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  1. Rob, Awesome little revolver my friend! I'm a shooter and have minimal collector knowledge. A.J.'s correct in that I am a big fan to T-grip adapters. I've been running a set of Tyler's coupled with a set of Barami Hip Grips on my 640 Smith for a long time now (stuck in my beltline as I type this and drink my morning brew.) I find they fill in the gap under the trigger guard and help position my hand best for a rolling DA break. Love 'em. I've carried this little 640 pretty much daily since '92. The trigger is smooth as silk from simple manual work...trigger pulling! Heck ...Tyler T Grips go for a premium on GB because the order and response time from Tyler in OK is measured in weeks to months generally. They are "old school", but Old School Cool to me. I've recently purchased a couple of sets of T-Grip adapters from BK. Very nice and they work great. I run them on the S&W 15-5 snubbie I purchased from a friend here. It's a '72 vintage (iirc) that I replaced the springs in. Love that sucker! Here's a couple of pics on those. You've got a great revolver there and it would be a dream to work up some handloads for. Congratulations brother!
  2. Agree 100%. While I'm new over there I've found them to be extremely knowledgeable, informative, and friendly. It took a few hours before they started providing info on my M&P .32, but the volume of info on that thread now is encyclopedic!
  3. Welcome to TGO Todd. Glad to have you aboard Sir.
  4. If you already have someone lined up to trade with, do what works for you. If you plan to list the items for trade on this forum (requires a Benefactor status) someone might well take you up on it. Heck I might depending on where you are in TN. It's a long State! But it all depends on what you mean by "decent (standard) components". Which powder or brand, size of the container, and size of primers and number of them, etc. Components are very affordable and readily available currently as well, more so than I've seen in literally years. It's the HazMat shipping that's off putting to most and we usually offset that by purchasing in bulk quantities. Powders and primers are very specific to the user's need and their particular area of interest in handloading. For example I handload 90-95% of my handgun rounds and only 5-1% of my rifle/carbine rounds. Therefore I have powder and primers that meet my perceived needs setback. If by "decent (standard) components" you mean bullets and brass, well there's need for that in certain circumstances and Flat Rate USPS shipping is readily available. But then, again, we don't know what you mean by "decent (standard) components". So,it depends... There are many online vendors you can check for price, shipping, and availability to give you an idea of what the components you have are selling for. You just have to match another's current needs with your current needs. Based on the amount of information you've provided that's the best advice I can offer...and it's worth just what you paid for it LOL Good Luck @BlessTheUSA.
  5. I have to agree with this statement. While not something I have ever carried for self protection, I did own a couple of these in the late 80's and early 90's. I think I paid between $50.00 - $60.00 for a 25 acp Raven and shot the devil out of in, just plinking around the farm at that time. Incredibly reliable little gun. Same said for a .22 Jennings I had. Literally shot it to death. It ran great with quality .22 ammo.
  6. That helps immensely! Thank you! I'm still searching Castboolits and finding some great data. Unique powder info was minimal, so that is (to me) solid gold! You are a gentleman and a scholar Sir.
  7. LOL. I know, Right? I guess it is actually. The S&W forum folks tell me there was 4,813 of them made. I doubt this is a factory nickel job, most likely an after-market chrome plating. The plating kinda went hand in hand with the heat and humidity of SW MS. My father had an affinity for .32 Smith's and carried a small .32 snubby in his right hip pocket from the time I was a small child until he traded it off sometime in the 1980's. He came up with this one somehow and I inherited it when he passed. So it's a keeper, and I will definitely be shooting it. The action is pretty darn good and I've never been much of one to own a gun and not shoot it. Doesn't make much sense to me. You'll need to shoot it when I get some loads worked up.
  8. @gregintenn I just got my bullets in the mail and the dies are en route. I have a pound of Bullseye sitting out on my bench as that's what I've been running in my .38 spls. Reckon I'll give that a go. That's a narrow window (1.8-2.2 gr), so I'll be doing some careful measuring. Being a K frame .32 and with this nice of an action, I am hopeful in the accuracy department. Time will tell.
  9. Thank you. I appreciate you sharing any info you have. I've found some load data through Cast-bullets and a few of the powder company's online sites. There's a very narrow powder charge range. It'll be interesting to develop some loads for this gun.
  10. I see I also have American Select and HS-6 powder. I knew there was more.
  11. I inherited a K-frame .32 S&W Long M&P (model of 1948 according to the good folks on the S&W forums). It was my father's bedside gun for a long time and has set in my safe for the past ten years. The action is tight, locks up solidly and after a disassembly and through cleaning the DA pull is remarkably smooth. The single action pull is ridiculous! I should be receiving a set of dies, some 100 gr LWC bullets, and brass in the mail tomorrow. Has anyone here ever handloaded .32 S&W Long? The powders I have on hand are: Unique, Bullseye, Titegroup, AA#2, W231, 2400, Trail Boss and probably some others I can't think of at the moment. And Yes, I do have a chronograph. I'd appreciate any info and experiences loading this cartridge... bullet weight, powder charge, OAL etc. I'll attach a couple of pics of the .32 Smith below. I should have cleaned it innards and started shooting it earlier! Dirty innards!
  12. @No_0ne offered some solid info. I enjoy handloading, so there's that. But brass prep for rifle cartridges can be time consuming and tedious... The price of ammo, heck, everything firearms related, is at an almost unprecedented low point currently. Since these things are proven cyclic, it wouldn't be a bad idea to simply purchase ammo you want to shoot now, before the next crazy period in the cycle. Components, if stored properly, last an incredibly long time. I've used powder and primers over the past 2 years I purchased in the early to mid 1990's and they functioned as new. It's your call. But I'd keep my components and buy the ammo. Just an opinion.
  13. Rob, I owned and actually carried one of these from about 1987 to 1991...wait one ..AS a Backup! LOL (or an NPE gun). They are heavy little buggers, but I found mine amazingly easy to shoot, reliable (with FMJ), and surprisingly accurate for a gun that has a trough tunnel for a sight. A friend of mine actually polished the feedramp (beware because it's a thin area to work on). The only hollowpoint round I could get it to reliably feed (early to mid 90's), was the original Hydrashok round, iirc. But I simply carried FMJ because I had no illusions of expansion, and reliability and accuracy trumped expansion anyway. Bullet technology was not very advanced at that time. I sold it long ago and kind of wish I had hung on to it. Enjoy it my friend, I'm glad you found a "Dream Gun". I think you'll be pleased.
  14. I gotta admire this... This one...not so much admiration... but I'm not surprised either.
  15. Yes, photo's are indeed required. Well maybe not required, but appreciated.

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