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  1. Jamie Jackson

    Working the Ammo Deals

    I received my "Rebate" cards in today's mail! Finally...
  2. Jamie Jackson

    KIss your HCP goodbye.

    This is a very valid point and one I too struggle reconciling. With Rights come Responsibilities. When I long ago made the decision to obtain my permit and carry a handgun daily I understood the need to learn to do so safely and competently. I received my first State wide permit when my then home of MS became a Shall Issue State. That was 1990. They didn't even require a class of any type. So I took it upon myself to start down that path. Many thousands of dollars and many hundreds of hours of training and practice, and many, many miles traveled, and I am still on that journey, and it's just that, a journey, not a destination. I pray I never stop learning and improving. That's because I take that responsibility seriously. I know many of you do as well. But we are not representative of the majority. That's unfortunate and we see it manifested in actions like this fool in the article. Sad indeed. chances R is right...you can't legislate stupid away...
  3. Jamie Jackson

    KIss your HCP goodbye.

    There are some seriously crazy people out there. While I can appreciate the anger the gentleman must have felt, confronting a crazy asshat known to have a gun just isn't the smartest move. That's a slippery slope towards "mutual combat". Just call the police and file the compliant. If you have to fight for your life that's one thing, if you can disengage just do it. My preference is being deselected as a target in the first place. Not saying the guy can't wear what he wants. I don't care if he puts daisies in his hair. I'd just rather stay a bit more gray... Avoidance-Deterrence- and De-escalation is still good advice. I hope this idiot gets solid jail time. The left will use his being an HCP holder against us, the law abiding gun carriers, and conveniently avoid the actual facts.
  4. Jamie Jackson

    Red dot sight placement for Veri Focal glasses

    Thanks for the explanation shaggy. I see better with medium to longer eye relief on my RDS sights. I'm still looking through them but feel less "crowded" at that distance They tend to be set about the same distance as my RMR at extension, as a point of reference, since "medium to longer" is kinda subjective LOL. What RDS are you running?
  5. Jamie Jackson

    Red dot sight placement for Veri Focal glasses

    I've worn bifocals for 25 years. I'm familiar with progressive lens, mine aren't, but I still don't know exactly what issues you are alluding to shaggy. What exactly is the problem you're experiencing?
  6. Jamie Jackson

    LCPII : Is it a high mileage gun ?

    Thanks chances. I'm a SCCY fan as well. I picked one up a few years ago, ran about a thousand rounds through it without issue, and gifted my son with it. Damn fine little gun. Oh...Thanks for the info on the LCP.
  7. Jamie Jackson

    Red dot sight placement for Veri Focal glasses

    I don't think I fully comprehend the question @ShaggyRS6 Would you please elaborate a bit? I too keep both eyes open when shooting a Red Dot sighted gun...looking through it as @Capbyrdmentions.
  8. Jamie Jackson

    LCPII : Is it a high mileage gun ?

    As @chances R and others have mentioned... I purchase guns and then shoot them, and shoot them, and shoot them... So...This thread has me seriously considering picking up an LCP. Is the difference in price between the LCP 1 ($169.00) at PSA and LCP2 ($250.00-$270.00) worth the extra cost? From what I read the trigger is improved on as the LCP 2 as well as the sights. I guess I need to check if Point Blank has both and give them a test run. But opinions are welcome.
  9. Jamie Jackson

    Coming to Tennessee.

    Welcome aboard!
  10. Jamie Jackson

    LCPII : Is it a high mileage gun ?

    At the risk of a minor drift, I subscribe to Claude Werner's "Tactical Professor" blog. A recent post mentioned that Ruger's LCP is one of the most prolific handguns currently being made. Quote: from "Revolvers are Passe" " Production of the LCP as of Year End 2017 has been 2,272,204 pistols, making it one of the most popular pistols in America." It's an interesting post and surprised me quite a bit. Worth a quick minute to read imho. https://tacticalprofessor.wordpress.com/2019/02/12/revolvers-are-passe/ I think I need to get one and pull out my dies and start handloading a few .380 rounds.
  11. Jamie Jackson

    LCPII : Is it a high mileage gun ?

    I agree based on the quality handgun choices we now have available. But in 1986 there weren't the same affordable options. My primary handgun was a 4" 686. I occasionally carried a .44 Bulldog Pug. So the AMT Backup was a deep concealment option. I'm quite pleased with my Shield these days, but a pair of LCP's seem like a viable consideration.
  12. Jamie Jackson

    LCPII : Is it a high mileage gun ?

    I don't know. But I think a person would be smart to be as proficient as possible with any emergency tool they choose to use. I shoot the crap out of my J Frame and handload to be able to afford to do so. It's a niche tool, for NPE or as a secondary...but I am responsible for each round launched from it. So I applaud your desire to do this tercel. Way back when, late '80's early 90's, I had an AMT .380 backup, handloaded for it, and shot the crap out of it. Guns eventually wear out if shot enough. Why not own 2 of them? One for training/practice and one to carry if that's your chosen tool. Just my $0.2 worth...
  13. Jamie Jackson

    Working the Ammo Deals

    Still watching the mail here too Greg. iirc I submitted on 12/2/18, so Hopefully not much longer.
  14. LOL I stand corrected... Collect it is then
  15. This was a great idea hipower! I like the idea of a book-swap area or thread. Like others I read and thoroughly enjoyed many, many of these books. I need to look at my ever growing box of "recently read" books and ease my hoarding issues too LOL
  16. Jamie Jackson

    Revolver suggestions

    This is sage advice! The "feel" is very subjective to each of us. I love "K" frame Smith's, but that's me. I have a 686 I purchased in 1986, it was my first "carry" gun. The GP 100 is a tank, but a great gun as well. But a great thing about revolvers is the multitude of grip options available, especially for Smith's. I see you're in Knoxville. Point Blank has a good variety of revolvers and she can get some hands on there and shoot any of them she has an interest in. Great folks there! Very personable. Good luck with your search. Keep us posted. link: https://shootpointblank.com/shoot-point-blank-knoxville-tennessee
  17. Jamie Jackson


    Welcome aboard Hunter!
  18. Jamie Jackson

    Working the Ammo Deals

    Thanks Ronald. I don't think I've tossed anything that looks like that. I'll be watching for it.
  19. Jamie Jackson

    Working the Ammo Deals

    Thanks Garufa!
  20. Jamie Jackson

    Working the Ammo Deals

    Excellent! Was the envelope clearly marked? It'd be just my luck to think it was junk mail and toss it in the trash
  21. Jamie Jackson

    80's heavy metal guys/gals watch this video

    Impressive. Thanks tercel!
  22. Jamie Jackson

    Working the Ammo Deals

    Well, it's probably too soon ... But has anyone received any of their rebates yet?
  23. Jamie Jackson

    AMMO Buys (Where Do You Get Yours?) & FFL Fees

    LOL. I feel your pain! There's a thread on here somewhere about this same issue. I did the same during/after the Black Friday sales and I am still waiting for my refund cards... eventually they'll arrive, eventually... But they don't make it terribly easy either.
  24. Jamie Jackson

    AMMO Buys (Where Do You Get Yours?) & FFL Fees

    Another SG Ammo satisfied customer here. I'd recommend signing up for their newsletter as they run frequent specials. https://www.sgammo.com/ For Self Defense/Carry ammo I tend to use Bone Frog Gun Club. If your choice is listed "Out Of Stock" just check back in a few days. These guys sell a lot of affordable quality ammo and ship fast. https://www.bonefroggunclub.com/collections/ammunition
  25. Jamie Jackson

    What are you listening to now?

    Shared this one with my son last weekend. He's 35 and has great taste in music.That's a gift from his mother.

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