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  1. 1st was a 76 AMC Gremlin I inherited at 16 from my 19 year old brother after he got killed on his motorcycle. Then a 71 Cutlass Supreme Great Car! Then after working at a Chevy Olds dealer for several years in their body shop I bought a 79 Rally Sport, 350, possi n 4 speed. I pealed off the decals and painted it my way. Had this car for 10 years.
  2. Hello all.... I listened to most of this interview today and found it an interesting update to what little I know about this very real subject. One take away out of it all is the guy " Ben Davidson" summarized the next major pole shift may very well be forewarned by a collapsing electrical grid in the south American continent, centered in Brazil. The interesting part is it seems to me from the way he talked about it is you wont need a serious EMP generated solar storm to initiate the grid melt down. Rather it would be the result of the effect of the South Atlantic Anomaly that is growing in intensity quite quickly. Davidson claimed that if the global models are correct, Brazil will be the "canary in the mine". Anyway, its an easy listen to as far as Science in a comprehendible dialog. Enjoy it. https://newstalk1049.iheart.com/featured/glenn-beck/content/2019-01-22-glenn-beck-blog-the-poles-are-shifting-but-what-does-that-mean/
  3. Last month I looked at the 9mmEZ and I was impressed. As a gunsmith, I kept thinking, they must have done more to the gun than meats the eye of just a light recoil spring. Feeding Must be as slick as can be since auto loaders with a full mag when even slightly sticky will hang up feeding with such light pick up energy. Like an AK, generous bolt face over travel past the rim pick up point is essential for added reliability. S&W has all ways had pretty good R&D in building guns. Should be a good seller.
  4. Now that one says 1650-2000 tables. And its 3 hr 45min from my house. First week end in Oct. THANKS!
  5. Checking the show lists for number of tables leads me to believe 500 tables is about the biggest you will find within a days drive from middle/east TN? Iv been to Lebanon, Chilhowie and the other Knoxville show. Also the Shriners down in Chatt. Am I spoiled from the 1000 and 750 8' table shows up in PA or what. I was most fond of the Allentown PA show with the huge amount of antiques if nothing but to stare at and the tables full of all sorts of gun parts. Its a collectors show with a couple tables of just spencer carbines from one guy in collector to shooter grade. Lots n lots of WWII stuff, tables full of original swords and not shy on meat on the table guns. The 1000 table show in Harrisburg PA is more high end stuff but still 2 hours if you do a real fast glance around. I was really hoping to find these sort of shows down here that would make a good all day trip but so far..... there ok but nothing to get to excited about by comparison. Now I know some of the best deals may be found at small shows occasionally but sometimes you just want to drown in eye candy! So any big show favorites worth mentioning?
  6. The only missgivings I have on Jr. is his choice in girl friend........ you know, whats her name from fox with all the face paint.
  7. I'm not sure what you mean by the term forgiving. The semi auto gun designs have been trying to build "forgiving" autoloaders for decades and to this day, there is no simple solution in porting. I'm not a big auto shotgun guy so I'm not up on the latest but making a forgiving gas system can work to a degree but its a trial & error with all the various loads. Personally, I think they have been over thinking auto gas regulation for decades. Back in the 70's High Standard had an auto loader that had an adjustable mag tube cap. You just turned it one click and you were good for magnums, click it back for low brass. Simple & effective. The only real forgiving way to shoot everything is just over gas it like what the industry has done with aftermarket AR barrels. Most people will never shoot their guns enough to see ware on the parts. Location and porting are very much linked together effecting action function.
  8. Back when I was looking for a possible home in that neck of the woods, I stumbled onto this place. It only has like 4 tables but no one was ever there when I stopped in. Its a $2.00 honor box a day. Its called Pond Mountain Shooting Range just past Elizabethton along Watuaga lake. Bring some grub and picknick the lake shore across the road.
  9. Normaly, the hammer is what pushes up on the slide release once the hammer is droped. I would look at the contact point on the slide release where the hammer hits it. Its more than likely bead down to not enough contact to engauge it. Put a spot of weld on the wore tip and re fit.
  10. He kinda reminds me of working special housing in a max joint once. The "bug" inmate in there would say anything thing. Sometimes it was true and sometimes not.... You cant read em. America's adversaries who ever they are, are not about to gamble with a bug. The joe straight moderates are boringly predictable. Ha.... like the nearly year Saddam had to get his WMD's flown to Syria. I like his tweets tho I never bother reading anything on twitter. I could care less.... Litmus test is if it bothers a lib, its got to be good. Obviously Trump is not quite 100 percent right in the head but that is exactly who you need to combat the explosion of Liberalism in the US. All the goody 2 shoe Republicans have let the Dems run rampant in the corruption dept for way, way too long. Long live Trumpizim..... If only to piss em all off!
  11. War in the world is a natural effect of the human condition. Trying to change that is like making a lion eat cabbage. Problem is, its like a box of chocolates.... you never know when that certain some one is destined to tickle that go button. With new weapons like the Avangard missile that carries a 2 megaton neuk warhead traveling at 5.75 miles per second....... I'm figuring my lead time on gulping down a cocktail to toast a new "world spring" has to be re evaluated!
  12. Hmmm, a MA 2A guy. You have my deepest sympathy and admiration. About 20 years ago when I was an upstate NY-er, I made my one and only trip to an MA gun show. Shotgun news all ways prominently advertised the West Springfield show and thought despite my NY CCW being a felony in neighboring MA, I should check it out. Now I used to visit my favorite 1000 table NY gun show in Syracuse regularly back in the day and I have to say, that MA show was something I never "felt" in a gun show. It was a nice show on the surface like any other but..... as I walked around listening to the attendee's and spotting an occasional MA "weapon card" during a purchase, it was like we all were like doing something illegal just by being in the vicinity of all those firearms. Its sure was weird. The entire place was enveloped in a quiet hush of low tone speak. As if it was a drug dealing establishment and no one wanted to be recognized being there except for 2 young guys dressed in full Nazi erra Marine camo uniforms. I'll never forget that experience. That said, a show I Loved to visit was the 750 table Allentown PA show. What a fantastic mix of Antiques, meat on the table guns and A-Z in military new & old. The 1000 table Harrisburg PA show is nice too but the old stuff lives in Allentown. I miss those shows. TN has nothing like em. Any way, welcome to TGO Mr. Brewer!
  13. Oh man, an Argy detective.....Passed one up years ago at a gun show for $325.... minty no less. pause while I kick my self I have an original box for it no less that fell into my position when my son bought a FEG, how it came to be shipped in a nice detective box, i'll take it as a premonition yet to be full filled.

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