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  1. @leroy I have an ATEI worked Glock 17... shot it today at Point Blank Knoxville as a matter of fact. It's taken, and still takes, a lot of dry fire and consistency of motion to really gain benefit from it, imho. But it sure helps with these aging eyes. You are welcome to try it if you'd like and see what you think. My time is kinda tight right now, but PM me and we'll see what's what.
  2. Welcome to TGO @nedsled! I've worked travel assignments in the Bay Area many years ago and was stationed at Oak Knoll (Oakland) even further back. I think you'll like Tennessee
  3. I just got back from shooting this with my Glock (cold) and my Shield 2nd...it's humbling because there is no reason for me to miss my hits other than me LOL. Thank you for the challenge Randy. Great exercise!
  4. I too, have very gently and slowly deprimed a few cases over time. I was able to use and fire the primers in other loads. But I wouldn't envy trying this to any extent. Berdan primers crossed my mind as well, but I assume the listing the OP is referring to is for boxer primers. I read (on a couple of blank manufacturers sites) that they use boxer primers fwiw, but I have no experience at all with blanks personally.
  5. Thanks for the write up and info @JimHouchin. Nice M21! I am currently "re-embracing" my revolver roots and would be interested in your response to the question by Lee @jlw TIA
  6. Thank you A.J and Randy! I would highly recommend this class to pretty much everybody! You don't need to be a "Gun Person" to benefit immensely from this training. The context A.J. presented is spot on. This is knowledge and these are skills that are needed and useful each and every day. I admit to bias, as I know Randy and A.J. and have trained with them several times. They are outstanding instructors...teachers if you will... and fine people to boot. Congrats and a Thank you for presenting this class.
  7. LOL. I wish I could! But as I live in suburbia my neighbors (withing whose yards those cedars grow) may frown on that! From what I've read the Granny Smith's and Honeycrisps are supposed to be cedar blight resistant. We'll see, eventually. I have a bed that historically grows great cukes. My dear wife, in her over exuberance last year filled that particular bed with way too many tomatoes (for us). Hopefully I've negotiated the use of that space with the promise of many jars of Kosher Dill pickles. Wish me luck!
  8. One would think my Brother... one would think When I catch the time I may well do as you suggest. Thank you my friend.
  9. Well maybe we aren't seeing the same thing. The heading lists as SOLD before and after the title wording. There's a SOLD tag on it and my last post on Feb 7th...just above yours..reads as Sold. Maybe I'm confused, but what more do I need to do? I have admitted before I'm a technotard...must be getting worse. SOLD 7.62 x 39 ammo SOLD
  10. We planted the wrong apple trees back around '09. They were Macintosh and in the Knoxville area apparently very susceptible to Cedar Blight! I didn't know what I didn't know! They finally started trying to produce about 2 years ago...but the blight got the fruits as well as the leaves. I cut them down, dug them up, and replanted with Granny Smith's and Honeycrisps. They're growing... I just hope I live long enough to see "the fruits of my labors" LOL. We have one 16 ft, three 8 ft and one 4x4 ft raised beds and plan to add another 8 ft next month. Love the raised be concept for
  11. Thank you for the detailed explanation @xtriggerman. Wow! What a challenge this must have been! Looks great. I admire your knowledge and skill Sir. And I love old wheelguns, so there's that. I'm impressed that a .38 spl round was made to work. Pretty darn cool.
  12. I did as well. That @Chucktshoes has a twisted sense of humor. I approve!
  13. This is a smart move. I had a bunch of old GI mags that I refurbished in the early part of the Clinton Era ban. I learned to keep extra springs and followers on hand. I've even read recently some Civilian Glock Armorer's complaining that Glock is no longer taking parts orders from them due to the current shortage. I can't attest to the validity of this, but wouldn't be surprised. I've been keeping a box of Glock parts (multiple internals) on hand for a long time now. Lord knows where this'll all go...
  14. Good clarification and reminder. Thanks. Unfortunately what I have to offer needs to be FTF in West Knoxville as it's a small amount of 40 S&W ammo. I have 32 rounds of Corbon 40 S&W and 1 round of 40 S&W Hydra-Shok. This ammo has been stored indoors, ammo can, for a long time! I haven't owned a .40 since '95! No shipping please. FTF West Knoxville. Like @Omega above, claim here then PM me. Jamie


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