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  1. I assume you are searching for these to handload? If so, what medium and process do you use to test them? As chance R mentions the 158 gr LSCW Hp (Old FBI load) rarely expands in snubs and iirc was originally aimed at 4" plus barrel length...but still kinda iffy expansion. Jim Cirillo of the old NYPD Stakeout Squad, (Guns, Bullets and Gunfights on Amazon) recommended a full wadcutter bullet with a sharp ogive for revolvers, 148 gr in .38 spl. He collaborated with Fuzzy Fletcher of the old Village Metalworks to produce the Safestop Round years ago. These used a plated 148 gr DEWC that ran at 720 fps (my chrono data from 2005). There's a lot of good current data and recommendations around right now as we seem to be in a bit of a "Revolver Renaissance" (to borrow a current phrase). Trainers like the aforementioned Greg Ellifritz, Daryl Bolke, Wayne Dobbs and others are recommending wadcutters as functional self defense ammo in snubby's as they yield accurate rounds with adequate penetration and allow non-punishing, fast shot to shot times. Federal Gold Medal Match is one I often see them recommend. I use both Rainier and Berry's plated 148 gr DEWC for handloads in .38 spl. The Rainier's have the sharper ogive. Oh, Michael de Bethencourt mentions Buffalo Bore, but I don't have any experience with these or know if the bullets alone are available for handloads. https://www.imwithroscoe.com/2009/08/27/snub-training-ammo-questions/ A factory round you might consider is the Speer 138 gr Gold Dot for snubbies. https://www.luckygunner.com/20rds-38-special-speer-gold-dot-short-barrel-135gr-p-hp-ammo I have loaded Speer 159 gr LSWC HP in the past and ran them at +P velocities without noted leading. But I never had any reliable medium for testing expansion. IIRC they are, or were, relatively soft lead. Cirillo's book.. highly recommended! https://www.amazon.com/Guns-Bullets-Gunfights-Modern-Day-Gunfighter/dp/1976745160/ref=tmm_pap_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=&sr=
  2. @Dirtshooter I tried one of those type holster T- shirts you mentioned, a Kramer made iirc, long ago. They were, as mentioned, not comfortable, but most important slow and clumsy to draw from and prone to snagging when trying to draw at any speed. I agree with @Hippy that a quality bellyband is a good consideration for deep concealment. But if worn under a tucked in shirt there is still the need to move a lot of closed clothing out of the way to gain access. I've worn them under my scrubs before and they served me well, but it's gun size dependent to a degree. I still have one that I took a Glock factory holster, cut a bit off and sewed into a bellyband. It served it's purpose well at the time for an NPE situation. I'll attach a pic below if I can dig it up. Just an option... It would be helpful if you mentioned the type/size of handgun and the attire you'll be wearing. Do you wear a coat and tie, or just a dress shirt tucked in? Untucked shirt? I recently listened to Spencer Keepers on the Polite Society podcast talking about concealing a Beretta 92 AIWB while wearing a dress suit with a vest. It's not that I'm recommending AIWB carry (that's my personal choice but I understand it's not for everyone). As to IWB in general I've found that with a quality gunbelt just repositioning the holster an inch or two, fore or aft of 3 o'clock for a right hand shooter to find that "pocket of comfort" can make a significant difference. But we are all individual on this.
  3. My primary these days tends to be my S&W 9mm Shield. I find it far more "shootable" than a gun this size should be. I've carried my G19 for over 20 years now. It's like an old friend, but age is creeping up on me rapidly and the Shield simply takes less thought and effort to comfortably carry. But I have one of my LCR's in a pocket as a secondary, sometimes a primary for NPE carry. Love my wheelies! I still want to pick up an LCP for those times when deep concealment is required. But money is tight these days...
  4. I feel your pain buddy. I have an RMR on my 17 and it dramatically improved my groups, especially at distance. But I've put a lot of dry fire practice into it, still do. Consistent presentation and all of that. But I have been amazed at what improvement it makes at distance. I have astigmatism, so I have to be careful I don't have the dot dialed up too bright at distance (50 yds +), but closer it's a nonissue. It;s nice to be able to simply target focus. Pick up the dot and press. Nice. I have HD's on my G 19 and Ameriglo CAPS on my G 26 and S&W Shield. I'm happy with those choices. When proven out a bit more, I am considering one of the Holosun RDS for my G 26 and/or my S&W Shield...maybe both. Time, and money, will tell.
  5. I like that setup @BCR#1! I have my 550 set up for 9mm as that's what I have historically shoot the most of. But I've loaded quite a bit of .38 and .380 on my old single stage Lee press this year. I need to look into a 550B for .38! Back when I used to shoot 45 acp a bunch I had a separate tool head and powder for my 550. That made life simpler at the time. These days, like @leroy, I claim curmudgeon status.
  6. Great price on some darn decent mags! I only have 4 of the Magpul G-mags, but each has about 1000 rounds thru them and have functioned without a hitch for range use. If I didn't have so darn many Glock mags I'd be all over this! GLWS!
  7. Those guns are beautiful @LINKS2K! And definitely congratulations on the retirement! I am envious and hope to actually do the same ...one of these days...
  8. We've hauled off a tube TV and a couple of window unit AC's to the Knoxville Waste Management Facility on Elm Street, They are a curious bunch with tons of restrictions, rules, and regs, but one of the only options locally I know of my friend. I'll try and link some info below. Crazy world isn't it? Mike's suggestion has merit imho. Someone I know might have done something similar...maybe... 1033 Elm Street Knoxville, TN 37921 Office: 865-215-6700 http://knoxvilletn.gov/cms/one.aspx?portalId=109562&pageId=200230
  9. Not yet, just intermittently as YouTube keeps pulling them... violation of policy? Seriously? No surprise...
  10. I totally agree. I, like many other TGO members, purchase from SGAmmo and subscribe to their newsletter. In the most recent newsletter they mention the fact that ammo, especially bulk purchase, is at a 13 year low. But they also mention that several companies will be increasing their pricing this year, and of course they mention the unpredictability of an election year and the equally unpredictable response of the public. The majority of us only too well remember the wild swings and shortages of the past 15 years. It's definitely a buyers market right now. How long that lasts is anyone's guess, but this year and the next should prove interesting.
  11. I handload as well and it's definitely worth the time to me. I don't cast but probably should. (A group of us used to but that seems to be on a protracted hiatus...sadly.) But I enjoy handloading and load development. And if your are primarily shooting revolvers (as I have the past 8-9 months) handloading is definitely cost effective. I've put at least 1500 rounds through the LCR .38 I purchased on TGO last April. I couldn't afford to do that otherwise. I generally purchase bulk plated or jacketed 9mm, .380 and .38 bullets during Black Friday sales and that keeps my price per round at around $0.12 - $0.13 each.
  12. Simply outstanding @TripleGGG! What a fantastic thing to do for your staff and their families. Not to mention the positive "Gun Culture" introduction and experience you've shared with them. This is how our 2A and firearms culture and traditions will survive and thrive. I bet those kids will talk about that experience for a long time! You are one heck of a positive role model my friend (I already knew you were a great guy!). I love going to SPB and try to do so weekly. I haven't been since last year (the 31st ) so need to get over there soon...like tomorrow! Thanks for sharing this brother.
  13. Ouch! I've had books loaned not returned before too brother. It looks like since the closing of Paladin Press many older quality books have sky rocketed in price. If only I had known! @Tiffany Johnson Welcome back! I have a feeling you may had had an influence into bringing Mr. Givens into a digital format level of technology. Now, when are we to expect a book from you? I'll pre-order as soon as you give the word. I always enjoy listening to you on the various podcasts you are on btw.
  14. I am sorry for the loss of your friend . I've had that happen, I certainly though it never would as I am much older than my bud was. It's tough. My thoughts and prayers for you my friend. I have rekindled my love of revolvers this past year and tend to shoot one variant or another of a snub weekly. I actually still have my old copy of Mas's Stressfire book from the 80's. I've followed and read Ayoob for a long time and greatly respect the incredible information he shares. Another gentleman (I've never had the opportunity to train with but greatly respect) that has some solid info as regards revolvers and especially snub revolvers is Michael de Bethencourt. btw...his defensive knife training skills are remarkable for it's particular niche imho. Here's a link to one of his vids from Snub Training. Revolver use and techniques are still relevant and I hope we don't lose these bits of knowledge through time. Thankfully these gentlemen had the foresight to record some of their teachings. Another person keeping revolver knowledge alive is Daryl Bolke of Hard Wired Tactical. He's a "been there and done that" kinda guy. Here's a link to a rather long vid (I've listened to this podcast on an mp3 twice now and will probably listen to it a couple of more times). Incredible knowledge here folks! It's worth your time. I promise!
  15. Thanks for posting this! I'm about 2/3 the way through my copy and I'm thoroughly enjoying it. Mr. Givens is an excellent instructor and a darn fine person. I've had the honor, and pleasure, of training with Mr. Givens and always enjoyed the time I was able to spend with him at his facility (at that time ) Rnagemaster in Memphis. His book "Fighting Smarter" is also a great book. My copy is the older version from around 2003, but I understand there is an updated version, iirc. I would highly recommend "Concealed Carry Class" for both new shooters and seasoned shooters as well.
  16. I don't have any personal experience with the project you are planning, sounds pretty darn cool ! But an excellent resource, imho, is Steven Harris. I've listened to him on various self sufficiency podcast and read many of his blog posts over the years where he goes into great detail for similar projects. I'll post a few links below. Let us know how the project develops Kev. https://www.stevenharris.net/ http://www.solar1234.com/ http://www.battery1234.com/ https://www.thesurvivalpodcast.com/?s=steve+harris+episodes
  17. I hope all of my TGO "Family" has a Blessed and wonderful Christmas. God Bless you all.
  18. This is certainly what I've done in the past. As mentioned, if properly stored it seems to have an incredibly long shelf like. Our local Point Blank range will order powder and primers for you. The price is certainly more than if you bulk purchased them yourself, but it's one of the few options I'm aware of in the Knoxville area.
  19. If this was the Turkey Creek Walmart I saw the same thing Monday morning. They also had around 6 boxes (50 rds) of Tula 45 acp at $7.00 per box. I had no need so didn't purchase any. But I was surprised to see anything besides "hunting" ammo.
  20. Thank you for what you do @pop pop! This is what our community needs to grow and do so positively. I commend you Sir. I have a couple of LCR's, one in .38 spl and one in .22 LR. While the .22 has a heavier trigger it is incredibly smooth and I find practicing with it helps with my DA shooting all around. I actually wouldn't hesitate to carry it as a second gun... not primary of course. But Claude Werner (The Tactical Professor) makes a decent case for such in a very narrow and limited niche application. I have a S&W 422 that I started my son on long ago and it's helped my wife in starting her journey into handgun shooting. It incredibly reliable and very accurate. It's a great little .22 semiauto and Smith made a bad decision when they stopped producing them imho.
  21. I'm with @Grayfox54 here. More info and maybe some pics? Mags? I've loaded many, many thousands of rounds of 45 acp FMJ and LRN at 1.230" and had no feeding issues with 1911's, Glocks and even a Star PD I had. I did run across a few 1911 magazines that were problematic but that was a rarity. I never had issues with 13 round Glock mags.
  22. Thank you @Moped and @hipower. Solid info and much appreciated. It'll be after the first of the year before I can swing one. I'm hoping one pops up in our classifieds that relatively local to me. You never know @pop pop, I am familiar with the concept of using water in the guise of a "Fackler Box". It's set up using 1 gallon ziplock bags of water. According to the article I'll link below by Jim Higginbotham, the correlation is that water is 1.8 times easier to penetrate than ballistic gelatin . I would imagine your setup would provide some interesting info. Love to see some photos of it, mainly because I'm jealous that I don't have a place to set up something like this! Decent article in case anyone's interested. https://www.gunsamerica.com/digest/triggernometry-home-bullet-penetration/
  23. I have no excuse to not purchase an LCP as I'm handloading .380 again @hipower. Which version would you recommend? I see them online for as little as $175.00 + $15.00 S&H I would prefer to purchase locally, but I get a free monthly transfer at Shoot Point Blank as a member benefit.

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