check for shaving lead on any wheel gun, take some medium card stock, fold it over the top strap to hang over the cylinders and fire each cylinder that way while you finger hold the paper in place at the top strap. A small cut in the side blast gas mark will indicate an out of alignment cylinder. Cylinder barrel gap is a very important spec. You should idealy have about .004-.005 there with a feeler gauge. Too much really sucks and makes the gun not worth owning. Keep in mind, another key area to look at is the finish of the bore cone there at the mouth of the barrel. If Ruger skimped out on honing it smooth in the Wrangler, you will get just what you have there pretty quick. Reason being, as the lead bullet begins to get lands swaging its OD, circular machine lines rather than a smooth honed forcing cone will tear lead from the newly cutting groove and leave those tiny lead particles free in the hot burn of the powder behind the bullet. The burn vaporises those particles and that vapor is then deposited as a layer or coating of flaky lead/powder residue exactly like you have pictured. Copper coated bullets fair a bit better in dealing with course forcing cones. Take a good look at the forcing cone in the gun and see if you can spot circular machine cut lines right into the rifling lands. If they are loud, you can have a competent smith hone them out. Thanks for your time on the review.
  9. xtriggerman

    9 mm revolver

    Ejection issues "usually" comes from not enough time at the factory polishing out the cylinder walls. God knows, I'v fixed sticky ejection quite a lot on a variety of revolvers by repolishing. Tho I'v not seen how Charter has set up these particular extractors. What I find interesting in the Link (thanks Glockspock) is the 74020 in .40....... hmmm. short cut in the frame with revolver grip comfort. I'v also been eyeing the S$W 60 in 357 as Dave. That's a top performer no doubt but the 40 is rather intriguing in its self in a nice wheel gun. Nice & Charter historically were not synonymous. Iv not handled a Charter in decades. Don't get me wrong, they work OK but just clunky is the only way I can describe their function. UPDATE.... Just found this guy's vid on the 40. Apparently he has paged my thoughts! One thing I found out is they use more rifling grooves in their barrels. That typicaly means shallower rifling to groove depth. Like the Marlin micro groove barrels, From what I'v read...not beloved by cast slugs. Cast slugs need groove depth to perform well in many cases.
  10. Big congrats on the new Daughter!!! Off course the fall couldn't happen at some latter date when things are settled out some. Now for some possibly good news for you and hipower. About 6 years ago I damaged my left knee working some big ass logs for firewood, Didn't think much about it and thought I would wait it out. A month latter it was getting worse so I figured its time to see what I screwed up. nothing showed up in the xray. The Dr. I had was dr Frank Lombardo. A young ( latest & greatest) surgeon that specializes in hip & knee replacements. Clearly one of the very best surgeons in NY. He gave me a script that had to be mixed by a compounding Pharmacy that happen to be Willow Pharmacy in Madisonville, LA. They shipped me this cream for my knee and the stuff is like gold in its healing effect. At first it wasn't working for me until I put plastic wrap over the creamed up knee then 30 minutes with a heating pad over the plastic. Before this I did everything as well as what they told you to do just without the cortisone shot. Do your self a favor and copy this stuff and see if your Doc will paper you for it. Trust me this is great for non surgery damage to the knee parts. C1 KETOPROFEN/BACLOFEN/CYCLOBENZAPRINE/GABAPENTIN/LIDOCAINE 20/2/2/6/2 % CREAM FROM THE SUDDEN PAIN THAT WOULD OUT OF NO WARE STOP ME IN MY TRACKS with just walking or turning, I was self convinced I was going to need surgery of some sort. Thank God for these new guys that are on top of the best meds. It took about 2 -3 weeks to be completely pain free. To this day, that knee has been normal. So, get well soon! you know you got to be ready to run after that new gal of yours soon..... so get the cream!!!
  11. Live free or die is a NH joke. Back in the 90's I owned 92 acres in Thornton NH that bordered the White Mountain NF. I cleared 1.5 acres a half mile up near the top of that lot for an off the grid cabin and was told that 1.5 acres "residential" cleared part was worth $4,200 and would be taxed at 700 per year just as a cleared 1.5 acres. The 1800 sq ft cabin would have run about $6800 annually on that 1.5 acre spot. And that's with the nearest power pole 1.5 miles away! My neighbors up there all had it just as bad in property tax since all school funding comes out of property tax. I broke even when I sold that alligator. The 92 acres were cheap at 76 bucks a year as long as you kept it in undisturbed forest land. The locals derided the "massaholes" for moving up from Boston and Liberalizing their state. Same thing NYC did to upstate NY. Now you know the rest of the Live Free or Die story.
  12. It started out as an MPA 971 that is basically a mac 11 upper set over an FAL lower. But MPA did an incredible dis service to the idea by not using a different hammer in the FAL FCG. Anyway, I did a write up here on the build a while back but it has crappy photobucket pics now. Nice semi auto shooter and being what the upper is, fixed firing pin bolts for open bolt firing is a full blown SHTF option. I want to mount a Holosun shake awake dot sight on it soon.
  13. I would look at it as what kind of territory are you most likely be surviving in. If its urban streets and within buildings, a 9mm hi cap carbine is not that bad a choice, A more rural area and the SKS walks away with survivability. The only reason I say 9mm is theres lots and lots of ammo for them laying around small and compact as the ammo is and personally, SHTF more than likely means war time FCG's that can put a lot of lead out quickly and accurately. My castles guard dog.....
  14. My 34 year old home is also insulated like Mr. Pattons. Altho the prior owner had the crawl space vent holes sealed. Luckily, the crawl space is relatively dry and I'v check for black mold up under the fiberglass in spots and found nothing. As mentioned by No-One, the best thing to have in a case like these is pull the insulation out, Foam board the cinder block walls and then have the ground plastic sheet heat sealed so you have a zero moisture penetration from the ground up into that crawl space. The only reason I can think of, of putting Borate up on your floor joists is if you have a termite problem. Boring bugs stay away from it.

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