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  1. Welcome aboard John from another South MS guy (Pearl River County).
  2. There are some very articulate individuals speaking for the Pro Second Amendment side, Thankfully. @AuEagle Thanks for linking Knuckledraggin' Kenny in the OP. I like his blog.
  3. imho Aholster makes the best pocket holsters I've ever owned, and I've owned several. Their website advertises a 20% discount this weekend, but if you are an email update subscriber you get a 30% discount. I have their holsters for 2 J Frame/LCR size revolvers (Left and right pocket) and for my S&W Shield 9mm (Left and right pocket). They are a Tennessee company and offer Vet, Mil, and LEO Discounts as well. Good folks imho. https://aholster.com/black-friday-sale/
  4. This is a sobering topic but one we all need to face and consider at some point. I reached this conclusion a couple of years ago. While I didn't have a large "collection" as my guns were/are primarily for the defensive use category, I've begun thinning them out, along with accouterments like ammo and magazines. At 65, soon to be 66, my abilities, capabilities and priorities have changed. I simply can't do what once I was able LOL. I too have no family with an interest in what I have accumulated and I don't want to leave my wife with a pile of "stuff" that she has no idea what the heck it is, much less what it's value is. We, in this age range, have been blessed with some incredible experiences and exposure over the years. I am thankful for that. As Col.Cooper's book sates, "The past was another country, we did things different there". It was a great place to pass through.
  5. I ordered an Amazon Kindle Fire 7 Monday for $29.99. Worked Tuesday and set it up this morning. Nifty little device for the price imho. It doesn't hold a candle to my Paperwhite, but a nifty little device nonetheless. Videos play pretty well (Netflix, Youtube, etc) and I can even run TGO on it...and I'm a devout technotard! https://www.amazon.com/Fire-Tablet-7/dp/B07FKR6KXF/ref=sxin_2_ac_d_rm?ac_md=0-0-a2luZGxlIGZpcmU%3D-ac_d_rm&keywords=kindle+fire&pd_rd_i=B07FKR6KXF&pd_rd_r=24e8a1e0-d346-4619-8799-f5218527c5df&pd_rd_w=L8gcL&pd_rd_wg=6f9WL&pf_rd_p=e2f20af2-9651-42af-9a45-89425d5bae34&pf_rd_r=HDPJCHHS7QKZBJ6ZGQA4&psc=1&qid=1574850268&smid=ATVPDKIKX0DER
  6. For the handloaders out there, it looks like Extreme Bullets will have a 15% off plus free shipping for Black Friday. I've shot several thousand of their 9mm bullets and have had great results with them. https://www.xtremebullets.com/category-s/48407.htm
  7. Thank you @Ronald_55! I also found them at Gunmag Warehouse for $21.99 each, shipping is around $8.00. I probably should jump on this, but I think I'll wait until Monday (working this weekend) when a few more sites list their Black Friday pricing. https://gunmagwarehouse.com/smith-wesson-s-w-m-p-380-shield-ez-8-round-factory-magazine.html
  8. I would appreciate it if members here would keep an eye open for some S&W Shield EZ .380 magazines during the Black Friday sales. My wife needs "mor mags"! I see MidwayUSA starts their sale Monday the 25th. Her mags were $26.99 each. I'd like to pick some up closer to $20.00 - $21.00 /each. TIA
  9. I've experienced some pretty serious leading from Privi in my .38's and .32's. They are decent rounds, but a PIA to clean up afterwards. For standard velocity "store bought" I prefer Fiocchi ammo. They make incredibly accurate ammo in .32 S&W (wadcutters) and standard velocity .38 spl (wadcutters). But I handload the overwhelming majority of my practice ammo. While expensive, I carry Speer Gold Dot .38 spl "Short Barrel" +P loads in my J Frame and LCR. I do have some of the old Winchester "FBI" loads on the speed strips in my pocket though.
  10. Ammo prices are probably the lowest I've seen in a number of years, especially when you consider inflation / dollar devaluation. And availability is quite remarkable. Black Friday sales are just a few days away as well. It'd be a great time for folks to stock up on what they think they might need for the coming year, maybe coming years actually. We live in what the Chinese proverb refers to as "interesting times"...
  11. I have the same concerns as chances R related to failing the plunk test and perhaps some step in your reloading, sizing, or crimping process. Unique is one of my favorite powders and I've used it for over 30 years. I'm fortunate in that it meters great in my Dillon 550 and my ancient Lyman powder measure. I don't think the charge weight is the problem. As I've posted earlier, 3.5 grs of Unique cycled our Glocks. All of our Glocks do have factory recoil springs btw. Back to your process @swiley383. Are you full length resizing? (fully running the brass all the way into the sizing die?) I ask because I have been guilty of not fully resizing some .38 brass before (the die had loosened and backed out a bit...) and the rounds wouldn't fully chamber. It was "fixable" but a PIA. Thankfully it was only 40 rounds or so before I caught it. Have you adjusted your seating die to give a bit of a taper crimp? or are you using a factory taper crimp die? Lee makes a factory taper crimp die that may prove helpful. https://leeprecision.com/carbide-factory-crimp-die-9mm.html and last. but not least, is there any measurable bulging noted after you seat your bullets? It may be helpful if you could post a pic or two of your loaded rounds. J.
  12. Just ordered the 1st item on my list. We bulk purchase a good bit of our foods, meats in particular, and use a Food Saver Game Saver vacuum sealer. We also use it for veggies from our garden that we don't usually can. The price of the sealing bags is what can hit you hard. But each year around this time Food Saver has a 50% off sale with free shipping. ( food saver dot com). Normal price is $28.99 for a 3 roll pack of the 11" x 16' bags. You have to order 6 boxes to get the discount... that's right at the number we used last year. I just ordered the 6 boxes for $95.00. There are several places having this sale if you shop around.
  13. What gun are we talking about swiley383? And Welcome to the world of handloading! I/we have cast and powder coated 9mm in a 125 gr mold that drops at 130 grs with our lead. We size them at .357. I see that the Gallant bullets are sized at .356 and they use Hi-Tek coating. That coating seems to work well for folks from what I read, but I've never tried them. Our powder coating may be a bit thicker than Hi-Tek, I don't know... but we tried our rounds through 5 different 9mm Glocks (26-19 (x2) -17-34), all barrels slugged at .356. All factory barrels. All loaded using a "U" die. We found we needed to load OAL to 1.095 in a couple of the Glocks, but an OAL of 1.025" works well in my Glocks. These rounds work well in my S&W 9mm Shield as well. I think @chances R hit the nail on the head. Glocks have very generous chambers, other 9mm makes may be a bit tighter. Below is some data from 2016. I prefer 4.0 grs of Unique personally, but the 3.5 grs functioned well in all of the Glocks we tried them in. No issues with cycling. 130 gr PC RN (.357 sizing) Unique 3.5 gr WSSP OAL 1.025” FPS: 1020 1018 1059 1066 Avg Vel: 1042 PF: 135
  14. Welcome to Knoxville and TGO Bp, and a lot more Freedom than you are accustomed to. For 100+ yd, trap, skeet and most shooting discipline competitions we have a couple of places. ORSA or Oak Ridge Sportsman's Association (I'm a member) and Windrock Shooting Range. Indoor Range in West Knoxville is Shoot Point Blank (I shoot there weekly), excellent facility and top notch staff. ORSA: http://www.orsaonline.org/membership.asp Windrock (they are active on FB): http://www.windrockshootingrange.com/ https://www.facebook.com/windrockshootingrange/ https://shootpointblank.com/tennessee/ Point Blank is located at: 620 Corporate Point Way, Knoxville, Tennessee 37932

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