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  1. I'm a big fan of the patagonia lightweight shorts. Maybe not as durable as some of the duluth options others have called out, but the breathability is worth it to not fight swamp a$$ all summer.
  2. This is a solid price on a quality upper. Surprised this is still around.
  3. I've used the exact same case for travel and it has been fine. Good choice not using a big box that says "GLOCK" on the front. One other word of caution it seems that if you have TSA PreCheck you will still end up going through normal security if you have checked a firearm, not a huge deal just a note if you typically cut it close on your times.
  4. The good news is that if there is a limit on mag capacity the criminals will also adhere to same regulations so us responsible gun owners will be on a level playing field with the folks trying to do harm.
  5. Ive got two built up, one 7.5" 5.56 and another 10.5" 5.56. I have been really impressed with them, have take a couple courses with the 10.5 and it held up just fine. I would have no qualms about getting more of them I did tap the buffer retainer detent spring hole on both and the plastic seems to be holding up just fine.
  6. I've taken a handful of classes of RR and all but one were with Shane, agree he is top notch and does a fantastic job. Very impressed with the whole operation out there.
  7. on other thing to consider is if you are looking to ever add a dot to the pistol the Hellcat offers an OSP model that comes milled for an optic. I actually got the 365 XL and swapped out a 365 grip module to retain the concealability while providing the longer/milled slide. With a holosun 507K it makes a dandy little package.
  8. enough = your current qty + 10 I see them sell on here and other forums for roughly what I pay for them (even in 2019) if I catch a deal, with that in mind they are pretty stable and worst case scenario they are worth a whole lot more if something goes awry. I can recall people paying $30 for PMAGs after Sandyhook. If they are ~$10 each I will pick em up.
  9. Not likely. I am actually trying to avoid selling any gun stuff these days. At the current rates I could empty my parts tubs in a couple years and retire early! You can actually buy the grip frames direct from Sig https://www.sigsauer.com/grip-module-365xl-standard-blk-1.html
  10. That is what I was hoping for as well. Ended up getting an XL and then putting the guts into a standard grip module. Longer optics ready slide with a smaller grip for concealability.
  11. Agree you are looking at at least 2 cans, even your 30 cal and rimfire cans will not work for your 9mm. Handgun cans aren't too great honestly for centerfire, I would stick with your two options and go from there. My personal 30 cal choice was a Rugged Surge, I am likely going to pull the trigger on a dead air mask for my rimfire needs in the next couple of weeks.
  12. smoky mtn concealment makes a lot of canik stuff, but I don't think they offer one with active retention.


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