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  1. I'm looking for some Alliant 2400 powder. I have the attached powders to offer in trade. 1 pound containers. Stored indoors, climate control and all of that. Winchester 748 Hodgdon H335 Hodgdon H110 Local trade Knoxville, West Knox preferred. Not for sale, trade only. Thanks for looking. Options welcome. Please PM with questions.
  2. I wasn't seriously recommending eating them now LOL But folks "back home' eat armadillos and possum. No thanks! I learned "after 1st frost" as well. Glad you've got your squirrel situation handled Greg.
  3. I am sorry for your troubles Greg. But being form Deep South Mississippi I sure do hate to see you miss the opportunity for some culinary delight! My father was an avid squirrel hunter in his younger days. My mother or grandmother would usually cook a squirrel gravy and serve it over fried grit cakes. The grit cakes were made from pouring the previous days grits into a loaf pan overnight and frying them up the next morning. This was in the early 1960's and we used good old fashioned hogfat lard. No body worried about heart disease. Heck! That was commie thinking hippe stuff. Besides the Louisiana Hot sauce probably burned off and harmful fats... So if you get tired of coyotes or dogs humping your tires, there might be options. https://www.ms-sportsman.com/hunting/small-game/squirrel/grandmas-greatest-gift-squirrel-dishes/ Best of luck to you good sir.
  4. Oh heck yeah! It smelled of anise and a few drops in a tablespoon of water turned cloudy. My grandmother would "medicate" my cousins and myself if we were running around like wild heathens just so she could get some rest! It worked! LOL But it actually was a good med. Worked on teething infants (rub it on their gums). colic, and old fashioned bellyaches kids get. People will abuse anything though... <sigh>
  5. I agree with @Garufa that a single stage press is a good way to start, and it'll serve you well for years to come. I handload 99% of the ammo I shoot sans RF .22 I started on a Lee single stage back in the mid 1980's and finally wore it out, and replaced it with the same, about 2 years ago. My Dillon 550 is set up strictly for 9mm (had it since around 1990) and I load all of my .38/.357 and .32 variants (.32 Short, .32 S&W long, and .32 H&R mag) along with occasional .380 acp on the Lee. I use a Hornady manual primarily, newer addition, but a Hornady manual is what I started with. I have several additional resources available. I would highly recommend obtaining and reading a quality manual first thing. Of course you'll need good dies, calipers, powder measure, scales and some method of cleaning your brass. Components have been the most serious challenge the past few years. They are becoming more readily available, but are expensive at this point and time. Don't really know if they'll come down more. But even at today's cost I can produce quality, accurate ammo for much less than I can purchase it for. Midsouth Shooter's supply, Powder Valley, Graf's and even Midway USA have been my go-to places for many years. The component manufacturers are excellent resources as well. I've emailed and received help from Alliant more than once. Good folks there. I don't currently cast, but have the gear, and plenty of lead. Will get back to it eventually. These are just some rambling thoughts. Reloading is an awesome pursuit in and of it's own right imho There are many folks more knowledgeable than I am on the subject here and hopefully they'll chime in. https://www.midwayusa.com/product/1013005426 https://www.hornady.com/reloading/handbook
  6. Well my green beans, at least the first bed, have ended <sigh>, but did well for their limited space. I pulled them and planted speckled butter beans in that 4x8 bed. I'll probably cut the other bush bean bed and plant it with something else. Maybe more carrots as they seen to do well in that particular bed. I have 1/2 white runners (pole beans) spreading out and up in 2 different beds, 4x4 areas each. Planted some more turnips and carrots as well. So time will tell.
  7. Can't figure out the rotated photo thing...
  8. Yesterday I cooked down around 30 pounds, maybe more as I didn't weigh them, but 6 gallon bags of previously skinned tomatoes. I added sauteed bell peppers, onions, and squash to the mix and fresh herbs for the garden. It took around 6 1/2 to 7 hours to reach the desired consistency for marinara sauce or spaghetti sauce, about 1/2 of the original volume. I was able to pressure can 10 pints and put 3 pints into the freezer. I'll vac seal the frozen sauce later this morning. It was well worth the time and effort imho. Nothing beats homemade! I'll try and attach pics using my phone as my photos wanna load sideways using my computer... Greg. If I was anywhere close to Macon county I would have taken you up on your generous offer! Purple hull peas are delicious!
  9. Beautiful. Pretty darn awesome actually. Congrats!
  10. I've used the Berry's before with no problem in a .380 Shield. I have been using Hoosier's Hi-Tek coated bullets in 9mm and .38/.357 a lot for the past couple of years. Hoosier's has some 95 gr. .380 bullets at .355" listed currently. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend their bullets. Quality made, fast shipping, and just good folks. https://hoosierbullets.com/380-caliber-95-grain-round-nose/
  11. Thank you. I'm pleasantly surprised with my TX Compact. Federal Automatch is what I have the most of in my stores, CCI Mini Mags have always been a favorite of mine. Thankfully my TX isn't being too picky. I have 4 of the 16 round mags and 2 of the 13 rd mags and all function very well. The 16 round are actually less expensive. Go figure. I haven't noticed any excessive wear, but will certainly keep an eye on things. Rhett Neumayer with Demonstrated Concepts (has a Youtube vid or several) has put a bunch of rounds through one without issues. He's an incredible shooter imho. If anyone will wear one out he will.
  12. Just thought I'd mention I finally I shot over 2200 rounds as of yesterday. Work and life interfered with my shooting... I had my 2nd Fail to Feed, but it was a somewhat bent 10+ year old Golden Bullet and I just wanted to see if it would feed. Nope I don't know if mine is an anomaly or if this is the normal for the TX series. But I'm quite pleased with this little .22 especially in combination with the Holosun. Great pairing.
  13. @peejman The green beans are Landreth's Stringless Bush Green Bean. I've been using them for a couple of years and they definitely have produced more and for longer than any other green beans I've tried. I get the seeds from https://victoryseeds.com/ Everything I've tried from them has had good germination and production.
  14. Crazy isn't it? I normally get 4 pickings. The volume is diminishing, but the suckers are still producing. I normally cut them down at 4. I guess these just want to live


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