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  1. What is the real percentage if homosexuals in the US or worldwide? IMO, it all comes down to political correctness where a majority has to roll over and accommodate a minority.
  2. S&WForty

    S&W Shield

    I waited 10 weeks for my Shield 40.  $469 + tax/check at Memphis LGS. 
  3. Would this local law take precedence over the state's law banning high cap mags? Kinda like a permission slip to let the town's citizens ignore the state law?
  4. Awesome photo. I think I'll make it the wallpaper on my phone then start wearing my phone on the belt clip screen side out. ROTFL
  5. If it wouldn't leave me dirtier, I'd use the Commercial Appeal as toilet paper.
  6. It's me again, Margaret. "You wanna hear me bark like Rin Tin Tin?"
  7. Ross Perot did that speaking to the NAACP or similar group during the '92 campaign. It didn't go over too well. :D
  8. As stated by others, it is against the law to cruise in the "passing" lane in some states, Texas being one of them.
  9. Speaking of which, when is your next road trip to Memphis?!? Wave as you pass through! On second thought, don't. As discussed, some here may shoot back!
  10. I'll ride the fence like Bill Clinton and say I agree with both TMF and SWirish24.  I've handled multiple situations both ways.  Not every situation is the same, but all tailgaters suck. 
  11. I love the ergos of my SW99's, and I will love my Shield, but I handled a Sig P226 with E2 (?) grip over the weekend. The DA/SA trigger felt awesome. If money was no object, that would be my next purchase. Edit: those Sigs have the mystique like a 1911, IMO. I'd love to shoot a P220(?) .45 next to my Kimber for direct comparison.
  12. Crap. When this news hits the Memphis Commie Appeal, I'll get one hell of an earful from my mom. Whenever she hears that name, she fires off for a good solid 10 minutes. Then it ends in tears. She loves the vets and hated how they were received when they came home. She had a lot of classmates serve over there.
  13. I'm still spitting nails over the Delta flight attendant mentioned in post #6. Sent from my Galaxy Nexus using Tapatalk 2
  14. My permit class instructor gave the scenario that a witness not close enough to the scene may mistake your giving aid to the perp as you trying to finish them off by hand. Sent from my Galaxy Nexus using Tapatalk 2

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