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  1. Oh yeah! I understand completely.
  2. Yeah I agree. They even did that bit in Back to the Future 3.
  3. Meanwhile our glorious Government is handling this "great". That said with a lot of sarcasm. Open border with all types of China Virus coming in but, apparently that's not a concern. Falsey first said no mask required, then wear a mask, then wear 2 masks. How much are they paying that fool?
  4. Yeah, Phil is great. Hope he gets through this soon.
  5. A lot of our garden is about done. A few squash, zucchini, maters and okra still coming but, just about done. Rain hasn't been coming when it needs to and we've watered some.
  6. I think they was smoking that greenish/blue corrosion on battery cables.
  7. Kahrman, I know I've done at least 6 of them.
  8. I'm sure there's things that have been left out of the article. Important points.
  9. I've talked to a lot of people that have no intentions of being a Guinea Pig. UNVACCINATED, FREE, AND PISSED OFF!
  10. I thought the Crips invented that type of Doo Rag?
  11. Check out the episode of King Of The Hill with ZZTop on it. Dusty is Hank's cousin.
  12. My older sister introduced me to ZZTop when I was about 10. She used to jam to her Fandango Live Album.
  13. I think there's an outbreak of LTEM too. LOST THEIR EVERLOVING MINDS!
  14. I used to be as country as cornbread around some yankees I used to work with. Freak'em plumb out. I think Seattle made that list on video too.
  15. Ivermectin is supposed to work too. If I get the China Virus, I'll just go to a Farmer's service or CO-OP and get some. Dosage by weight. What about Hydroxychloroquine? Can you even get it?


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