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  1. I assembled a 5.56 10.5" barreled AR pistol last month and Gez, these little guys are so fun to handle, I don't know why I didn't think of it sooner! Heres the write up incase some missed it.
  2. Yeah, I got side tracked on some faded bucket list script. I only have some parts right now like a right hand handle cocking upper and a sweet KAK barrel that's 16" but will get chopped to about 10" @ $133 shipped and gorgeous bore but they put a 1/2 x 28 thread on the end that is dam near into bore ID! Must have been a mistake and that's why there so cheap. Biggest mod will be grafting a MAC 10 mag well into a uncut AR lower mag well. I have about 15 or so grease gun mags. I bet the guy that designed AK mags got the idea of how heavy duty they need to be after looking at a grease gun mag. L
  3. Today a guy bought my 1903 Springfield rifle for 7 bones. I was going to put that money toward a AR45 build but like an idiot I cruised GB for odd ball things I had handled over the many decades passed that I took an interest in. One of those was a rifle that one of my clients used to hunt in various countries. I don't remember the cal his was in but the one I won is in 308 and that's one of my stashed ammo cals for my 2 FAL's and 2 98's. So this one has some wear & tear on it but nothing major from the pics. The GB pics dosent show the action in the open position so I found this old add t
  4. Nice find. I all ways liked the idea of the polygonal rifling they put in those HK's. Its a slick method of improved gas seal on a jacketed bullet. I'm a FAL guy but certainly respect the STG off spring. Besides, if it had any flaws what so ever in its FCG, I wouldn't have morphed a 91 trigger cage in this G3 housing onto a RPD frame! Good Luck with it. Quality stuff...... not like the 3 Cetme kits I have that will role your eyes around
  5. This all reminded me to check for some extra 100rd mag bags. Last time I bought some they were 35 bucks each. Now I see a couple outfits asking $69 for one! And that's no links. These run 75 rds nicely in my RPD. Good luck on the build. Oh, by the way, I bought a number of the plastic 200 round boxes and now I see why the grunts hated them. Pure garbage plastic latching on them. Don't waste your money on those P's OS. Good luck on the build.
  6. too late, I all ready ordered one that comes in a set with 2 finger extensions. Not bad at 30 bucks. Im curious to see if they have a non push off shelf of a mag contact step.
  7. I changed the link with a US seller that's in stock. I'm not crazy about everything Chinese either but a lot of stuff is just not available. Sure, its gotten out of hand thanks to our "favored Nation trading" pre Trump. It will take a lot of time to turn these products around as US made.
  8. Thanks for the comments. Well, I went to fire it first time and on the first shot, the trigger spring broke and the mag dropped loose! I had a spare trigger spring and put that in. There were mag dropping problems with these guns and they make a newer replacement mag catch thats supposed to be the fix. I think this is one of them but my thick finger pressure force pushed it down on recoil. The fix is to dremil cut the mag catch "step" with an inverted surface that leaves the mag with absolutely no down ward movement in the mag body as the release step moves away from mag to release it. Origi
  9. Hey folks, Every once in a while I run into a China product that is a fantastic value. This easily qualifies for that. After I have pulled a couple slivers I ordered 5 of these for gifts. The capper on just how useful these are is this story. My wife had what looked like a skin tag popping out on her upper eye lid where the eye lashes are. By naked eye, yeah it certainly looked like a skin tag. Then I thought let me look at it with those jewelers glasses set to 15X. It in fact was an ingrown hair that tried to poke out but did a U turn back into the lid skin. I could clearly see the black hair
  10. Picked this up from a local guy for 3 bones and was surprised it had gutter tritium sights. That's a $150 option but the tritium was depleted so I milled out the glass a tiny bit enough for some paint and put color in them. Then I figured I'd give it a barrel flute job and put a .090 deep radius cut down both top barrel edges. These are true pocket pistols and sized it over a Rossi 88 that's about the best S&W M60 clone out there. These little 32acp guns are not bad hitters with Underwood copper 55g loads. It came with a nice leather pocked holster + spare 6 rd mag. I put a mirror polish o
  11. This educational video has a lot of interesting conceal carry methods that I simply was not aware of. And the fact that I'm old enough to be her Dad.... mind you, my mind was strictly disciplined to the enlightening information of the equipment available to females who are of this particular physical build. On the fence about showing my wife this..... Apparently, this girl has a huge following on youtube. A very bright gal for sure. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UvKaaj6e7Vk
  12. If you like a SBR, whats not to love about a handy 6.5 lb mini sized gun that can still reach out fairly well in a mid cal. With an Enhanced permit, this is a no brainer in the cool toy category. The barrel is 10.5 SS Wylde chambered from Bear Creek Armory. Originaly, I thought you might loose too much velocity and thought a 12" might be best but the 10.5 caught my eye at just over 100 bucks and it only looses about 200 fps from a 16' barrel. The $47 handguard is from Wish and I really like it. One thing that is a super tabo for me is a stock that is not rock solid. This SBM4 unit is a slip o
  13. I think the AR handguard came from WISH. The bolt handle was fabed up from a random auto bolt I had in my various bolt box. I just made up the parts from what was on hand so its nothing really specific.
  14. I don't have a gauge but you have an opportunity here. If you want the highest accuracy possible out of this bolt gun, I would take the bolt that does in fact close on a fresh round and do this. Take the firing pin and extractor out of the bolt, put a dab of dykem blue on the recoil face of the bolt lugs. Put a fresh round into the chamber and put the bolt in battery once, remove the bolt and check for equal rub on both bolt recoil lugs. A good percentage of factory bolt/receiver combinations are not individually mated in the factory. If you see you have more run on 1 lug that the other, You
  15. OK, well then both of the 81's I have here were odd balls because they both go back together with no issue at all now with beveled washer edges. Both guns were near impossible to get the slides seated before the washer work. Maybe yours was just gunked up but Beretta is pretty consistant in spec of its parts if the guns were made at relatively the same production runs.
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