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  1. Sold my last moon clip revolver. Don't plan on another. I gave the buyer a pile of clips and a TK loader. At one time, I had misplaced my loader, and bought another one, this one ... for another $65. It's like new, though the flash washes out the color in the photo, it's really bright blue. I found 11 clips also that I'll include. For S&W 625 .45 acp. $45 buys it all FTF, ($55 ships it to your door.) SOLD
  2. I'm with Sidinman, have a safe full of deer rifles and have bloodied them all. As I grow long in the tooth, I am slowly selling off my deer rifles (thank you TGO). Have killed a lot of deer also with my bows, muzzleloaders and handguns. But if I have a favorite deer rifle, it would have to be my Ruger M77 International .243 I bought in my twenties. It was my first deer rifle and the only one I had, because back then, raising a family and carving out a life was a bit tougher for me. 45 years later, and sitting comfortable, I have quite a few, almost to the point I think it's silly. But as I slowly let them go, if and when I get back to one rifle (don't hold your breath) it would be this one. Lots of memories, lots of venison, and a few big racks to boot. It has served me well.
  3. Sorry, no trades. Got more .22s than I need now.
  4. 1967 Winchester 30-30 Canadian Centennial. Original, not refinished. This is the 20" octagon barrel carbine, not the 26" rifle, which seem to be more abundant. I did a complete tear-down and cleaning. Internally looks like new, I doubt in its 55 years it's been fired much. Bore looks great. Check out the carrier and chamber area, no wear to be seen. There are splotches on the bluing of the barrel. It could be re-blued to make it pretty. The receiver and magazine tube look great. The walnut is beautiful. It's the perfect shooter commemorative for nostalgic deer hunting. I fired 5 rounds through it at 50 yards and it shoots sweet. Ready to hunt, and I'll throw in a box of shells. Should be good for 20 deer if you do your part. $800 $650 Final price drop - This one's GONE.
  5. Welcome! You'll find TN a gun friendly state with gun friendly folks. (I'm a damn Yankee myself, but I don't tell these guys ... but I've lived here for 45 years, so I'm pretty southern grounded I'd say)
  6. That sounds like an elementary school math equation.
  7. I've got jacketed 55 gr. FMJ .223 and 115 gr. 9mm copper coated bullets I would trade for equal amount of .380 bullets (85-100 gr) plated or jacketed (no cast).
  8. They already had that in the .327 Federal Magnum. Able to get 6 shots into the Ruger LCR or their SP101, it was a great idea IMO, but seems to be an obscure round to say the least. However Federal could've taken the same round and put it in semi-rim version to use for autoloaders. But ah ... just give me primers on the shelf at $30 a brick and I'll be happy.
  9. I'd rather Federal put all their effort to bring us back $9.00 boxes of 9mm to Wally World.
  10. This Edge 12 volt, 55 lb., 45" shaft, foot operated came on my G3 Sportsman as a packaged boat. I have since upgraded so this one's for sale. The Edge sells new for $569, this one has been used very little, great shape, I'll take $200 for it.
  11. Great price on a great gun. I have a Pro series 9mm, no telling how many rounds I've put through it shooting IDPA. Always 100% reliable in all aspects.


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