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  1. Quavodus

    Super Bowl

    I fell asleep in the 4th quarter. It was 3 to 3 and then I woke up and they was interviewing Brady congratulating him, and I was like what, they won, its over. I had to watch the highlights Monday morning.
  2. Quavodus

    "Hey Rob, can you.......

    Kinda reminds me of pics of guns that have been confiscated in the middle East.
  3. Quavodus

    Single shotgun with wiggly barrel

    Yeah I'm probably gonna try shimming it up. Its a trial and error thing but, thats probably the route I'll go.
  4. Quavodus

    "Hey Rob, can you.......

    Woah. I don't think I've ever seen one like that.
  5. Yeah, a .243 is ok for coyotes. Especially with 70-80 gr. bullets. Now, a 7mm Mag. is a little overkill. Ive got another friend that uses his to kill coyotes year round. WOAH!
  6. I've got an old shotgun with a wiggly barrel. Can somebody recommend a easy fix, other than peening the barrel ring where it goes around the reciever? I thought of putting thin shim stock around reciever to tighten it up.
  7. Quavodus

    As if I needed another pistol...ahem...PDW...dang CZ

    I've never had one but, I hear great things about them.
  8. I've got a friend that has a H&R .223 with heavy barrel and its a good shooter. The trigger was a little stiff when he got it but, it lightened some after he shot it some.
  9. Quavodus

    Sierra Gamechanger ammunition line

    Those bullets have a very high ballistic coefficient. No wonder its claimed to have high retaining energy and velocities. Wow!
  10. Quavodus

    350 Legend by Winchester

    Thats definitely interesting. I wonder what kind of velocity.
  11. Quavodus

    Remember about 10 years ago.... when

    My Garand and Carbine cost more than that...…….
  12. I like the looks and features of the SCCY. I just wonder if they will ever make something bigger than 9mm.
  13. If they do add higher capacity magazines, that will definitely be a plus. He said maybe 15+ rds. That should be good. Hi-Points are good guns for the money. People are always calling them junk. I wonder if those people have heard of Jennings, Lorcin, Davis, Cobra, Raven, etc.
  14. Quavodus

    Remember about 10 years ago.... when

    I don't know if there's gonna be any more cheap surplus stuff ever. Don't look like it. Russian Mosin Ngant 91-30 rifles are going for 250 bucks or more now. Who would've thought that.
  15. I've got a JHP .45, its never once jammed or anything. I've put about 500 rounds through it. Great gun for the money. People keep trying to kill them in the youtube videos...........

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