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  1. I know its a pain to listen to this entire presentation but this is only one of the things he uncovered. Basicaly the engineered species of fungus released into the atmosphere is absorbed benignly into the brain. It purpose is to send the full range of brain wave activity threw its crystalline nano structure. It also acts as a receptor of specific sent signals. Basicaly, the idea is as the guy puts it, the ability to record brain impulses of violence and or others, and then artificially send that "program" to who ever they want a rebellion out of. These non earthy funguses are all ready here and being ingested according to a Lab he quotes from. If I were an alien species wanting to control a sub species, this would be exactly how you go about it with taking away independent brain function VIA micro wave RF. The world is now hooked on wireless every thing why not our brains into the mix? Crazy isn't it..... Thinking about how all this may tie into Bible stuff..... Exactly what was the function of a head halo around saints any way? A shielding devise? Maybe we ought to build em & sell em!
  2. If this researcher is correct, The original human species is finished. And its happening covertly right now? This is dry but part 2 becomes flat out incredible. Way, Way beyond the chemtrails title. The nuts and bolts of mind control on steroids! Alien technology tightening around the neck of the Human species. Scary stuff and proof? IDK but if all this can be verified by other sources. Welcome to the new slave race! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wjzkEiO6AAc&feature=em-subs_digest-vrecs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pev-ce8qLIk
  3. I use 4D reamer rentals. Their price has actually come down over the years. $42.95 shipped for a basic rifle finish reamer for a 7 day rent. Not a bad deal really if you can't get a free bee.
  4. We all heard about how the bird is one of the dumbest birds on earth. Well, this is the proof in the pudding! https://1funny.com/the-turkey- whisperer/
  5. The 1893..... that - Didn't- get away!

    I once did a complete restoration on a 1892 all so in 25-20 that my Brother in law has. THAT Winchester is the height of lever smoothness in design. Nothing else comes close to that feeling of racking a round in a 92. I have a Savage 23B in that cal with a mint bore. That's another project on the back burner. The 25-20 would be a better round with spitzer type bullets for the bolt guns so one of these days I'll remanufacture the mag well to accept Win 351 SL mags. That 351 aftermarket mag loads longer spitzer bullet 25-20's like it was made for them. With the Savage's factory deep throated chamber, nothing else has to be done other than just the mag well mod. I want to gear that for a coyote gun.
  6. 1911

    Sarco advertises a number of various para frames and parts in their shotgun news add. Looks like they bought out a bunch of Para Ordnance at some point. If your handy, maybe build one of those variations.
  7. Hey folks, I picked up some 1911 mags in a used sale box at Cabela's a few weeks ago and was impressed with the mags that had "shooting Star" stainless followers in them. In the passed I swapped in S&W followers in my K mags to get an extra round to run but they were rather cheesey plastic and these simple spring type followers worked slick as extra round 1911 followers. So I tracked down this guy on Ebay for "look alike" shooting stars in a 5 unit set for 13.95 shipped. They actually are original Shooting Star followers that Midway sells for $19 each! What a gift there.... Any way, To get these to work in a K40 mag the opposite side to the slide stop must be ground back so they fit into the mag body and then only the bottom slide stop plate needs to be shortened at the front end so the follower can ride straight up & down while the back downward end is flat with the back of the mag. Next the last spring coil must be bent around and clipped as in the picture. This keeps the follower from coming out of the mag when empty. Also, just a tiny grind or needle filing on the little spring hook tab so the spring can fit around it nicely. I didn't take final measurements but can do so if any one wants to make the attempt. These are rather ingenious designed followers and make the 6's 7's and 7's 8's with out pinching the casings on a closed slide. These work really slick and don't suffer from possible sluggish movement like the plastic ones when they get really powder fowled.
  8. Does Dry firing work?

    Dry firing is always good medicine to keep the flinch monsters from taking up residency! That nice old Ruger works wonders in stress relief also...... very therapeutic.
  9. I have a friend that hunts up in Illinois and he says they have been using purple paint to keep folks out for years. According to him, they have white tails up there in the crop lands that could dam near pass for mule deer.
  10. The 1893..... that - Didn't- get away!

    Most folks call it a "ring". When some debris like a chunk of dirt, stick or anything that can fall into the barrel afield obstructs the bullet's path out of the barrel. At first the bullet tries to ride over the dedris and once the crap wedges between the bullet and bore, it stalls the bullet's speed just enough that the pressure tries to get past the bullet, creating a bulge ring. Some times you can see the bulge ring more pronounced on one side of the barrel. I'v had to shorten the barrels just rear of the bulge ring on a few 30-30's a 30-06 and a 7mm mag. Also I'v see a few on 22 LR guns also. Oddly, my friend has an old Winchester 22 with a bulge ring about 4 or 5 inches from the muzzle that still shoots relatively well. On another note.... When I used to do customer returns at Auto Ordnance West Hurley, we had a Thompson 1927 come in with a complaint that the rounds keep exploding over the magazine when fired. In that case, the owner unknowingly fired a squib load that lodged about 2/3rds of the way down the bore. THAT I can understand..... but I had a WTF moment after band sawing the barrel length wise, there were 12 bullets stacked up one behind the other. No wonder why I couldn't knock them out! That one simply got a new barrel and went back to the owner. Another one had only 2 or 3 rounds stuck in the barrel and that one cracked the barrel at the traffic jam over the last bullet.
  11. The 1893..... that - Didn't- get away!

    I think some of the magic a Marlin holds over a Winchester for me is the ease in taking the actions apart & reassembly. The Marlins practically fall apart in your hands while blind folded. The Winchester 94's practically need spot light lighting, pinch, pull, push technique all the while "come along little doggy" is playin in the back ground. Iv, been inside more than a few 94's but the Marlins are whats in my safe. All tho when it comes to the Win 1892, a smoother lever gun has yet to be conceived by the human mind... hands down!
  12. Well, after convincing my self I probably would never own one of these due to gun show sticker shock, a funny thing happened at the GB C&R listings. I bid the opening bid price and not a dollar more. Were all the Marlin fans out there asleep at their key boards? Apparently because I ended up with this fine example of what Marlin was making back in 1905. Sure, it doesn't have the much desired full crescent butt plate, the barrel joint was described as a bit loose and the poor thing has a bulge in the bore up front as so many do..... but still, the rest of the gun is totally unmolested in original fit and finish with a triple A fancy feathered crotch wood butt. At $575 + $46 to ship with insurance added, this nearly passes for a Religious experience! One major plus is the wood to metal fit. You guys have no idea how much it grinds my guts to see a stock that was sanded below the metal edge lines. Especially on a fine old early cartridge gun. The model 36 (pictured) I have came to me that way . After a thorough examination of the loose barrel shank, I have a plan to repair that and I have a older shutzen gun works .308 stainless barrel that will get turned into a liner and soldered into the 26 inch long octagon. Both of the square bolts are 30-30's & ya gotta love the 9 round capacity of the 1893. Yup, put another neat project on the back burner....
  13. Remington 700 vs. Seven??

    Back in the 90's I sold a 7 (308) to my brother as a dealer & mounted a 2x7 Burris on it for him. Back then they were every bit as nice as a BDL. It was Remington's way of bringing back the 600/660 Mohawk actions with out the dog handle bolt. In 308 the little gun will surly let you know its there. The heavy Burris made some head way on the recoil. Years latter he was offered a number he could not refuse for the set up. Back in those days the only issue I saw with the triggers was gummed up trigger lube except for one 700 that the sear angle was slightly negative contact causing slam fires. Latter on in the 2000's Rem really screwed the triggers up with a new casting with terrible pivot pin hole specs. I'v not worked on a newer Remington trigger in years. Hopefully they got their act together on them by now.
  14. Suck it NY

    That has got to be the slickest stripper feed device on the planet. Thanks for posting.
  15. Walnut, Blue, Old School Rifles?

    ^ I agree. Iv tuned numerous M70 triggers for folks back in my shop days and the design cant be beat. Simple, straight forward and can handle decades of in the field service with nothing more than a brushing and blow gun air if you felt the need to see bare metal there. The Rem 700 triggers used to be OK with detailed maintenance & proper lube & settings. Then they F***ed that all up with new cast triggers (2008?) with terrible pivot pin tolerance that made the triggers flat out unsafe at anything under a 6 lb pull. The foundation of a fine sporting rifle is what ties you to the shot...... the trigger. All other attributes fall in line after that.

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