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  1. yup. my brand new shiny 'international man of mystery photog vest' didn't look at all like I thought it did..
  2. FrankD, Do you reload, or will you be buying factory target ammo? I really like 308, and I certainly shoot it more than other rounds. If you reload than you have a lot of flexibility. But if I didn't reload I'd be looking at other options too for 500-600 yards. Besides the 6.5 Creedmoor you mentioned, a good fast twist 223 bolt gun with good ammo is a great way to get started, and is a lot cheaper to feed too while you are learning wind. Just a thought.... Best regards, Tim
  3. That is great news! I spoke with him a couple weeks ago about a small pistol project, so next rifle bedding job I was going to speak with Echo 3 first before sending a rifle out. ...and I still would really like to learn to do this myself...
  4. hey Rob, It really seems like it shouldn't be that hard, but I would be 'that guy' who has a glued in action. So I have not found anyone local, but have you talked to Echo 3 in Chapel Hill? Let us know if you figure it out! Tim
  5. Yes. I'm a long time Colt 1911 guy, but I traded into a really nice used Les Baer PII 45acp. We still tend to shoot a Colt S70 9mm more at the range, but PMII is really an excellent 1911.
  6. Searching CMP website it looks like Oakridge ORSA, Knoxville, Memphis (lakeland) for CMP sanctioned. There are several High Power / XTC type matches locally (some short course & some full) but not necessarily CMP; AEDC in Tullahoma TN (Mid South Marksmen), Maury County Gun Club (short course), Dead Zero Shooting park. There are probably more, that is what I can think of. Also a longer drive, but CMP has locations in Alabama - I haven't been there but Talladega is supposed to be extremely nice.
  7. Looks like a rack number to me to me, too. I didn't see that type of rack number referenced in "Crown Jewels", but many different armorers / units over time. Nice rifle!
  8. Was that the Steele Fun Shoot? I haven't been there, but the range looks really nice.
  9. Caveat - I am not a 1911 wizard, but I haven't had much luck with 1911 'drop-in'. Like DJTC45 suggested, a Kart pro fitted barrel is my preference, though I also have Bar-sto & Nowlin and I even got lucky with a few Colt factory take-offs. I definitely suggest a good 1911 gunsmith fit the barrel / bushing and adjust extractor if required, unless you have that skill.
  10. I've limited experience + don't have a Springfield to compare, so I definitely defer to Grayfox 54. Just FYI though I have several older Colt 1911s (5" version) that I can switch back & forth between 9mm / Super 38 / 9x23 by changing a barrel + magazine ...
  11. I'm a Colt guy, and to me a "well used" decommissioned with unit providence would be so cool to own.
  12. Nice deer! Not arguing with Rob, but in my limited experience the truck bed has worked better for me too, versus trying to fit it in the back seat
  13. Elk is a "bucket list" item for me. Let us know details if you go, always like to hear about elk
  14. I was looking for a 7-08 or 270 as a spare, friend offered a excellent deal on a 280AI. It's really growing on me but I am very glad that I reload, as I wouldn't want to be buying factory loads for this one. I am using 139/140g & H4350 for whitetail, but I might start looking at 160g if elk was on the menu.
  15. We usually process at home, but Flowers Farms Nashville and C & F Meat in Triune were our 'backup plan' if we couldn't get it done. I know people that had used both and were happy. C&F has permanently closed. Flowers as far as I can tell is still open for deer (nursery closed for season) but with all the staffing issues everyone is having these days I would definitely call first.
  16. Bump for a gorgeous rifle - love that stock with red pad. GLWS
  17. I really wish you were closer to Nashville, I would trade R26 for H4831sc. Good luck!
  18. Free Bump - Major Kong is an excellent guy, & wish I needed another high-end 1911
  19. thank you chuckstur, in this case I sure wouldn't mind cutting the old barrel off but I would prefer a non-Remage. thanks. xtriggerman, I actually have two 'excess' older match rifles (a pre war + post 64 classic CRF) that I am looking at. I don't have any records but since were multiple re-barreled match rifles, my understanding is the threads may have been re-cut as part of a blueprint / truing process. And I am sure not an expert, but if recut then my thought of using a factory take-off barrel to make a hunting rifle might not work? Both rifles have a lot of sentimental value to me but no collector value, and I would like to hunt them... I sincerely appreciate your offer, and may reach out to you to discuss later in year - thanks! Tim
  20. Thank you for posting this, I wasn't aware of this change!
  21. thank you, that was interesting - I am ordering one of the referenced books
  22. hey Capbyrd, I am just trying to educate myself a little. I have always liked Randalls, but I actually prefer Border patrol handle (or just one finger groove) not multiple groves like this. And we used to use Kiwi to blacken a brown sheath, but apparently factory black was also an option when this was made. I don't have a #1 anymore. And years ago I traded my old beat up #14 straight across for a shiny new #15 (and in hind sight not such a good deal). Then I found this new #14 to replace my old #14. thanks, Tim
  23. Is there someone local Nash area who has tools/fixture/skills to spin a Winchester Model 70 barrel off? I have an older match rifle that I want to re-purpose into a hunting rifle, so first step is spin the old heavy palma barrel off to check threads. If the threads haven't been changed as part of last re-barrel, then I may look for a factory take-off barrel. and I would prefer to not send it now with all the shipping delays and general crazy , but I also have heard the Winchester 'pre-64' controlled round feed actions are a little harder to work on. thanks ! Tim
  24. thanks guys, any of you knowledgeable about Randall's ? I have had a few #1 , #15 several #14s. I *think* I bought this one on a whim at Nordic Knife in Solvang on vacation about 15 years ago. I use an older #15, but this #14 is a total safe queen - and only one I have with the forward curved hilt and a black sheath.


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