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AUG 24 Suarez TN, GA, AL Training Group

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For those who know about it and those who do not, Suarez International Instructors offer several times a year Regional Training Groups. We offer 1 day practice sessions to come out and work some of the skills that were taught in the Suarez classes under the eye of an instructor/coach. We normally advertise these on Warriortalk, but I know several people here have been to Suarez Int classes but are not regular members of Warriortalk. As such I thought they might appreciate a heads up. 


So what are we doing?  This is a full day of empty hand skills. No crouching tiger hidden dragon silliness, just good solid old school combatives combined with some modern influence and geared toward the street not the octagon. The class is priced accordingly and there is a hefty discount for anyone who is signed up for the Zero To Five class Aug 31-Sep 1 http://www.suarezinternationalstore....anooga-tn.aspx 

Students should be in reasonable physical condition....you don't have to be a cross fit instructor, you just have to be in good enough condition to do one of our pistol classes. 

TITLE- "Stayin' Alive" - Empty Hand Combatives in a Weapons Based Environment

DATE- August 24 


LOCATION- Phillips Edwards Farm 763 County Rd 332 Pisgah Alabama 35765 (the usual place) You can email or PM me here for directions....the range is 40 minutes from downtown Chattanooga.

PRICE- $100 (ONLY $50 if you are signed up for the Zero to Five Aug 31-Sep 1 ) Just bring check or cash to the Training Group. 

AMMO - 50 rounds...this class is all empty hand techniques and transitioning to weapons but there is a little live fire to tie it all together. 

EQUIPMENT NEEDED- Pistol , holster, Blue gun or Airsoft pistol (I do have loaners if your holster will work with a full size glock), Paintball mask or at a MINIMUM shooting glasses - getting poked in the eye sucks...

OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT- mouthpiece and cup. Seriously, no one likes getting hit in the junk. A cup is a good investment . Training knife if you want to bring one. Focus pads-if you have 'em bring 'em. ANY kind of personal padding you want to bring. 

This is NOT an MMA class. This is NOT a traditional martial arts class. This is a combatives class based on dealing with criminal assault initially with empty hands and bridging to weapons if needed. This is an awesome primer for our Zero To Five class. 

The reason we are offering this is that when polled on what they want to work on the training group students say they'd like to do a combatives class. It makes sense. You cannot carry a gun everywhere...but you carry hands, feet, elbows and knees every where you go. Also you cannot just shoot everyone who hits you. And sometimes gunfights and knife fights start as fistfights and usually start before you get a weapon in hand. If all you have in the tool box is to stand and shoot ..well...good luck with that. 

Hope to see you there!!!!!!!


Email me at cruelhandluke2000@yahoo.com or PM me here at TGO for more info.

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Did anybody here attend?


Man...I would have loved to take this one! But work, and my creditors, insisted otherwise.


I hope anyone that attended will give an AAR on here. I'd like to hear your thoughts, insights, experiences. :up:




Randy...Is this class a regular...yearly...offering?

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There were 9 participants and I know at least one TGO member attended...I'll see if I can convince him to write a review...


The training group is a regular thing that we do maybe 4 times a year. This particular subject matter will probably be covered again at some point in the future. 

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I am the TGO member that participated in the Regional Training Group empty hand combatives day. While the majority of the training was based on empty hand tactics it was not all empty hand. We did get to bring our EDC firearm into the equation at the end of the class, which I missed due to prior engagements. My AAR will be based on the time I spent training with Randy and the other participants.

This is my third training class with Randy this year and I have thoroughly enjoyed all of them, but this was the class/training I have been looking forward to. Why is that you may ask?

I carry an EDC weapon, as probably most of you do as well, and have always wanted to learn how to combine empty hand combatives with the weapons I carry daily. This training day was a great way to see where you stand when it comes to that. It will open your eyes to the ways of bridging the gap between empty hand and weapons.

Randy split the day up between high line and low line attacks, but before we got into the different techniques he started the morning with a few examples showing how distance plays a role in defending attacks, whether the attacker is using fists, gun, knife, or bat. This was a great precursor to the techniques he was going to teach us as the day progressed.

Randy taught us how to start with “the fence” and flow into other techniques whether they be defensive or offensive. If you have ever heard the saying “every block a strike and every strike a block,” well it definitely applied here as my bruises can prove it.

Each technique we drilled with a partner for several minutes defending empty hand attacks, and then moved on to defending against weapons. Once we were able to do this, Randy then showed how we could transition to our EDC firearm. While some of the techniques may have resembled those that I learned over my decade long martial arts training, there was nothing flashy. All the techniques were economical and brutally efficient.

After we covered defending and attacking high line and low line attacks from an aggressor Randy decided to let us get a few minutes of Force on Force training in. Have you ever wanted to train against a bat, handgun, or knife wielding attacker? Yes? Well, this combatives class had that! The attacker was aggressive and had an in your face attitude so that you had no choice, meet said aggression with your own. Each participant got to go a few rounds and see where they stood with their training. This was a great eye opener and it let you see what you needed to work on.

I have trained traditional martial arts for over a decade, but this class was great way to help one start bridging the gap between empty hand and weapons. If you ever get a chance to attend a Regional Training Group or a class being taught by TGO’s very own Randy Harris I highly recommend it as you will be able to hone and polish your skills.

If anyone has any questions feel free to PM me and we can talk via PMs, email, or even over the phone.


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Thank you for the AAR roar-k.  Much obliged.


This is a critical topic and skill that a lot of "gun guys" don't fully consider. Not enough anyway, imho.


In our society, the initiator of violent action is generally viewed as the aggressor, from a legal, and generally a moral standpoint. Preemptive action follows a narrow point of application.

Our use of force is predominately reactive in nature.


Predators exist. By their nature they usually attack( initiate their actions) when they view the odds heavily in their favor.

Having concepts such as Geoff Thompson’s “Fence”, Tony Blauer’s “S.P.E.A.R.”, and “Default Cover” as taught by SouthNarc and others in your toolbox allow you the opportunity to create distance and open a window for retreat or counter.


I would say your time and energy at this class was well invested. I hope to take advantage of it when it’s again offered.


imho the skills learned with such training sessions are invaluable.


Thank you again roar-k.

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Crap.  I hated I missed this one.  I have spent so much money the last couple of months that I didn't want to spend anymore for training classes.  But $100, I would have done that. This would have been a class where I could have learned a lot considering my cup is completely empty.  Hopefully I will catch the next one.


Thanks for the review.  I have had several classes with Randy, and have enjoyed them all (except the winter class in the snow). He is a good teacher and extremely knowledgeable.

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