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  1. Most importantly, the law sets anyone up with no permit to a police detainment, any time any where for an undetermined amount of time to do a back round check on at least the 8 points outlined in the TFA review. Whats more interesting is that a loaded handgun in your personally owned vehicle also puts you in jeopardy of a detention for back ground check if permit-less. If nothing else, this bill makes a stronger justification to get at least a CCP so you can "buy" an the exception & defense to a criminal charge of carrying a handgun with the intent to go armed in most locations. Thats al
  2. Stuff like what you have is common enough. Personaly, what I would do is take the sight back out, clean the filed off spot with easy start spray and flux it a tad and tin the cut by adding some soft solder. Now re file the solder off but go more carefully leaving it to fill your gap. Press it back in and now you have a solid fit for good.
  3. Sure is a nice condition old Marlin. And you have 2 interesting items there. The rear sight is an upgrade Marbles semi buckhorn with that dual ramp elevator and it looks like you got the old style wrap around hammer spur. Cant tell for sure from the picture but the newer spurs were a "C" type that clawed over the hammer. The old wrap around spurs were far more solid on the hammer and never would come loose unlike the newer so/so C spurs. The guy that hunted with that gun had a big hand. He sanded the point of the comb down some to accommodate his rather larger paw over the pistol grip. Those
  4. I bought one similar to the $129 one back when they were well under 100 bucks. I cut an 8' hole in the side and screwed a plastic pail over the hole and that gave me the width for barreled actions. You need at least about 90 psi at the gun but 125 is faster and deeper penetrating. Never use a high rpm oil less compressor to sand blast since they inherently make alot of condensation water that you cant filter out. A slow RPM oil crank compressor is the only way to go. I use an older Sears 5hp 20 gallon unit for every thing. The first one I had like it wore out after about 20 years so I stayed
  5. I had well water my whole life and if you get a good well, you will never want city water. The funny thing about wells up north and here is up in the northern mountains where I'm from, the water table strictly flows in veins. Anyone drilling a new well without it being dowsed (located) first is a fool with more money than brains. Down here I dowsed my spot and put a stake in the exact spot. The old guy that drilled it scoffed at drilling on a dowzers find and said it was just as likely to find a coal patch than water. Here on the plateau, the lime stone thats everywhere is so fractured, that
  6. I converted to a new drilled well 3 years ago and ditched the leaky city run to my house. The research I did said, the shallow wells will typicaly give better water above 100" than water found at deeper depths. We hit 1.5 gpm at 35' and nothing more for the total of 260'. The water is very good and only is slightly above max in iron so there is some red coating in toilets. I bought filters to take that out but have yet to find the time to put them in. I installed a 275 gallon glass lined storage tank that I had to get from a NY visit I did. Not any of the plumbing outfits around here even car
  7. Worriedman, You are a true Patriot and I tip my hat to you. The Civil Immunity bill is Huge, Huge, Huge. TN should have had this long ago.
  8. I had a guy come in once and wanted me to throw the kitchen sink at a newer Stainless mini. He bought the (smaller) port bushing kit and strut and was still in the 2+ inch area with his reloads. I cant find the pictures of my mods but it was a 3 item attack on the way the metal vibrates in the synthetic stock he bought for it. I milled a vertical shoulder to the very back edge of the receiver and bored a hole directly under it on that shelf on the stock. Made a 1" pin that went into the hole and milled a 90% L shaped recoil face into that pin. Epoxied the pin in place. The very rear of the re
  9. I noticed a new style of SAA being put out by the Italian cloners and thought it was the perfect upgrade to my JP Sauer 44 mag. One example is called the EMF Alchimista II. It sports a 1860 grip and Bisley style hammer. The original grip only accommodates about 2 and 1/3rd front strap fingers. The 1860 is a comfy fit for all three! To acheave this, I bought a Pietta 1860 grip frame and a Pietta 1873 rear grip backstrap. Since the 1860 has a narrower frame, I had to cut off the top of the 1860 backstrap and weld the top section of the 73 in its place. A few other smaller mods and bingo, I
  10. I'v been on the look out occasionally for a compact mini CB with Export power level and ran into this 10-11 meter one. Blue CB Radio CB-40M 25.615-30.105MHz 10M Amateur 8W AM/FM Citizen Band Radio 720310980747 | eBay (35) Anysecu Crystal Mobile CB Radio 10-11 Meter 800 Channels AM/FM 4L 8H Watts Power - YouTube Looks like it fills the bill since there is like no room in my vehicles but this 4" x 4" size should be pretty easy to find a nice spot for these.
  11. Also, if your not aware of it, when you pull up your key word search like "870 barrel", you can find out what folks have been willing to pay to win that type of item by scroll down the left side of the filter options and all the way at the bottom, you can check the box "completed Items" under the Show Only header. Incidentally, Thats how I learned how to make a pretty good extra dollar on Ebay selling mostly gun parts. According to Ebay, they have me as grossing over 100K since we started back in 2005. Before the Virginia Tech shooting, E bay was the major gun parts supplier of the country wi
  12. Watch Ebay. Lots of 870 barrels come & go on there.
  13. One note of caution when buying a P35. The safety to seer contact point is very small and the fact that the safety lever is not an easy "snap to on" motion due to its small size, The factory assemblers had a tendency to cut more rather than less off the safety side of that to seer contact so as to not have a friction fit of the safety to seer to hammer. A tiny bit of friction fit could make the gun come back with the complaint the safety is to hard to engauged. So, you are likely to find a number of guns where if you put the safety on, and pull on the trigger, the trigger will move the seer a
  14. Heres my HP lineage pistols. A FEG made FN stamped impostor that I put a real FN barrel in (shoots better). The DA Arcus has HP DNA buried in a bit more steel covering. If I find some time, I may whittle a bunch of that metal off to mimic what Gf54 has there in that Detective. Finally bought a pair of Mec Gar 15 round mags for these pop guns. You need 2 men and a boy to fit #15 in em but they will run them out with no problem. Back when I first got my carry permit at the legal 21 age, I bought a Browning HP from Numrich Arms where I worked across the street at Auto Ordnance. Carried that thing
  15. I had 2 at different times. last one with the extra mag cylinder. The 22's seem to be relatively reliable but watch out for too large cylinder to barrel gap. They can get ridiculous there with way too much cylinder blast if your gun is much past .005 especially with the mag. The one with the mag was pretty used and had a loose barrel. The zamak frames arn't really good in the durability department for a steady diet of magnums. I'v read others with the same issue.


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