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  1. If anyone is on the fence about this fine firearm you best go ahead and get it. If not, I will be relieving KahrMan of it later next week.
  2. Enjoyed meeting you today Doug. Thanks and take care!
  3. Well Don, I think everyone has had their chance and I can wait no longer. I’ll take the last one.........
  4. Doug, I’d give $200 for it and meet you in McMinnville tomorrow.
  5. I received a couple more today and as with the others I have received from V, these are OUTSTANDING as well!! Thanks again V!!!
  6. If you need a holster, for this price and quality of work, it’s a win-win. All my transactions with V have been first class. Highly recommend!
  7. Received some more of V’s extremely, beautifully crafted holsters. Very pleased! Thanks again V!
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