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  1. Just one more tip on keeping the barrel. Badly Pitted bores need a level of extra aggression when the pitting has bubbled up and into bore diameter in addition to creating course lipped pockets threw out the bore. Those raise hell with lead bullets as you might imagine. A method I have used quit alot to squeeze what ever can be had as far as group-abilities is this. Take a bristled bore brush and wind a strip of 00 steel wool tightly into the brush untill it fits as tight as you can get it in the chamber end yet still thin enough to force it threw the bore. Do it dry. You dont want anything to
  2. My pair of Lovelies , well, the AR is 5.56 so maybe not a sub. But non the less ..... A sub should have a hunger like no other...... By the way, the 120 rd AR drum was a china import in early 90's. Absolutely the best Mil spec drum with harden shell & parts. It will satisfy any cycle rate of fire. Last time I saw one on GB many years ago, it sold well over $300. I used to sell them for $120. God knows what they sell for these days.
  3. I learned to drive on a 73 CJ and had a couple YJ's. Really fun vehicles if you have good mountain trails around. The last Jeep I had was a 2005 Diesel Liberty. It was a far better road vehicle yet still not bad in the woods but needs a lift if woods is a regular exerciser. I would have kept the Liberty but the Italian motorini engines started having head gasket and valve stem failures. Since I was coming up a 200K, I got rid of it. Too bad, I had a program in the PCM and a number of upgrades, that little Jeep had alot of git up n go. Those Liberties were good vehicles. High milage 3.7's wer
  4. NY, TX....whatever. As long as those leaders are leading, my life membership is an embarrassment. NRA Leadership Salaries: LaPierre, Powell, and More Accused of Wrongdoing (distractify.com)
  5. I'v long been leary of Big Pharma strong arming ONLY THEIR cash cow drugs for diseases for decades. You'll find a S**t load of the cheap & effective ones swept under the rug over at the NIH, CDC, & WHO. (63) "I CAN'T KEEP DOING THIS": Doctor pleads for review of data during COVID-19 Senate hearing - YouTube
  6. Just for your information, The barrel thread shank is identical to the Winchester 1892 being 20 TPI x about .808 . The only thing you would have to do aside from head space is cut a second extractor like notch at 6:00 for the bolt face extension. Also, I would put about a 75-80 percent chance that the barrel will clock to the correct depth and head space to be good right off the git go. Winchesters held really close spec on the 73 & 92. To me, if you have a sewer pipe bore, that pretty much kills any REAL excitement for the gun other than a historical artifact. If you barrel it with a good
  7. To do that, you need a mag tube slug. Thats a steel pin that is the ID of the tube. tap it into the end, put some leather around the tube and over where the pin is inside, then vise grips over the leather and turn the tube slightly in both directions a few times and that should loosen it up enough to pull out. And remember, oil & 0000 steel wool is your best friend on cleaning off the bubbled up rust surface but go lightly to preserve the brown patina. Good luck Oh, and you can use mag tube slugs to tap dents out. Same thing as Shotgun bore slugs. I got a box full of em...
  8. Oh crap..... got em turned around with Kimber! brain fart...
  9. I'd go with the Marlin also. Besides, I have a weird problem with Henry. We all know they are made in Yonkers New York. That 16th District is run by anti 2nd Liberal Democrats (all 4 reps) since its nothing more than a NYC suburb in Westchester county. The ONLY way they stay in business in that location is by paying into the DNC cash flow machine. Thats the same machine that has gutted the 2nd in the rest of the state. I hate to go politics on this simple question but thats how I see it. Now if they followed Beretta's lead, Yeah go for that Henry.
  10. They are nose deep into Viral weapons obviously and that idiot Faucy made sure Wuhan got the 3.7 million upgrade to do it. Next it will be crop blight to the big farm conglomerate states. Despite it will cost them in lives, they have way, way more than us to spare. Just satin....
  11. Clearly the color vid shows no missile smoke trail and it has 14 seconds of pre bomb time recorded. The B&W puts the trail at 6 seconds before the blast but possibly a slow mo clip. So, more than likely a dubbed job. But in this air born clip, look at the big hole in the red wall right above the lifted holes of the side walk. I can understand the RV damage zone but this hole/ side walk damage seems a bit strange. (53) Witnesses report hearing gunshots, warning before vehicle explosion in downtown Nashville - YouTube
  12. Here you go... just watch for the smoke trail before the missile? hit. Its of interest that penetrator missiles DO NOT hit on impact. They are delayed detonators so as to get maximum penetration inside the target sight. (52) Nashville Explosion Caught on Tape (Second Angle) - YouTube
  13. Heres a full video of the launch and hit of the missile. Could it be dubed? maybe... its at the end of the article. BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: A Video Proves Nashville Explosion Was Actually A Missile Strike, And The Target Was The AT&T/NSA Hardened Switching Facility "Spy Hub" - WPolitics (worthypolitics.com)
  14. Ha, Ha, this is a full auto trigger just like mentioned, a light trigger assist that by keeping light finger tension on the trigger taps it into full auto. With the ATFE on a roll these days, these guys are in la la land!
  15. My son had the GSG version of the mosquito and it matched the comments here. He sold it and earlier this spring bought the sig version. He said the ones made after a certain date were improved in some way and bought one of those. We shot a couple of boxes threw it and I think it had 1 FTF out of the 100 plus rounds we shot that day. I had no intention of buying one so didnt pay much attention to the date thing. I use a 1960's High Standard Light weight That I made an aluminum sleeved barrel for and it literally has rifle like accuracy off a bench. I had tuned a few Buck mark triggers years ago


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