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  1. xtriggerman

    mossberg 472 light primer strikes

    If your rebounding hammer has a slightly out of "bend" spring strut, it can cause light hits simply because there is too much rebound travel away from the firing pin. The way to check for this is with the hammer at rest, push it forward with your finger. It should just barely more forward AND be just about ready to touch the protruding firing pin. pulling the trigger should allow the hammer to now move into the firing pin. If in the first step, the hammer moves more than 1/16th of an inch forward to its at rest trigger safety stop, The hammer strut needs to be bent slightly up in the middle. This will move the hammer closer to the trigger stop and thus, lessen its rebound resistance. This is a strut tune that any gunsmith knows about and has performed on countless single shot shot guns and the like. Marlins have been know to have rough secondary firing pin spring contact on that firist FP. Its the spring that holds the FP downward with the lever down. Machine lines there give a drag to the FP. As noted above washering up the hammer spring can at times be the answer and most of all, check your head space, a lot of it can sponge the firing pin hit into no fire with a weak hammer drive.
  2. xtriggerman

    Massive Comet heading our way

    Did some one say Aliens!! Oh yeah that was Gordon Cooper.... I think.
  3. xtriggerman

    Massive Comet heading our way

    August 15-16. its a naked eye event. Should be pretty spectacular since a comet of this size has never passed so close in modern human history. Another brief on it http://scienceglobalnews.com/uncategorized/green-comet-explodes-in-night-sky-comet-panstarrs-bursts-over-earth-science-news/
  4. xtriggerman

    Massive Comet heading our way

    I'm surprised there isn't more info on this event. What I'v found on a fee sights is it is "estimated to pass by earth within 70 million miles and as close as 22 million miles past the sun. In space distance that's within NASA's danger zone. Maybe its a good idea to get a few electronics into the metal trash cans! https://www.express.co.uk/news/science/984487/Comet-panstarrs-explodes-night-sky-astronomy-comet-pictures
  5. They do a hell of a nice job polishing up the bore but not very good at removing any kind of numbers.
  6. xtriggerman

    Shotgun barrel threading

    PM sent
  7. just dowl spin it out with 180 grit. Then work it back with finer paper. Your only talking a few thousandths.....
  8. xtriggerman

    Shotgun barrel threading

    4D rentals is a pretty good outfit. I'v used them several times over the years and they have kept their price steady over the decades. I would knock one out for a $60 dollar tip. But your right, its not rocket science, just take your time, lots of threading lube, go a little at a time, clean the chips, go a little more. Its just time consuming for a nice job.
  9. xtriggerman

    Shotgun barrel threading

    Before you send it anywhere you need to know if the barrel is thick enough for a threading. I have tooling for Win Choke II which is same as Mossberg Accu or Browning Invec and you need no less than .860 at the mouth O.D. Sometimes you can find that at a shorter length but shorter can diminish the effect of the choke to a degree.
  10. xtriggerman

    Hello From New Hampshire

    I used to have property in NH. Like much of the north east, the libtard masses from the cities expanded into the country sides and you have what you have. The states moto of Live Free or Die is a joke. So much so the jaw fell off the old man of the mountain! Beautiful state, but the massaholes have been bussy running it into the ground with outrageous property taxes. Regardless, Welcome to TGO & have a great visit.
  11. xtriggerman

    My Frankin build..... "CLOSE" to done :)

    Chipping away at it and finally had time to get the M2 bipod, forward grip and FAL carry handle done. The Bipod is as some may know 4 position extendable and it will lock in the nearly vertical position (ground prone) as well as its table top position as you see it. If the handle is in the up position, it doesn't interfere with the sight plane. The Bipod legs fold up solidly into the wood forend with zero shake or rattle and are individually QD from their rack. Back in the 80's I tested this Bi pod position on my SAR48 and found it to be the ultimate position for accuracy similar to a sand bag rest when handled properly. With a full 75 rounds in the sack, your looking at 21 pounds of custom RPD (17.4 lbs empty) and man does that handle balance it out in a 45/55 weight split but very nearly 50/50 with the full tool kit out of the butt stock. Guy's the handle is a huge upgrade! Iv yet to make a BHO based on the Ithaca X15 unit just up sized and eliminate the scissor sight for a built in flip up peep in a full scope rail. Also, I don't like the cover release design so that will get some kind of up lever release making it a cinch to pop the top! These table hammers are as fun as it gets! The Original configuration w/ 100 rnd drum An interesting side note.... "Designed in 1940's by Vasily Degtyaryov, Sergei Simonov, and Alexei Sudayev, designers respectively of the DP-28/DPM, the SKS, and the PPS submachine gun; the RPD was chambered for the new 7.62x39mm cartridge and was initially intended as a companion weapon to the SKS. Later, of course, the AK-47 was chambered for the same round. By 1953, the RPD was being delivered in large quantities and was the principal Soviet light machine gun for the early portions of the Cold War. By the 1960s, the RPD was being replaced by the RPK and PK machine guns, which were based on the Kalashnikov system, but many Soviet and Warsaw Pact units used RPDs for another two decades. Desantniki, (Soviet airborne troops) who were not happy when their RPDs were replaced by the RPK, felt the RPD gave them better sustained fire and better range. Admittedly, though, one liked the RPK a lot because he felt it “jumped” better."
  12. www.everygunpart.com I ordered a couple gun parts sets that basically NEVER pop up in Ebay, GB, ect. I don't care that they were crime guns or where ever they got them from as long as they were not stolen. Will like 3 thousand sets, they are probably checked for that.... I hope. The down side is they are pricing toward "part Out" totals and a tad under and some over the top. I just missed out on this weekends special of 15% off with free shipping but what the hey.... Worth keeping a link up for future ones.
  13. xtriggerman

    Remington Model 11

    That's still in pretty nice shape! I had one that was an early one with the forward safety like a mini 14. The only real weakness of the design is the forend wood. Browning ended up putting a swath of fiberglass glued around the inside at the rear. That's where the work horses would get cracked visibly and also in the thin bridge between the barrel and mag bore. Finding an old original "not cracked" there is impossible but there are newer ones but they vary to different models so they are not one fits all VIA gauge of gun. If I were you, I would cut & fit a Pachmyr 325 to the butt to your pull length. It will be monumental in recoil management. No matter what you do with the recoil system, the Auto 5 is a shoulder pounder, plain & simple. I like the Franchi AL48 20g guns that are basically a modern alloy receivered Auto 5 with a manageable all day kick. I have an old Rem 11/48 in 20 that is also a pleasure to shoot. Brownings recoiling barrel design some how has an appealing effect on throwing shot..... Not any words for it really!
  14. xtriggerman

    Remington Model 11

    When I ever worked on one, I would just use a couple drops or so of a good gun oil since its viscosity doesn't change with extreme temps. Just enough to barely smug the tube. Another thing I always looked for was some times the fiber buffer would be missing from the back of the receiver so it was a bear to get a new one peened in on the little rivet that's supposed to keep it in place. Over time, the pounding bolt would beat the snot out of them and then they would end up taking recoil metal to metal. Hope fully, your is still in place.
  15. xtriggerman

    Remington Model 11

    There were early brass friction rings that did not have a beveled lip that mated with the steel "inward" bevel of the steel ring. The best resistance of the barrel is with the beveled brass edge into the barrel ring and the opposite beveled edge into a steel ring's matching inward bevel. The best way to gauge if its giving correct resistance ( IMO) is by the force of the spent shell leaving the gun. If your in the 6-8 foot range standing, that's good. If its chucking them out past 10-12 feet with stiff field loads, I'd rough the tube up lightly a tad with 220 grit shoe shine way with a strip. Those tubes can get glazed to where they just cant give the resistance any more.

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