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  1. If these electro vehicles arent annoying enough now. I was watching a vid on the new found science of the Sun's magnetic fields. Its pretty interesting to see how the sun functions with what they know at this point. It all boils down to we just finished up a magnetic short cycle and thats when the new cycle of increasing intensities come on at very high levels creating the most intense solar flares. The next few years are forcasted to be the most potentially powerful EMP producers that we have seen in decades. Just another reason to buy that model A pick up I'v been wanting ever since My High school buddy and me used to tool around in his Dad's Model A 5 window coup way back when. We could hit 50 wound right tight going down hill!
  2. And then there is this..... First, who is Frank Ruscetti? Frank | Quantum Health Discoveries Research Institute (quanthealth.org) The audio sucks but a quick read below on this mother of conspiracies but its not coming from some journalist but from where the "Science is created. How the Plague of Corruption Is Killing Mankind (mercola.com) "Mikovits makes a number of shocking assertions in this interview. Among them, that SARS-CoV-2 was spread through the regular use of vaccines that had been contaminated with the SARS-CoV-2 virus because of manufacturing practices.The monkey kidney cell lines that were used to manufacture many vaccines were contaminated with bat coronavirus and shipped around the world. Those vaccines were then injected into humans, called transfection. Their cells then began replicating what we now understand as the SARS-CoV-2 virus. " Science Fiction? maybe but like I'v all ways said, I dont trust the Gov any further than I can spit.
  3. Listening to this 2008 vid will remind you all why so many say no to any vaccine. The child population today is leaps & bounds sicker than ever and the big shot brains have not a single clue as to why......... but the multitude of vaccines on EVERY ONES schedule is bullet proof safe. The simple fact that they didn't spend dime one on a pre screening for any human before a vaccine shot is proof positive its all about $$$ and control of the population at large. The controllers dont give a rats ass about you and your kids. If you fall threw the dont take about it crack, it sucks to be you. My son had covid a few months ago and is fine. The doctors are told not to prescribe anything to help it get better for a reason. number hounds Child Vaccinations - The Doctors Debate - Bing video If you are remotely interested in this..... International Memorial for Vaccine Victims - NVIC
  4. A neat project you have there! When I turned 18 in the summer of 1977, an M1A would be my very first 4473 purchase. That first year introduction price was $379. Spare mags in new millitary foil wrappers were $2.50 a pop at Numrich and everything to fill that hole above the trigger was about another 14 bucks. You just needed a horse shoe extension hanging down from the receiver. Ha..ha, don't ask me how I know. I had alot of fun with that rifle back then. It was SN 006022. Problem was it would group poorly after getting warm. National matching the bedding points was not a easy job and would need a do over every so often. Back in the mid 80's I sold it to fund a Springfield SAR48. The FAL is more heat friendly for poking close holes. Good Luck with your retro.
  5. Yes indeed, Your father is quite talented. The only Cherry gun stock I saw was built by an old time gunsmith that I ended up buying some of his shop stuff before he passed away. He was big into 25-06 builds and I bought what he had left in 25 cal bullets. When did you see these old boxes last? The Noslers are marked $5.40 on the bottom and the Hornadys are $4.20 priced. They are both about half full. I all ways wanted one but never built one. When I was in PA gun school back in 79, Kennedy's 1962 edition book was a required purchase for classes. At some point I lent it out, forgot who borrowed it and they never brought it back! For me, checkering was a literal pain in my neck so never could get into it. Obviously, your dad has mastered the art. The problem with Cherry in gun stocks is its a dense wood and there for typicaly heavier than the run of the mill Walnut. The good thing is its not susceptible to cracking in the wrist as walnut due to that fact. Thats why walnut must be chosen with the grain structure curving to the line of curve of the grip and into the butt. You probably all ready know that with a Dad like yours around! Setting that rifle up with pet loads is what life offers up as love out side of good friends & family.
  6. So, you are willing to dispute this on what information? Please do tell..... About Us — RW Malone MD, LLC
  7. Sooooo, whats that got to do with what comes out of Dr. Malones mouth? Carlson is pretty much a spot light hound. Most anyone can figure that out with a little research on him. Not to say he dosent get interesting interviews. And Dr. Malone is not an Anti Vaxer by any stretch, quite the contrary. The point is made. If you trust the Gov on giving you facts, Baa Baaa shearing season is yet to come!
  8. Ha, Ha.... a truth bubble pops up threw a crack....
  9. Why do you think some 56 percent of US children are on some form of pharmaceutical drug? After my 6 year old was damaged by the DTaP injection I jumped threw Gov hoops for a Religious exemption from that garbage. Now my Daughter is found to have Narcolepsy. Another neurological disorder.... and none of the Pharma trained AH doctors "know" where it comes from..... I'v read way too many pubmed summaries to ignore why there is a Blood Brain Barrier. Knock your self out... The BBB is no longer a barrier any more to protecting neurological brain functions from contamination of Vaccine ingredients. The most basic research will show Aluminum adjuvants ( not food grade) and dead viral materials both breach the BBB without much resistance. So much so that the Aluminum has special conductive coatings that can stimulate brain neurons that otherwise would not be under a normally balanced function. If your kids were damaged by this garbage, Maybe you might have learned about what REALLY is the meaning of draconian. Apr 25, 2017 · The blood–brain barrier (BBB) poses a major obstacle for drug delivery to the central nervous system (CNS). This study revealed that genetic or pharmacological targeting of sphingosine 1–phosphate receptor-1 (S1P1) facilitates a small-molecule-selective BBB opening, without major signs of CNS inflammation or injury. This size-selective BBB opening could be attributed to changes in the ...
  10. Legally, they can't approve it if there are proven treatments that stop the infection. Thats why Ivermectin and possibly others that out right kill the virus has been black balled out of the "media" for the most part. India is a clear example of Ivermectine trial that wiped out Covid in short order. Problem is, there is no money in it and it wont desensitize the herd to more invasive injections to come. Yeah, its time to step off.... again. I suppose there arn't alot of scholars of Revelation in here.... Hiding in plain sight comes to mind. And this is the Bible Belt?...
  11. In the year 1880, the world population was estimated to be 990 million Humans. In 220 years it has grown to 7.7 Billion. Its unprecedented in the known history of the planet. It doesn't take a deep thinker to see the future of this race if this growth is not checked. The fact that they can put whatever they dam well please into a Vaccine without the slightest regard to long term damage is an affront to how the forefathers assemble this Union. The shear fact that so few people are infuriated by these draconian population control laws is proof positive for the need to have a controlled population in its self. To days modern Human has NOT EARNED the right to freedom of his own will. Too many Americans are lock step behind installed DC puppets of the controllers.
  12. Some dont mind having an invisible Gov nose ring..... when they twist it, they say Thank You, may I have another.... "In 2017, Italian researchers reviewed the ingredients of 44 types of so-called “vaccines.” They discovered heavy metal debris and biological contamination in every human vaccine they tested. The researchers stated, “The quantity of foreign bodies detected and, in some cases, their unusual chemical compositions baffled us.” They then drew the obvious conclusion, namely, that because the micro- and nanocontaminants were “neither biocompatible nor biodegradable,” they were “biopersistent” and could cause inflammatory effects right away—or later (see this)" Catherine Austin Fitts, The Injection Fraud – It’s Not a Vaccine – The Duran
  13. So I'v been buying some S&W parts kits from everygunpart and decided to rebuild a M10 with a Victory model barrel and forward frame section from another parts set. The victory model is a Canadian proofed 38 S&W cartridge barrel that I had no luck selling on Ebay so I figured it would make a nice snake bore with its .360 groove diam. Add to that, I reamed it out with a T drill and then spun polished all but about .001 of the lands out so as to not run afoul of a smooth bore NFA pistol reg. This first shot is after I mig welded the top strap on. The weld joint is about 1/3 of the way back from the thread head. Then I fabed up a forward bottom corner out of some miscellaneous steel I had laying around. probably 4140. Welded & shaped Most of the grip frame dosent come with the dewat frame so I had to match the grip contour to a new fabed up grip frame section. I think the Canadian poofs look neat on this Victor 10 snake gun. You can see the frame one by the barrel pin. After all the final shaping I put the frame in my kiln and roasted it to 1140 F for a couple hours to get rid of the weld stress. Then brought the temp down to 340 F and oil quenched it there just to give it a slight bit tougher skin. The worst case scenario is it could stretch the top strap but I highly doubt that with the rather smooth over sized bore and light loads that will be home made fodder. "If" the CCI shot capsule breaks open, I get about a dead on POA pattern of about 4" @ 10 feet. A rifled bore throws the shot out of pattern pretty early leaving you with a wounded snake or missing him all together at anything past 10 feet. This is my idea of the fix!
  14. My Neighbor bought a G3 compact last year and we shot it at my house some. The only problem he had is he had some odd ball military ammo that required a longer throat in front of the chamber. This created a problem of not being able to eject an unfired cartridge and occasionaly it would not go into battery enough to fire it. All name brand ammo went threw it with no problems. Despite that, he sent it back to Taurus before I could stop him. First he said he was going to get rid of that ammo so I forgot to tell him about the dismal repair times Taurus is known for since he genuinely liked the gun. Anyway, he got the gun back in under a month from what I remember and I told him he should consider himself quite lucky at that. The thing is, they did nothing but fire the gun with good name brand ammo so reported no issues found! Its a good shooting 9. If I wanted a plastic gun, the G3C is not as good as my son's Sig P365 but not far behind in aiming, recoil & accuracy off hand. But I think the Sig nicer & has the better trigger. For the cost difference, The Taurus did good with this design but Like I said the CS sucks big time unless over time, they can get a handle on it in their new Georgia facility. "Good" gunsmiths are EXTREMELY hard to find in manufacturers SC gigs. I have a GS that sent back a Goucho 357 SAA that I was ready to buy. The half cook notch was gone in it and they never got it back since sent in October 2019. I checked on it with them about 8 weeks ago and they completely forgot they sent it out! But it never got booked back in. I have a few Taurus revolvers that I like and happen to be well made but its a hit n miss with those.
  15. Wow, Yeah thats a steal of a century on a price like that. Why now.......that things not an ugly ducking at all ! But a Cinderella in ovulation!! LOL


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