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  1. Yes, I totally get that. That’s why I was hoping someone had bought the same stuff from David when he had it. I do remember roughly what charge weight he suggested so I’ll back that down and start working back up.
  2. Yea, one of the pulldown powders he sold (846) is really close to Blc but the stuff I’m questioning I a small stick powder.
  3. That he was. I always enjoyed hanging out with him at his place and Gun shows.
  4. I’ve got a thermal for hogs and yotes when I’m in FL and it’s fun but I enjoy hunting yotes in the day better.
  5. They will focus on the source of the sound and they are master at doing it. If you’re using an ecaller they should focus on that as long as you’re being still and have kept the wind right.
  6. I took this guy this morning about 30 minutes after daylight.
  7. They are very responsive this time of year! Every Stand is different but generally I give howling a chance a few times to try to get a response and then will go into prey distress if the vocals don't get any traction. Cottontail and woodpecker are both good to try and if you get a response with the howling but nothing rolls in, vole squeaks can often times coax them in. if that doesn't work you can try some pup distress before leaving the stand. What call are you using?
  8. Congrats on the deer! How have you been buddy?
  9. I ordered tungsten shot to load coyote shells and got online to order empty hulls to load and pretty much everything is sold out. I certainly wasn't expecting to see that.
  10. I’ve got a lab radar and I’m comfortable that I can find a safe starting point. Was just hoping someone was familiar with this particular powder to save some time and components. Not a huge deal. I appreciate the reply!
  11. Thanks! I had actually read through those. David had given me a few loads he worked up for .223 using the powder and I feel like the comparable powder he mentioned was an Accurate powder rather than the imr 4895. I was just looking at the jug earlier wondering what all I could do with it. I’ll certainly be cautious.
  12. Been a long while since I’ve posted anything on here! Anyhow, years ago I bought a jug of powder from David (not sure if he’s still around?) and it’s labeled 7.62x54r. When I bought it he gave me a commercial powder that it was really close to but I can’t find where I made that note (wasn’t smart enough to write it on the label). So.... anyone here familiar with the powder I have? Or have a good number for David? The cell number I have is evidently disconnected.
  13. I’m curious about the Whidden blackout trim die. It’s $60 where the Dillon is close to $190 (with tool head). Will the Whidden make the conversion or will a rough cut be necessary? Also need to know if their die will work with the Dillon tool head and vacuum setup. I can’t see any reason to spen $190 if $60 will do.
  14. And I like the idea of having something that does record/offer more than just speed reading. I guess I just wasn’t sure if people that bought them actually utilized those functions or if they ended up just using them like any other Chrono. I think I’ll go with the LabRadar but I may give it a lil more time to find a used one or they go back on sale.
  15. I wish I had bought one back in November when they were like $100 off.
  16. I think I’d much rather be able to pull my speed reading while shooting groups. Would be cheaper and quicker load development. Have you had any issues with it at all?
  17. I’m thinking about buying one of these 2 and curious if any of you guys have experience with them. Is the Lab radar worth the extra money? I like that you can shoot for groups and record velocity at the same time with the Lab Radar since it’s not hanging from the barrel. I’ve looked call over for a used one but it looks like folks hold onto them once they buy one.
  18. Well I’ve been mia for a few years now but looks like there’s still a few familiar faces on the annual deer thread. I’ve had a busy few years (have had to babies and employment changes) so I sort of lost track of some things, TGO being one of them, but thought about some of you guys tonight and figured I’d stop by. Hope all you guys had had an enjoyable deer season so far whether you’ve killed anything or not!
  19. When submitting a form 20, it asks for an address at both ends of the trip. My desitination date will not be the same each trip I make down to FL so that brings up my question about filing for the full year. Do I have to submit a separate form for each destination? Or can I just use the most centralized address and be able to move about the state from there?
  20. e-file form 1 submitted June 28th, approved this morning.


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