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  1. I have been told the Savage 110s are hard to beat. I just purchased a Savage Axis in .30-06. I haven't shot it yet, but will soon. This is my budget long"ish" range gun. I chose the .30-06 because that is what I deer hunt with and I won't have to stock up on another caliber of ammo by adding a .308 or 6.5 or etc...
  2. 10/22 10/22 - takedown Model 11112 10/22 - boat paddle stock Marlin Model 925M Glennfield Model 60 (Squirrel) Pink Cricket (my oldest daughter's) Ruger Standard (1969) Ruger SR22
  3. This!! Previous law breaker or not, this is a clear violation of the 4th amendment.
  4. I work just south of Downtown Memphis. When the protests and rioting started up I added a 300blk pistol to my EDC backpack, for just in case. I have been pleasantly surprised at the peacefulness of our protests in this city. Memphis is not normally known for doing something right, other than Blues and BBQ.
  5. I took "The Fight" from Tactical Response and used Simunition rounds.
  6. A force-on-force class is the closest we can get to the real thing, outside of being involved in the real thing. I learned so much about myself, not just gun stuff in that class. Even though you KNOW it isn't real, and the bullets aren't real, the adrenaline still hits and fingers become flippers and the world changes in those class scenarios. Taking one of those type classes is a real eye opening experience.
  7. High Center Chest is ideal. If you absolutely need that person to stop what they are doing, shoot what is available. A bullet passing through any part of a body will make that person reconsidering their actions and give you a chance to make that "better" shot. High Center Mass or Ocular Cavity.
  8. One spare on my weak side, one on my strong side in front of the gun (G19) BUG (Shield) on my ankle, with a spare mag in the pocket. LCP in weak side front pocket. This was only added in the last year and is for sentimental reasons.
  9. I am 2 months into my wait. The ATF charged my CC on May 18th. I'm waiting on taking ownership of a YHM Mite. I have 2 hosts for it currently; a Ruger 10/22 takedown and a Ruger SR22. Being patient sucks.
  10. They are in great shape. I would have jumped on that deal too. Great score!
  11. I got one from PSA also. It was $319.99 with a $45 discount making it $274.00 with free shipping. After the $75 rebate it will be $199.99. That is stupid cheap.
  12. Yes sir. You are welcome. Glad you like it. I bought one for a friend at Christmas time. He loves it too.
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