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  1. Lebanon Gun shop may still offer there reloading class.
  2. The ponsness autodrive I had problems with, It did not last long on my machine (broke parts and was very inconsistent). I know have the Mark VII and love it. Have not done a caliber conversion yet even though I have the stuff. Loaded about 25,000 9mm so far. Is on Dillon 1050 but they have now making one for the Dillon 650. With the Mark VII you can adjust dwell time at top and bottom of stroke as well length of time to make stroke. Really like Mark VII.
  3. I have the rcbs bullet feeder on my 650 (9, 40 and 45). It works well with plated and jacketed bullets (most of the time after a learning curve). lead and molly coated bullets it does not work well with ( it will just drop a lot of bullets al at once). The week part of the system is the die that drops the bullet, it has a plastic cylinder with some fingers with rubber band that the bellowed case make bullet release. These rubber bands are like orthodontics type rubber bands (real little). If you double the rubber band and do not leave bullets in this die over night, it seems to work well. When you leave bullets in it for a period of time it will just drop every bullet in the tube all at once. I have bought one of the horandy dies to try incorporate into the system to make work better with moly coated bullets, but have not ever tried at this point ( my interest right now is rifle, which I do not use the 650 for except for when loading for ar type) Hope this helps. Allen
  4. I use a 650 with rcbs bullet feeder and when the bullet feeder is working correctly (most of the time now after some growing pains) it really is fast and works well. Allen
  5. Check the case insert slide (one side is for pistol and the other side for rifle). This is the triangle piece above the station 1 locator. Allen
  6. I ordered 2 die sets and 2 conversion kits 1/16/2013. Still do not have. Sent an email that took 5 working days to get answere from inquiring about my order and the said I was getting close. That email was answere over a month ago. Still have none of my order. Allen
  7. I have the Hornady version and while it does clean the brass pretty well I find it to be very slow. After you get the brass clean you must rinse the solution off and then wait on the cases to dry. I thought about putting them in the oven and then read about that causing cases to crack. I now use my old tumbler and use the sonic cleaner only for cleaning certain gun parts. Allen
  8. Actually extremely short or extremely long either one can cause higher pressure. When you set the bullet really deep it reduce the cases capacity which will cause higher pressure. When you set the bullet to long the bullet has no jump length (distance to the lands) and this will also cause pressure increases. It is generally considered to be safe to go longer (which is generally more accurate to) and work your way up looking for pressure signs with longer loads. Allen
  9. I started off with the Lyman eletric trickler and it was very inconsistant, wound up with an RCBS and could not be happier. Allen
  10. So what chokes do most people use? Do most change barrells for slugs? I would not think that lsugs would work well with a choke and I would think you wouldnot want to just leave the choke out for fear of screwing up threads for the choke. So how does all of this work? Thanks for any help, Allen
  11. I know that it is a pretty good drive but the outpost armory near Mufreesboro had what you were looking for a couple of months ago. Do not know if it is worth the drive or not to you. I would call and ask before I made the drive. Allen
  12. allenwaddle

    Savage 110BA

    Dolomite, Where do you find 50 BMG for $1.50? Thanks, Allen
  13. Are spectators welcome? I have been thinking about getting into competive shooting however I am unsure of what kind of competive shooting I would like to get into. Any info you all con pass along would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Allen
  14. which range is that? Thanks, Allen

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