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  1. Didn't think you were interested. Just throwing that out as an fyi.
  2. When you look at the long term (and when you're talking retirement savings the time frame is death minus current age) and especially considering expense issues index funds win the day. BTW, not to say folks don't day trade on Robinhood, but it's certainly not limited to day trading. Unless you keep an equity balance of at least $25,000 RH limits you to 3 day trades in a rolling 5 day period. The 4th day trade will lock you out of day trading for 90 days.
  3. Feel like I'm necroposting but as the OP is active... I switched from Raymond James to Vanguard a few years ago and wish I'd done it much sooner. The RJ folks were nice enough, just programmed IMHO to put everyone in American Funds. As far as actively managed funds go, Amercan Funds are quite good but the front load is pretty awful. The more I learn about investing the more convinced I am that most folks are just better off buying broad-based low-fee index funds and letting it ride. As index funds have grown in popularity, more specialized funds have popped up branding themselves as index funds. IMHO you're better off sticking with the broader based index funds. As a Vanguard fanboy, I lean toward the Total Stock Market Index, Total Bond Market Index, Total International Stock Market Index, Total International Bond Market Index and the like. Largely in deference to my wife, who is much less a geek about all this than myself, I've moved to Target Date funds (which ~ contain the foregoing funds and adjust the asset class mix becoming more conservative over time). I've had a Robinhood account for about 8 months. IMHO, for most folks individual stocks should be a hobby to dabble in only once you're pretty well set in all other areas of personal finance (i.e., fully funded emergency fund, no consumer debt, no more than a small balance (if any) on the mortgage, significant retirement savings). I have a very, very small amount of skin in the game. Over the course of 8 months I've never been up or down more than ~15%. I like to think I've learned a few things that may eventually make it possible to grind out a few gains but overall it can be a pretty humbling experience. You're the kitchen-table poker player sitting down at a table full of pros if you will. For the time I've spent I could get a part-time job at minimum wage and come out ahead. Again, I see it as a hobby. All of that said, if you're interested, Robinhood has a referral program where both parties get a free share of stock. If you're interested, PM me a telephone number or email address and I'll hook us up:)
  4. What the title says. https://www.classicfirearms.com/yugo-ttc-tokarev-zastava-surplus-9rd
  5. Cheeseburger Cheeseburger 138-A Market Street isn't bad if you haven't starved by now.    Eat their one-pounder and get a polaroid of yourself in a silly hat on the wall (at least last time I was there).
  6. I'm probably going with the Channel Master eventually but waiting for / hoping that the price will drop.  In the meantime, we basically use Hulu+ as a DVR for most of the network shows we watch (unfortunately no new CBS stuff).  
  7. Consider a cruise.  Pretty cost efficient if you consider that the boat is essentially your hotel and restaurant.  Lots of pampering for the cost of a "middle class" vacation.  Most (if not all) of the lines have programs for kids and teens.  Carnival runs a number of different itineraries out of New Orleans (i.e. close enough to drive and a lot cheaper than four plane tickets to Florida).  
  8. Boy, their members must feel like their trust has been betrayed.   Yes, I stole that but it's still funny.
  9. I suspect the police entered the serial number into the NCIC (which is a national data base).  My understanding is that dealers (and I suspect type 2 FFL licensees, i.e. pawn shops) can run a check to see if a gun is stolen without paying a fee.  Seems like at a minimum the financially prudent thing to do.  
  10. I switched to Encompass for home and auto a couple years ago.  I have a rider and they didn't ask me for jack (other than the additional premium of course).
  11. In my opinion the virtual carriers are the way to go, same coverage but typically better pricing and customer service.     If you don't use a lot of data but talk and text a lot, Puretalk is a good choice (AT&T network).  Unlimted talk and text with 500MB data for $28.95 out-the-door. 1GB of data for $34.95.   As mentioned Ting (Sprint network) is a good option if you're low usage.  IMHO the real savings with Ting is if you have multiple low usage lines.  They charge in tiers for voice, text and data and $6 per device.  If you can stack multiple lines without bumping up in tiers it works out pretty well.  (e.g., my dad and I are on Ting...one of their text tiers is 101-1000...my dad doesn't text so having him on the same plan doesn't bump that tier for me).   Back when I was looking at the virtual carriers I ran across Pageplus (Verizon).  As I recall (and it's been a minute) they had some pretty good plans especially for low usage.  The rub at the time (and one of the reasons I never signed on with them) was their roaming was pretty steep if you ever needed it. Don't know if that's still the case.   One caveat with most if not all of the virtual carriers.  Phone selection is typically more limited than with the big four.  If you have to have the newest, sexiest phone and change phones a lot to maintain that status, a virtual carrier probably isn't for you.     As always, YMMV.    
  12. Mike A


    Saw them at the Mid-South Coliseum a few years later myself (1982).  Found a set list from that show online.   http://www.setlist.fm/setlist/rush/1982/mid-south-coliseum-memphis-tn-7bd1f228.html   Ain't the interwebs wonderful.
  13. I switched my line and my dad's line to Ting and it works well for us.  We pretty much stay in areas where the Sprint network is strong, neither one of us talk much, I text a fair amount and we use little if any data.  The tiered pricing works for us as we stay in the lower tiers, typically ~$30-35 a month out the door for both lines. For multiple low usage lines I think it's a good deal if the Sprint network works for you.   My wife is a bigger talker so a usage based model doesn't work for her.  However, she doesn't use much data.  We switched her line to PureTalk (AT&T network).  PureTalk just lowered their prices on most plans.  Unlimited talk and text with 500MB data for $28.95 out the door.  $34.95 if you need 1GB.  Also nice to have the AT&T network when we travel.         
  14. Had some work done on the J-frame. What do yall think?
  15. I was at Smokey Mountain Knife Works in Sevierville yesterday and they looked to have about 12-15 for ~$150 each.  It was closing time and I wasn't looking for one so I didn't look too close or ask any questions (i.e., not sure what kind of accessories, factory, years, matching numbers, etc.).  That said they didn't look too beat up.  

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