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gunbroker.com anyone?


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Other than the fact your buying a gun sight unseen other than a small thumbnail & normally paying a fee to have it shipped to your local FFL who in turn charges a transfer fee on top of TICS fee its a good deal. If its something really hard to get or uncommon I can see using it. If its a regular production gun you would probably come out better & cheaper just buying it locally.

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Yes, I've purchased four guns through gunbroker.com. I've had nothing but good experience on it. You do need to pay close attention to pictures and description on used guns, but the three used guns I bought were exactly as described in the ad. I can also say the I saved at least a hundred bucks (including shipping and fees) on every gun. In the current market, there's another benefit. The seller has the gun in stock. A family member has been trying to buy a certain gun locally for over a week and no one has it. But, a seller on gunbroker will be delivering it by the end of the week.

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I have bought and sold through Gunbroker. No problems, but as others have said you need to do your research on the item and the seller and make sure that you're covering your bases. Again, the transaction will only be as good as the seller allows it to be.

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Never bought a gun, but I have bought other "stuff"

No Problems.

I used Visa on both "Stuff" purchases 1 great 1 bad.

I disputed the charges on the bad..... worked out ok. I only buy if a really good deal

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I have only bought stuff on there if it was a smokin deal or if it was something I couldn't find anywhere else. But haven't been too dissapointed, the shipping/faxing/paying ordeal is a bit of a hassle in some cases.

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Bought both my Kimber Pro Covert II and my Remington 870 Tactical Spec Ops on Gunbroker. Saved about $200 on the Kimber and well over $100 on the Remy. Both were brand spanking new. I always read the sellers feedback, and I focus only on the neutrals and negatives (it's too easy to fluff the positives). I typically try to contact the seller before bidding, as well.

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Bought and sold never any problems ...I have one of my pistols on there now. Just check the feedback by the seller it's not hard to find out if others had a problem. If the seller has no feedback than I would look for someone who has feedback. I always have a phone number ( my cell phone) posted on anything I sell. Funny thing is most never call only the ones who are serious about buying a pistol...

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Ive bought 5 guns from sellers on Gunbroker. each time I made a offline deal with them to save thier small GB fees. I almost always call the seller and talk with them before I make the deal. I feel I can tell alot about a person on the phone plus the emails they send. So far (Knock on wood) Ive had wonderful buys. Plus the fact my FFL on charges me 10$ and no sales tax I can get alot of good deals. Id not buy a used gun sight un seen. But any NIB gun that I know how it feels and looks is good to buy.

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I have bought a number of guns off of gunbroker with good results. I agree that it is not the place to common firearms like Glock 23's but for an example, I picked up a older Ruger #1 with a Shilen SS HB 22-250 for $500. To me that was a deal as I knew what it was, what I was looking at, the seller described it well and had lots of pictures. Now I have looked at other guns that were priced cheap but beat up in the pics, by the time I paid shipping, tranfer fees, fixed and refinished them, they would not have been worth the effort. One last thing, if you are like me and you like to haggle and deal, then trying to dig that jewel out of the many deals out there is just fun.

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I bought a Taurus PT140 last year with no issues which I got a good deal on.

I just bought a new very hard to find Kel-Tec P3AT in chrome a month ago via Gunbroker. I got it after FFL transfer fees and all for the same price a local dealer would have charged, and I would have to put up the money first and then wait who knows how long for it to eventually come in with the local dealer.

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I have had good experiances from Gunbroker. Do your research though...check the feedback on the seller...request additional pics where applicable and look at them CLOSELY...last but not least, do the math. Deals can be had...no tak for out of state purchases but...you have shipping charges and then transfer fees on top of that to get it to your FFL...sometimes the shipping and transfer fees offset the savings on taxes and you would have been better off to go local!

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I've bought 3 firearms through gunbroker and all transactions have been smooth.

+1 for checking the seller's history/feedback

+1 for factoring in shipping & transfer fees on top of the auction price

Great deals are to be had but you've got to do your homework on seller and the item's fair market value. :)

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Guest oldhack62

I've made a handful of purchases via GunBroker.com, and will continue to do so. If you know exactly what you want and find it listed, then show a little patience should a bidding war break out (and I'm sometimes a guilty party here -- instant gratification being the temptation that it is, I don't always display appropriate self-control), you can find very good deals.

In any case, I've never felt like I've gotten a bad deal.

In particular, I can find ammo I can't get locally.

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Guest FNandGlock

Its ok just kinda a pain I bought 2 guns and both just was more trouble then its worth. There is a site called www.reloadersauction.com that I use and its awesome very easy to use and the sell everything and the format is much like eBay.com. There is a few gun shop owners that will sell very close to cost and most list the auctions starting just above cost.

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Guest wordsworth

Yep. Bought my XD from gunbroker and per local prices I've seen saved about $50 after FFL, taxes and shipping. Buy from reputable posters with high transaction count and great feedback, 99% or 100%. I would suggest you only buy brand new guns. Read the descriptions carefully as some are particular about payment. I would suggest calling before and right after winning your gun to confirm and clarify everything. You can catch a good deal on there once in a while- g' luck!

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