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  1. I thought we already had red flag laws of some sort. When cancer took my son a few years ago I was depressed of course, but I was too afraid to see and talk to a psychiatrist. I had no feelings of hurting anyone, I was and still am the one hurting, but was afraid of being reported as a severely depressed person. I’m fine but I think of him every day of course. It’s a large hole in your life.
  2. Just finished this one today, a little SBR can fit under the arm with a sport coat. You might want a smaller magazine, that’s a 40.
  3. https://www.cnn.com/2023/03/28/us/covenant-school-shooting-nashville-tennessee-tuesday/index.html Under care for emotional disorder.
  4. https://www.wsmv.com/2023/03/27/mnpd-shooter-is-dead-following-active-situation-green-hills/
  5. I have other pistols without braces, in state just carry your stamp as well. You can also file a form 20 which will allow you to take out of state for 365 days providing the item is allowed in the state traveling to.
  6. Yeah, I was not leaving till I figured it out! I asked the UPS employee when the last successful prints were taken and he said “an hour ago, we’ve had 5 people this morning.” It just hit me as a last resort to try getting a better connection with my skin on that metal band and success! Sending that file with an e-form is so easy. All 3 forms show as submitted and in-process this morning.
  7. As I recall I used ATF and put in the description for FBI card whatever the number is of the card they use. It was shown in the description. It had me choose off a map the office closest to me by zip code. I chose a UPS store / date / time. When I arrived the employee pointed to a device sitting on a table and said just sit down and hit start. After a few demo screens I was prompted to get an employee to verify my credentials, they then put in a code to get me going. I was prompted to do the finger tips and thumbs and then moved on to rolling prints. I can tell you that I had a heck of a time getting it to read my prints, they at first just would not show up on the screen. I had other employees come over and theirs appeared instantly. We called the company and a person tried to help me while they viewed the screen remotely. There is a metal frame that surrounds the pad that reads your print, you must contact that metal band while your finger is on the screen. Nothing was working for me, the guy on the phone wanted me to stop and just get paper ones done. It finally hit me, if everyone else in there could do it and I was having so much trouble maybe my skin on my lower fingers was just to dry for it to know I was making contact with the metal band. I put some of that pink paper grip stuff on my lower fingers near the palm and it worked perfectly. Lesson learned…..the guy on the phone with the company said “ Ya know, we just have some people this won’t work on but I think you just solved our problem.”
  8. $65 but the file is good for other stamps as well, no mailing! They will mail two cards to you but I don’t think I have a use for them, I’ll just put them in my ATF file.
  9. Went to a UPS store today and used Printscan to get a digital fingerprint file that is accepted with the e-form. Filed 3 free SBR form 1’s today. I’m gonna take free while it’s available. Your mileage may vary…. https://www.printscan.com


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