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  1. xtriggerman

    The ALIENS are coming!

    Just from what I see in the vid. I REALLY love the way they blended a low fixed barrel into a low profile slide assembly. This is as revolutionary as a spring over barrel design of 100 years ago. The Steyr GB was innovative with its gas operated fixed barrel 9 but was just a huge pistol. This design could make compacts into a whole new level of conceal ability. depending on pricing, I think this thing will rock the conceal carry & competition worlds.
  2. xtriggerman

    Saturday's Howitzer shoot

    We were only 5 miles from the center of town, The Cumberland County seat. Nobody around here flinched about the noise. The 35 or 40 on lookers were mostly from J.C.'s Church and he has this shoot every October. Folks Love it. These are my kind of people....... Love it here!
  3. Time for the scale mountain howitzer shoot! We shot everything from golf clubs to pool balls at the targets. 13 rounds in all. What you see is 3.5" bore with 4 oz of pyrodex or goex. In this case....... BIGER is always Better! The cannon belongs to the guy I bought my home from. We shoot it right along my drive way. Sorry, the audio isn't recordable in Imagur off a PC. Needless to say, its pretty beafy. https://imgur.com/mI2DBl1 https://imgur.com/NOyuf5W In one shot, J.C. got 5 clubs in there in front of a soft ball for the seal. From the amount of leaves they knocked out of the trees down there, it would be a great way to get apples down out of an apple tree. One base ball bat went completely threw one of the press board sheets side ways. Biggest key hole on a target I ever saw. Made a hell of a slapping noise on that one On the second shot, it scored a direct hit on a full size race car driver card board cut out with a pool ball. He has blue leathers on. You can see him go down.
  4. xtriggerman

    Bud's Gun Shop

  5. xtriggerman

    Bud's Gun Shop

    I didn't think to ask about that. That would probably take some doing since it has a bad case of lead contamination from what I'v read. That's what got the place shut down n sold in the first place.
  6. xtriggerman

    Bud's Gun Shop

    While we are on the subject, We have a new gun shop here in Crossville in the old Dave's Pawn Shop store just south off exit 317 I-40. The folks that own the Gun Shop & Trading Post in Livingston set up the second store in Crossville as "The Gun Shop". Their gun prices looked to be pretty reasonable. When it was Dave's, prices were ridiculous. There only like 3 or 4 miles off the exit..... worth a peek for sure.
  7. xtriggerman

    The Marlin 189C is Back

    They have no appeal to me ever since they cut them for a cross bolt safety. It just grinds me to see it sticking out. No matter how much I try to kinda like it.... I just can't acquire a taste for the political butchery of a fine traditional design that has stood the long test of time.
  8. xtriggerman

    Bud's Gun Shop

    If your going to hit Buds, you also need to hit Smoky Mtn knife works next door. Their ammo prices are a bit better on some types and I saw the same on their guns for some models. The knife works has expanded their gun area enormously during the last 3 or 4 years.
  9. I wanted a set up to do small receivers up to Rem rolling block size as a max and this was the cheapest way to do it. First I bought a used pottery kiln off Ebay for about 280 if I remember right. Now what makes a pottery kiln no good for the intended purpose is they general have a pretty cheap temp regulator. You need a Kiln that will hold 1500 Degrees F within a few degrees. That's where this unit comes in. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Plug-Play-PID-Temperature-Controller-Box-Kiln-Probe-Pottery-Glass-Annealing-/111131612124?hash=item19dff5d3dc Now comes the tinkering of putting the new controller in the old control panel. I kept the original analog temp gauge just to have a match to the digital add on one. This is what it looks like under the lid. Next up was to make a crucible to contain the part and the carbon mix. I had to size it carefully so it would fit inside the small kiln without being to close to the heat coils. heating slow and evenly is part of the equation. here it was specifically sized to fit the long griped stevens An aerator pipe was fabricated to bubble the water for at least an hour prior to a quench. High oxygen content is needed for good colors. The coiled bottom has a series of tiny holes drill for fine air release. Here, the bucket is a industrial laundry detergent unit that will hold my 15 gallons of Distilled water from Walmart. The crucible frame holds the container solidly and you can see the window screening that catches the part. Here you can see the crucible lift fork that can lift the container out of the kiln and the trap door hook screw driver I made up to yank the trap door open over the water. Quenching must be very close to the water and instantaneous. If the trap door hesitates to open in one swift motion, Its spoiled, and needs to be repacked and heated again. Ask me how I know The second receiver I did was this Marlin 47 pump 22. The quench warped the bolt enough to where I had to refit it but it worked out nice in the end. That used to be a fire damage gun that got new wood. The forend I made from an old butt stock scrap
  10. xtriggerman

    Love child of a S&W 645/4516

    Been on a 45 kick lately. I had bought a 645 back when they were still in production and after shooting groups, I knew something was wrong with its obsession with flyers. Some how, Smith bored the chamber out of center with the bore. It was pretty drastic. On one side of the chamber throat, the lands had a long taper cut into the bore WITH some of the groove diam. On the opposite side the lands had virtually no tapered throat at all. they just started at full depth just forward the chamber. The woman at S&W CS referred me to the performance center and after I described the issue, he simply sent me a new barrel flat out! He didn't want the gun or the bad barrel back. Now that was in the early 90's so I don't know whats going on over there these days. Any way, the big 45 was a good shooter with the new barrel but still not great because the slide had its share of walk in battery. Enter everygunpart.com and I spot a parts set for a 4516. Hmmmmm, My mind goes full retard thinking "carry....carry....carry" Well, it took some mill work up front on both the slide and frame but that's actually great because I was able to machine and hand fit the front end to a really nice no wobble mate up. THIS puppy should shoot! Just finished it up tonight and I love it. Smith blew the 3rd gen when they deleted the checker aluminum back strap for that crappy plastic wrap around garbage on the 4506. Sooo, I got the best of the old world Smith in this little guy IMO.
  11. xtriggerman

    Take a look before I destroy it........

    Thanks for the comments. As for the beaver tail on a BHP, the fly in that soup is after welding that much material onto the back web spur, it will be brittle where the weld cooled on the frame steel. So it should be stress relieved once again and just doing that is a marginal band aid. In reality it should be re hardened out to some 1500 deg F , quenched and then re heat treated to get it back to spec again. I'm not familiar with the details of the exact specs so personally, I would pass on the job. One thing to keep in mind is the round spur hammers are a bit on the small side as to thumb grip and a beaver tail would need to be cut just right as to not loose any control over the spur. I have some pics of the CCH set up so I'll do a post on it. maybe tonight.
  12. I don't remember how I ended up with a 1915 favorite that some one had cut the top tang off and the bottom one was cut in 2 places then brazed one break and bugger ark welded the other into something it never remotely ever looked like. So I figured Id play with an idea and see if it would work out and bingo, After finding a local that can blue steel, I got it done. The barrel is cut from a Ruger 10/22 with a mini14 cut sight soldered on top and threaded in to the receiver. The rest is fab-ed up from scrap. This was my second color case hardening try at it with my home made out fit. The flyers are sight ins with CCI std vel at 32' from a wood block rest. This was like a mountain climbing expedition. Once its done, it needs to become a memory before some federally gets his shorts up in a knot. Ruger barrel mounting groove welded up to get a Luger style barrel formed out of it.
  13. xtriggerman

    New Grips

    THAT... is pretty cool. a 1911 on a 1911, who would have thought that one up? A tribute to a by gone era of Tech conquering the north American continent. I really like that one of a kind stuff like that.
  14. xtriggerman

    My 80% 45 build.

    I haven't put together a 1911 in quite a few years. Back in 1982 I was asked to put together a 1911A1 production line by Doug Nickells who was the manager of Auto Ordnance West Hurley at the time. George Numrich had a crap load of GI 1911 parts across the drive way at Numrich Arms. So after we got the thousands of parts transferred over, I set up the tooling to get the Essex frames and slides fit with GI parts. Thus the Auto Ordnance 1911A1 was born in 82. I have to say, Fridays was the best work day of my life! All I did for the day was test fire the week's production run. 4600 1911A1's went threw my hands up until I quit in late 83. Yup, that was a neat job for sure. Well any way, This thing started out as just a Springfield armory Champion barrel and slide from "everygunpart.com" . GB had nice SS commander 80% frames for $144 and the rest of the parts came from mostly Ebay. I wanted a nice flashy piece for a change so after everything was fit to working order, I put a mirror finish on the side flats and glass bead blasted all the outer contor edges. The frame rails are +- .002 with the slide for a start then hand fit over what ever slide warp there was. A fun project that should print fairly well to boot! The first shot you can see me holding the camera and my red tee shirt while in the second shot, it just refects the white ceiling.

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