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Any concerns with this upper?


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Any reason to be skeptical of this complete upper for $299?  


Looks like it only requires a lower and buffer tube/stock.


Says it includes the bolt.   (carrier group??)




Also considering this one with chrome-lined barrel and M4 bolt but it's $100 more.




And this one



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PTAC has mixed reviews. I am satisfied with my PTAC 1:9 upper, but I also realized going in that it was a budget build and was not going to be super accurate.
Add a complete lower for another $150 and have a good plinker.
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PTAC 16" 5.56mm 1:7 Carbine Length M4 Profile - w/ BCG & Charging Handle


M-16 Profile Bolt Carrier
Carpenter 158 Bolt
Charging Handle

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So far I've built two PTAC uppers and have been pleased as punch with both of them!  Zero issues and as accurate as I can shoot them. I would contend that if one is trying to build a 200+ yard dime shooter, he probably shouldn't be looking at $300 complete uppers, but $300 barrels!  W0lfattack was plenty happy with his one-hole 3 shot group with my latest build. (iron sights, about 18-20 paces... not 100 yards!)


I don't know that there's a much better value to be had in the AR world.


First PTAC build



Last week's build



Here's the show and tell thread about the latest gun.  http://www.tngunowners.com/forums/topic/78119-my-400-tgo-tribute-ar/

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And that was laying on uncomfortable gravel, using a crate as a rest, a gun I had never fired before, cheap steel case ammo, and within what - the first 30 break-in rounds of the gun? lol. I dont know why we didn't go to the rifle side and test it out at 50/100/200 yds. Both of musicmans PTAC AR's are excellent shooters!
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For the record, I didn't even look at the feed ramps or the FSB. However, we didn't have a single feeding malfunction (or any other type) and the FSB must have been oriented correctly because of the groupings made with a mechanical zero were right at the point of aim.

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Oh yea... I forgot all of those details!  Hahaha!  Yea, I think I shot the first 12-14 rounds, then you shot two standing, then those three prone.  Man, the more I think about it, the rifle IS pretty awesome, huh?  Best $400 I ever spent! Ha!


Later, I went through 114 rds (2x42rd mags and one 30rd mag) in less than 2 minutes without a hitch.  Sucker was HOT!! BUT... perfectly fine.

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Skeptical? Not really. It looks like it should function fine.

What I'd want to know is if the bolt carrier is chrome lined?

And Is the barrel phosphate coated under the FSB.


I personally like like chrome lined barrels over bare steel.

But that really isn't an issue if you clean it even half regularly.

Also, I'm not a fan of a fixed FSB, but that may not be an issue for you.

You'll likely need a riser block if you plan to run a scope with the Fixed FSB.

I just don't like it in my view with a red dot or scope on 3 or less power.


Next is if you need or will ever have a use for 1/7 barrel.

If you don't plan to shoot heavy 70+ grain bullets I'd go with a 1/9.

That way you can shoot super light varmint (30ish grain) bullets and not have the jacket disintegrate upon leaving the barrel.


I'm not saying there is anything at all wrong with that upper. I'm just pointing out what isn't there I would want.

Most likely it will do everything you need it to do. And for $299 you can't complain much.

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You'll likely need a riser block if you plan to run a scope with the Fixed FSB.



Nah, long as it's not a scout scope way forward and just using standard high mounts which will clear most folded BUIS and also allow still a good cheek weld, due to refraction/light gathering, depth of field, and whatnot optical properties, you don't even know FSB is there at 4x and more, just barely can pick up slight ghosting of it at 3x if even then, depending on lighting angles.


Both of these setups work just fine with 3-9 scopes and A2 FSB. QD is nice in case you need to get to the BUIS quickly. The PEPR style is particular nice.






- OS

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