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  1. FrankD

    The Garden Thread

    My strawberries aren’t even close to getting anything yet, I do have a couple small green tomatoes working though!
  2. FrankD

    RFI Pressure washer recommendations

    I used a karcher gas powered with a 5HP Honda engine on it for years that would always start when I needed it to and would blow the paint off your car if you weren’t careful. It was large and probably overkill for me and the average user. That unit is still working (10+ years) at my parents house, and I have purchased a sunjoe electric unit that works OK and doesn’t have the upkeep of the larger. If you don’t need >2300 PSI I would stick with electric, if you need more than that I would look into renting or getting a decent used one off craigslist
  3. FrankD

    for-sale Southern Grind Spider Monkey

    Good thing, I was almost going to have to buy it
  4. FrankD

    for-sale Southern Grind Spider Monkey

    that is a steal for a great blade.
  5. FrankD

    CB radio help

    I used to have a firestik mount that went between the hood and fender. Worked great and just put it opposite of the radio antenna and nobody really knew.
  6. FrankD

    The niche I wish manufacturers would find

    Agreed, that’s why you should buy it and prove to me that I don’t need to talk myself out of it a couple times a year.
  7. FrankD

    The niche I wish manufacturers would find

    Sounds like you need to get a rohrbaugh r9.
  8. Looking to standardize my ARs so I am looking to sell the upper off my 2vets arms LRRP rifle. Here is a link to the specs: https://www.impactguns.com/2-vets-arms-ar15-lrrp-optic-ready-223556-16in-mid-length-gas-system-2va556lrrp-851401004100.aspx In full disclosure when I first got this rifle the gas port was undersized and the rifle would not cycle the bolt back, I painstaking sent it back to 2VA and they repaired the rifle and it has functioned flawlessly since I have gotten it back (3 range trips ~400 rounds). 2VA is also no longer in business so your support options will be limited. They did have terrible customer service, but from what I have read once you had the product in hand they typically were OK. I can text pictures just PM me your info. Looking to get $600 FTF in the nashville area.
  9. I ordered a mag holster from a seller with the handle "gunholsters" for my LCP and my shield 9mm. The LCP was great and the shield was super tight, they shipped me a replacement in a matter of days. great CS from those folks.
  10. FrankD

    reached the point of what I need in handguns

    need at least one .22LR to use as a loaner for first time shooters.
  11. FrankD

    Shooters Nation Podcast - Episode 002

    Got about 45 minutes in and then got sidetracked when you started talking about Jared Reston and had to watch his interview. Glad to see you guys still have things to talk about after episode 1!
  12. FrankD

    Ruger LCP II (used)

    I would think you would be lucky to get $250 with the laser and $175 without it. I know I was contemplating selling mine with all my .380 ammo to fund a single stack 9mm but I don't think I would get much and you can't beat it for deep concealment.
  13. We have both the arlo pro and simplisafe system in our house. Simplisafe is a monitored alarm system, when/if something were to go off help will be dispatched and I am alerted. The arlo is simply an alert for me but won't do much to get help there if I do not see the activity. IMHO a monitored system is a better safety mechanism since it does contact help, arlo is good for seeing who is at your door or what time your neighbor went to work. Long story short is I recommend both, but if I only had one it would Simplisafe.

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