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  1. Timely topic David. My wife and I were discussing this very thing earlier today. I too am quite pessimistic about the aftermath of the upcoming election. The potential is for things to get rough no matter what the ballots show. I think the video you linked on another thread regarding the descent into communism was very prescient. We live in a suburban area of West Knoxville. We've been here for close to 14 years. While I would love to be rural and on some acreage, this meets our perceived needs. We have been steadily increasing our pantry and food storage since the whole COVID thing began. Replenishing and rotating, but we had been a bit slack on the replenishing side of things. We have a well stocked pantry and a couple of chest freezers. For a number of years we've purchased in bulk quantities when items were on sale. It's just a prudent way to save money and be prepared for lean times, whether financially or a disruption in delivery. Snow storms anyone? We garden using raised beds. But it is supplemental, not subsistence. We also do rain catchment (water barrels) and have a Berkey Water filtration unit we use daily. Best water I've ever tasted and it's my primary "beverage". Love the stuff! I taught myself to can, dehydrate, and store foods. We incorporate those items into our everyday lives. It's kinda of nice to know where at least some of your food comes from LOL I work in Health Care. I'm an RN and I've worked ICU and ER for 38 years. Strictly ER the past 14 years. I was a Corpsman for 9 years prior to that. I am a certified Old Fart. We have our own PPE's pretty well stocked because, as an ER RN if I wanted quality and ready availability I've had to supply my own. Yes, the hospitals have adequate PPE's, marginally, and not to the standards that have been the norm for many decades now, but adequate nonetheless. I worked neck deep in COVID from March until 3 weeks ago. I'm out of the ER arena now. I'm glad. I know COVID is a politically charged issue and prefer not to discuss it on an open forum. As the saying goes "You do you, I'll do me" and stay in my own lane Thanks. We have masks, gloves, disinfecting supplies..." sanitary essentials" (I like that phrase) and protocols we've already had in place and been using because of the 12-13 hr exposure I had in the ER each day at work. I'm a "gun guy". I wouldn't be on this forum if I weren't. I'm comfortable with the gear I have. I'm no youngster any more and feel it every day. I've trimmed down what I have on hand the past few years and reinvested those funds into other like sustainable items. Love my little Honda gennie and we've used it a few times already. I have adequate ammo to allow me to shoot what I want and when I choose. But I've accumulated what I have over time. I only shoot 2-3 times per month and dry fire 2-3 times per week. I need to do more of each, but that's on me. The coming clouds have put a bit of urgency on that. I, and the folks I handload with (as a group we have cast and PC'd handgun bullets and we're starting that back up again) have an adequate supply of components. As we've discussed many, many times on this forum, the past few years have provided incredible purchasing opportunities for all of us. I certainly heeded that advice and took advantage of the Black Friday sales as did many here. On most levels and to any sane person it seems odd that we'd be discussing the possibility of a Civil War. But reality sometimes shifts. I pray we never come to that. But I'm not certain I have much of a say about the matter. I am blessed for the professional training I've had in the past. But I'd be happy to live the rest of my life without having to utilize those skills. But we do live in "interesting times" Gear is great. But skills and knowledge are probably the best investments we could make. Just an opinion.
  2. I have one for my LCR, P-F orange as well. Excellent holster and a good price! Tony does great work. GLWS
  3. And of course as listening to old favorites often does, looking in my folder led me to this.
  4. Well, @94user linked Iggy Pop. Thank you Of course that led be back in time a bit to Lou Reed's "Rock and Roll Animal". I probably wore out 2 vinyl copies of it. I still have it in my music files and simply need a listen every now and agin.
  5. I had a similar situation. In about 1965 or '66 I went into Mr. Curry's Western Auto. I was always in there ogling his guns & knives displays. He let me put a 16 g. H&R Single barrel on layaway (he may have called my Father about it, but I don't know for certain). As I had a full-time job, I paid it off in just 6 weeks. iirc it was around $30.00. He gave me a box of birdshot at no extra charge when I picked it up. I was either 11 or 12. I still have that shotgun and treasure it. The Past was a very different world.
  6. Jamie Jackson


    Great topic and thread! Thank you @Grayfox54! @Moped started a thread on this a few years back remembering Marshall St.John's Mousegunner site. Here's a link to that thread and his site. http://www.mouseguns.com/index.htm I've owned a Raven in 25 acp and it was indeed stupid reliable for such a cheap, and cheaply made, little handgun. Oh yeah, and a Jennings in .22! And I actually carried an AMT .380 BU that was incredibly reliable with ball ammo. But that was back in the 1980's and I no longer have them. I obviously need want an LCP! Claude Werner, the esteemed "Tactical Professor", has some interesting and very positive things to say regarding Pocket Pistols and their role in civilian defensive shooting use in this Lucky Gunner/Chris Baker interview from 2018. Great discussion on Context! https://tacticalprofessor.wordpress.com/2018/10/02/conversation-about-pocket-pistols/
  7. This is some of the craziest prices I have seen in literally decades. I was shooting at Point Blank this week and about the only handgun ammo on the shelves was .357 Sig, 10mm, 45 LC, and 44 spl/mag. They said when a pallet of 9mm hits the door it's gone within hours. I am so thankful I heeded the warnings and learned from experience to not get caught behind the eight ball. I handload and took advantage of last years Black Friday sales and have plenty of components to last me for a good while. But I'm still ordering more projectiles (affordably) from time to time. I should have another 1K of 9mm bullets from Everglades arriving Saturday. I can load these for about $0.12 - $0.14 per round depending on projectile cost and charge weight. If you cast it's about 1/2 that. I read folks are having a challenging times locating affordable powder and primers, but I personally covered that a few years back. That said, it's never too late to invest in the equipment and components and handloading is a rewarding process in and of itself imho. It may be the best option going down the road. Just my $0.02 worth
  8. Been a Zeppy fan for as long as I can remember...some of those memories may be a bit fuzzy... As a young Sailor in the 70's I drove many, many a mile across country listening to Zeppy and in particular Houses of the Holy on 8 track or cassette. I bought my first Zeppy album (vinyl) in '69. Been hooked since. Still great music.
  9. From the comment of @TGO David and others it appears I didn't miss anything LOL. Some things, and places, are best avoided. And this seems to rank highly on that list.
  10. I guess you have to be a member as this link takes me to a logon page. Is there a vid of the AD's or something else?
  11. Thanks for the recommendation @Grayfox54. I read "Indian Country" first and have just purchased and started "People's Republic" (both on Kindle). I totally agree it's uncanny and a bit prescient. btw. I love my Kindle Paperwhite. It was recommended here, several pages back. It allows affordable reading and even a technotard such as myself has learned to change pdf files into readable books or booklets on Kindle through Amazon.
  12. Imho and experience each shotgun can be quite unique as to which particular buckshot it patterns best with. I always take as large of a variety of buckshot as I can find with me to the range to pattern test a new shotgun. I generally test from 5 yards to 25 yards and keep notes. There are "Zones of Fire" (A-B-C) that were taught to me way back when, but essentially this means you need to be precise in your aiming and understand the opening of the pattern in your particular at various distance intervals. Best bet is to obtain professional training with someone such as Randy Harris @Cruel Hand Luke. Randy knows his stuff and is an excellent teacher and instructor. I think the shotgun is a formidable and excellent home defense choice when utilized in the proper context and environment. Shotgun wounds are some of the nastiest and most devastating GSW's I've treated. Federal Flitecontrol 12 g. seems to pattern well across the board. But most ammo, quality 12 g. included, is relatively scarce at the moment. I still have a bunch of old H132 Federal that patterns well in my old 590...but it's Vang Comped, so there's that.
  13. I'm another big fan of H335 with 55 gr bullets in .223/5.56. Very accurate loads and very consistent.
  14. Did you guys give Albannach a listen? We actually saw them over in Sevierville about 8 or so years ago. Impressive and incredible energy.

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