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  1. Yep, same here. Got my Ky CCW the first year they were available. Too many to remember, but my LCR rode the longest, about 4 years, and now it's my Kahr MK9 winter carry, and shorts and T-shirt, my Kahr P380 with Underwood 100 gr. cast, they're impressive.
  2. Everything you need for IDPA ESP Division: M&P Pro -9 with 5" barrel, fiber optic sight, with Apex enhanced trigger and trigger tune kit, 7 magazines (five 17 rd & two 15 rd), Kydex IDPA legal holster, and mag carriers. SOLD FTF Rockvale/Murfreesboro area
  3. Hard to believe this is still here after that price drop, especially with all the ammo.
  4. All depends where you sell it, or try to sell it I should say. There are TGO prices, which are usually fair, realistic prices ... and then there are the inflated stupid prices on the big sites like Gun Broker, Arms List, etc. For the most part, us TGO folks are looking for a bargain always, but also willing to pay a "reasonable" price for something we really want. I have a CZ 550 in 6.5x55, it's not for sale, but if it was, I would hope to move it on TGO for around $800 without a scope. Which btw you can buy a new CZ 600 LUX for that. No way would it be worth $1200 in my opinion. But crazy prices seem to be the norm right now, especially on sites that have bidding wars.
  5. 225cc Moto - 4, great shape for the year (1986) good rubber, new battery, Starts right up, all gears and both high/low ranges plus reverse work fine. Has a lot of grunt in low range. Always barn kept, and non-ethanol fuel only. Upper engine was rebuilt in 2002 by Sloans (M'boro), including new piston, rings. Comes with sprayer that needs work, either the nozzle is plugged or pump not putting out enough (weak spray) and has seeder/fertilizer spreader too. Has foot guards too. Ready for deer food plots or just hauling your butt into the woods, and the deer back out. $1000
  6. Sell two rifles, buy a Dillon. It is magic. Kidding aside ....... buy a Dillon. One more try ... I've got an RCBS single stage for big rifles, a Lee turret press dedicated to .44 mag and .357 and a Dillon 550. For things I need mass quantities, I crank out on the Dillon. Every stroke of the handle pops out a finished round vs the three different stages on a single press (pistol) , two stages for rifle if you can get by without an expander, which you can't if you're doing cast. The Lee turret only helps that I don't have to screw in and out dies, but that don't save that much time. I continue to load on the RCBS singe my deer rifles, cuz I don't shoot those much and I hand weigh each round on top of that. The Dillon would be the bomb for 5.56 and .300. BTW, that Forster co-ax you have is a great single stage press. Forster makes some top quality stuff. Buy the DIllon.
  7. Bump for a cool hand cannon. Reminiscent of Remington's XP 100. Miss those from my IHMSA days.
  8. Thanks for the interest, but sorry, no, face to face only.
  9. I still have that Pietta I bought from you and still haven't shot it, because I don't want to clean it.


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