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  1. Thank you! Great site. Much appreciated Good Sir.
  2. @xsubsailor LOL. I used to do the same thing. As a matter of fact I just received a package from them yesterday because I added a box of .32 S&W WC that happened to be in stock. It really is kinda hit or miss these days of course. @broox Yes Sir, they usually have plenty of stuff to spend your money on! I needed a few more items in order to start casting and they were one of the few retailers that actually had the gear in stock. I'm thankful, at this point, that we can still order anything gun related. Interesting times...
  3. Congrats Steel! Prayers are continuing nonetheless my friend.
  4. She's quite beautiful and looks very sweet Doug. Congratulations to you and Rosie. She one lucky girl!
  5. That meal sounds fantastic Doug! It was just the Missus and me. It was great, and we have a lot to be Thankful for. Happy Thanksgiving folks.
  6. That's pretty awesome isn't it? And Thank you. Unfortunately hers was a "fall from standing" with additional co-issues that had to be addressed. Hers was an osteoporotic inertial fracture opposite her impact side. Kinda like an impromptu bone density study...at least know we know. She has a vestibular dysfunction/disorder that we were just about to began PT on. Oh Well. One thing at a time. Thanks again to all and we wish you all a Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving.
  7. Thanks again to our TGO family. My bride and I made it home about an hour ago. She had a vigorous day of PT and OT and we are both ready for a good night's sleep in our own home. We are truly Blessed. We wish you a speedy resolution to your situation @BHunted!
  8. A bit of Paypal and lots of positive thoughts and Prayers your way Robert. My wife and I just got in from the hospital, and I can't even express how Thankful we are. TGO is one heck of a family!
  9. I have Paypal Robert. If you'd PM me a link to a Paypal account I would certainly like to be of some assist. Hang in there! Have a Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving. Jamie
  10. There's been some very positive results in studies involving pronation... what they're having our friend do position wise. It sounds like you're in good hands my friend and we know all of our Prayers are being heard! Prayers continue for you and Lisa!
  11. Oh my friend. We are Blessed way more than we deserve and give Thanks for that daily. The food will be there when the time is right. The Blessings are there right now.
  12. And while the punch may still be a consideration LOL, I think the wisdom of early, somewhat intensive, PT and OT are the keys to an early and full recovery. It's markedly earlier (by days even) than when I started in healthcare so many decades ago. My Bride (lo these 33 years ) is a trooper and a tough one at that. I'm proud of her! She's tackling it head on! Thanks for the positive thoughts and prayers. We certainly have many of you here on our Prayers list I promise.
  13. I am humbled and we are both very appreciative of the prayers and well wishes. My bride just finished her first PT .OT is next on the agenda. TGO is a wonderful group/family to be a part of. We are blessed. Thank you my friends. @TripleGGG Thank you my brother!
  14. Hang tuff brother! Prayers continue for you and Lisa.


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