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  1. I feel for ya @gregintenn! "Youth is wasted on the young"... <sigh> As I've posted before, we use raised beds here in suburbia. We added a bit more this year and we now have the equivalent of six 4x8 ft and one 4x4 ft beds plus a 2x8 ft bed. We've already planted Sugar Snaps in one bed and they're growing well. We have Swiss Shard, salad greens, and Zucchini coming up in another. Our onion sets are doing well, as are our Yukon Gold potatoes. My okra seeds have broken ground in the 2x8 bed... probably too early, but I have plenty of seeds. We had planted some bush type
  2. First of all welcome @Gomer2000. Good question for these challenging times. I, personally, haven't purchased any ammo for a few years and my reloading components were purchased several years back. Ammo at current market value and sometimes a bit below is sold periodically in our classified sections. Best of luck to you as things have certainly changed in the past 10 years. fwiw I only shoot my handloads (reloads).
  3. Sad isn't it? It looks like everything related to handloading and shooting is either not available, has a long waiting list, or ridiculously priced...or any combination thereof... I'm still using 35 year old dies for .38/.357 and I fortunately started handloading .32 S&W a couple of years ago. Thankfully these things last if you take a bit of care with them.
  4. I pretty much agree with all that has been posted...but especially this. I sometimes wonder if folks simply hadn't explored their posting options. Bedside simply editing the title, we have multiple tags at our disposal. I'm an old technotard but seem to be able to muddle through this. Maybe if listings were properly tagged, in a timely fashion, we wouldn't see so many 2-3 year old listings with a "Is this still available?" posting from new members...
  5. Thanks for the link and info @Grayfox54. I'm actually pleased to see companies looking into .22 LR defensive ammo development. While it certainly isn't the ideal self defense round by any stretch, it is most definitely a used in such a role frequently. By Good Guys/Gals and bad. Greg Ellifritz and Claude Werner have written about actual .22 use several times. Obviously they agree to carry and use the most effective (i.e.largest) caliber you can. But the majority of civilian shooting are a "Get off me" "Break contact" type of situation. I will carry a .22 frequently, albeit as a
  6. I stand corrected. "Affordably priced " readily available ammo LOL I shot a good bit of Wolf and Tula ammo, in both carbine and handgun ( 9mm and 45 acp). I've found it a bit dirty, but totally functional.
  7. I agree with @No_0ne. Once available, try as many brands as you can, in the bullet weight of your choice, for reliability and point of impact with your sights, on your chosen gun. The twist rate of your AR (5.56) should direct you to bullet weight ranges. I have a preference for Federal handgun ammo. But Federal, Winchester, Speer, Hornady, Remington (and several others) make quality ammo. Maybe they'll be readily available again... one day.
  8. People are certainly paying more than I've ever seen before. I don't doubt pricing will trend back some once herd settles down but it certainly looks like a +10-20% may be the new norm... sadly.
  9. I use magnum primers a good bit in 9mm and .38 spl. I occasionally get an 8-10 fps increase, but it's so minor it may well be withing the SD of the loads. ETA: Cross posted with @chances R. But I've seen that video. I agree. SRP may give some ignition challenges to some handguns. But my personal experience with SPM is 100% positive.
  10. I've seen a "letter" reportedly from Winchester floating around the interwebz...so take that with a grain of salt. But in that "letter" Winchester stated essentially that ammo will see a price increase of 8-10%, components 10%, and primers an increase of 25% starting in May (as best I can recall). I have no reason to doubt this. I'm just glad to see some availability out there for the folks new to our addiction, errr passion. It must be daunting for the new shooters. I'm in good shape myself and will barter or trade if needed, and certainly help out those I choose to help.
  11. I can only speak for myself. But I probably would try them. I've used some metal can 3031 and cardboard container 2400 and W 231 over the past couple of years with no problems. (The powders and primers were from the early 1990's). Of course the powders and primers were mine, and I knew the storage conditions. I would want to see and handle the containers personally, but it sounds like you did and have not found them wanting. But it's always a risk with these things. Powders and primers keep for a mighty long time if stored properly.
  12. Love to see some pics of your bed design @ReeferMac. Sounds like you have a system going on. We have one 4x8 raised bed planted with Sugar Snaps (a derivation of snow peas) and they are doing well. Our other beds are primed and ready, but as @peejman and @Raoul mentioned, still a bit cool to do any serious planting. But soon!
  13. Excellent AAR @LUVMYFREEDOM. Great pics as well. Thank you. This is a great skill-set to develop. Keep practicing with your TQ! I hate I missed this class. Randy and A.J. are great guys.


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