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  1. They are fine. I'd focus more on the barrel and BCG. Dolomite is the go to guy here. He'll tell you what you need know.
  2. This is the part that concerns me. There are many Government Agencies. Some of which probably prefer we don't have firearms.
  3. I was the unfortunate victim of identity theft. They got my name, address, phone # and Debit Card # Luckly, Visa's fraud team caught it before they charged too much. They got me for $170+ for 5 transaction in 1 hour. Weird part is, I got 2 of the orders in the mail. Why would the thieves send stuff to my home address? They even had my correct phone# The other purchases they made were for online media and downloads. I rarely ever use my debit card. Only for gas and occasional other purchases. I have no idea how they got all this information? Only online purchase I have ever made with it was to advanced auto parts. I'm completely lost how they got my information? I am almost afraid to go to the mail box at this point. Who know what else I'll get billed for??????? Spent all day calling Credit Reporting and Bank trying to freezing and block all credit attempts. This suck...I hope no has to experience this.....ever.
  4. Never have figured out why a 2 legged creature would carry a 4 legged creature? But yeah, we all knew the 9 was the best. K9....lol
  5. I carry a Streamlight Microstream. I carry it IN my pocket. It gets pretty beat up. What I like about it is that it has one mode. And it it's great for just about everything I need except for lighting up really large areas or ones really far off.
  6. My advice is, since it's new - Send it Back -. No need trying to fix a problem if the manufacturer will for free. I no longer, Fix it 'till it's still broke" At least not if I don't have to..... Good luck if you do attempt to figure it out.
  7. Ontario XM1 and Benchmade Rescue Hook/Strap Cutter View Advert The Ontario XM-1 has been carried and lightly used. There is a small scuff on one corner of the scales. It's shown in the picture. It comes with the original box. This is a big knife. Too big for me to pocket carry. There for, I'm letting it go. The Benchmade Rescue Cutter looks to be new and unused. It does not have a box. Obviously these are sold - as is. I want $70 shipped. Lower 48 States only. Yes. I accept PayPal but from trusted members only. Or $60.00 if picked up in North Knoxville Area. Feel free to message me with any questions. Advertiser TnShooter83 Date 02/15/2017 Price $70.00 Category Non-Firearm Classifieds Manufacturer {$content} Type of Item {$content}
  8. According to the guy in post #4. It should work fine other than being/looking bigger. http://www.taurusclub.com/forum/116-aesthetics-interior-wheels-tires/153122-tire-sizes.html#/topics/153122?page=1&_k=n13dwt
  9. I like that the P320 is modular. So I'd pick it. I've owned a few M&P's. Never had an issue with them. You can't really go wrong either way. I'm going to say the Sig will sale better later if you ever decide you don't want it.
  10. I don't know.... But I go by, "If a little bit SHOULD work, a whole lot WILL work." Just ask my general shop class teacher. I can make short work out of a whole bottle of wood glue.
  11. The only time I ever had issues shooting 5.56 in a .223 chamber was in Ruger MK77. It was marked 223. I had a couple 5.56 that were were hard to eject by pulling the bolt back. That same day I attempted to fire steel case ammo as well. I literally had to hammer the bolt handle back to eject the cases. I'm not sure what was causing my issues. But none of the 223 ammo had this issue. Maybe it was a dirty chamber? Maybe it was the ammo? I never tried it again. That being said. I have shot 5.56 in a Savage Axis with no issues. Should you? I don't know. But I have and did..... Since you say his is a varmint heavy barrel. I'd stay a way from it. As it may have a little tighter chamber. Beating the bolt open is not something I like to do.

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