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  1. Lab radar or Magnetospeed

    And I like the idea of having something that does record/offer more than just speed reading. I guess I just wasn’t sure if people that bought them actually utilized those functions or if they ended up just using them like any other Chrono. I think I’ll go with the LabRadar but I may give it a lil more time to find a used one or they go back on sale.
  2. Lab radar or Magnetospeed

    I wish I had bought one back in November when they were like $100 off.
  3. Lab radar or Magnetospeed

    I think I’d much rather be able to pull my speed reading while shooting groups. Would be cheaper and quicker load development. Have you had any issues with it at all?
  4. I’m thinking about buying one of these 2 and curious if any of you guys have experience with them. Is the Lab radar worth the extra money? I like that you can shoot for groups and record velocity at the same time with the Lab Radar since it’s not hanging from the barrel. I’ve looked call over for a used one but it looks like folks hold onto them once they buy one.
  5. 2017 Deer Season Thread

    Well I’ve been mia for a few years now but looks like there’s still a few familiar faces on the annual deer thread. I’ve had a busy few years (have had to babies and employment changes) so I sort of lost track of some things, TGO being one of them, but thought about some of you guys tonight and figured I’d stop by. Hope all you guys had had an enjoyable deer season so far whether you’ve killed anything or not!
  6. When submitting a form 20, it asks for an address at both ends of the trip. My desitination date will not be the same each trip I make down to FL so that brings up my question about filing for the full year. Do I have to submit a separate form for each destination? Or can I just use the most centralized address and be able to move about the state from there?
  7. e-file form 1 submitted June 28th, approved this morning.
  8. 6.5 Grendel build (assembly)

    Well I'm not to excited about it because I sold my parts off to fund a bolt gun and glass and there's still a part of me that wants to re purchase parts and build it. I found a new set of dies and a box of 123gr Lapua Scenars that I had forgotten about while re organizing some of the drawers in my loading room last week. I should probably post them for sale or keep them in case I do build one eventually.
  9. Below is the latest "ATF Online" email. My question is, if they actually think that the "president's" recent executive bs is going to go through, why are they still developing any efile related software? If they are to start requiring fingerprints on everyone then wouldn't that mean that everything would have to go the paper file route?
  10. HELP! Carry permit and conditional green card.

    As it turns out, Lisa is one of the people he spoke with yesterday. That evidently didn't net him a gain. Might not hurt to call her again but I'm was meaning that I didn't have to time to really start into any of it today during their business hours.
  11. HELP! Carry permit and conditional green card.

    As it turns out, Lisa is one of the people he spoke with yesterday. That evidently didn't net him a gain. Might not hurt to call her again but I'm was meaning that I didn't have to time to really start into any of it today during their business hours.
  12. HELP! Carry permit and conditional green card.

    We didn't make it to the DMV today. I woke up to what sounded like a honey badger in my hvac unit so the whole day was delayed by like 3 hours. I'm hoping we'll have time to work on it tomorrow.
  13. HELP! Carry permit and conditional green card.

    Well that's certainly good advice. I'll call a few more numbers in the morning and try to get someone higher up the chain to acknowledge that the DMV clowns are wrong and hopefully send that in email form or something else that can be printed off and taken in. They've very recently moved to the state so he's got all of his documentation out from the drivers license switch over. Hopefully they'll allow us to speak to a supervisor without having to ask if an attorney is needed but I suppose the attorney is the next play if they continue to play "hide the supervisor" or playing dumb. I googled several different DMV locations today and not a single one had a review rating of more than 1.7 so I guess it'd be foolish to walk in expecting good service. Thanks to you and everyone else for the tips, hopefully it'll go smoothly but one of us will update.
  14. HELP! Carry permit and conditional green card.

    Well I've certainly got an attorney that loves to make an ass out of people that don't know what they're talking about so maybe that's the next step if a few phone calls don't work in the morning. Every time I deal with a dmv employee I am reminded of how sick I am of sorry ass slugs receiving taxpayer funded pay checks. If your pay check is funded by tax dollars and you're not in the military, you should , as part of your job description, do everything short of literally kissing the tax paying customer's ass. I'm very good at showing my ass but I like to make sure that I'm in the right before I do it. Based on what you're saying, this is nothing more than misinformed employees that are to lazy to dig in and try to find the truth. Tomorrow could get interesting.

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