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  1. ammo deals http://www.ammoforsale.com/rimfire?utm_source=From+Contests&utm_campaign=b8846ab00b-AFS_Cont_11_24_2015&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_8f10486d2e-b8846ab00b-320577057
  2. Monkey's statement.. "If I have a complete rifle, then obtain an 8" upper, I'm not in violation because I can remove the stock from the tube on the lower that came with the rifle before attaching the 8" upper, making it a legal pistol." I don't think so because the lower was not built as a pistol originally. You can turn a pistol into a rifle but not a rifle into a pistol. Am I correct??    
  3. Thanks guys. I was pretty sure of these things but put question forward  anyway. The chart from Dmark is great. Thanks
  4. If I go into Georgia with my AR pistol (built as a pistol) and am questioned by an ATF agent how do I prove it's a legal pistol. Is assembling parts purchased from different sources manufacturing? If not, why do I have to purchase my stripped receiver through an FFL? What a bunch of convoluted rules. 
  5. My Norton went nuts when I clicked on the link?
  6. I don't usually hide stuff. I put it in a safe place so when I need it............ I find it after I buy a new one.   :screwy:
  7. Very sorry to hear this. Prayer for your family.
  8. Hope you don't mind Bersa, I stole this for my FB page. Everyone likes it .  :up:
  9. I love starting my day with good news. I'm very happy your daughter is home.
  10. The insurance companies are all for Obama Care. They are not renewing policies, and when people need insurance they raise rates, increase out of pocket and co-pays.
  11.   This question has come up before and I think this should answer it. It was posted on Facebook by "2nd Amendment". I hope the link works. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=syxrpLbaEuY
  12. The two worst jobs were fiberglass layup for Chris Craft in Pompano, FL. Working in the hull of the 55' and 60' Commander. Resins being sprayed with chopped up fiberglass is not pleasant. That lasted about six weeks and was hired by Southern Bell as a cable splicer. Working in muddy pits and in manholes with roaches and rats ( gives me goosebumps remembering that). The best was firefighter/paramedic for 27 years. Being retired is a close second best. 
  13. This is for Mike. Picked it up a couple of weeks ago. '65 GTA [url=http://s628.photobucket.com/user/fools62/media/1965C_zps516760e5.jpg.html][/URL]
  14. I'd like to think I would take the shot, but I might be too busy trying to figure out where that smell is coming from.
  15. I am not as eloquent as some, only signing petitions and sending form e-mails, but here is what I sent to two of my favorites. (Lamar and Bob) Sir,   I may not understand the backroom deals that are made in DC, but I certainly understand the premise of keeping your word. It appears that you do not. This past election I voted straight Republican because I believed what you said were your values and the values of this country and the Constitution. I hope you are ready to retire  from Tennessee politics because myself and every other gun owner and sportsman in Tennessee will be campaigning against you should you have the audacity to seek reelection.  Have a nice day.

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