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  1. I have the dry one, and that thing is an absolute beast, I don't know for sure how many .223 it will hold but it is a LOT. I've had it for quite a while now, so yeah, I agree this is one of harbor freight's good products.
  2. steel, at first I thought yours was steel, but upon looking closer I see the CF barrel, now.
  3. I have one in 6.5cm and one in 6.5prc, the cm has been great so far, I have yet to shoot the prc, brass and/or factory ammo is hard to find, and if you do find it, it is ridiculously expensive. I have taken the cm out to 800 so far, my first time shooting that far it took 3 shots to get on an 8" plate with it. I paid $1700 each for mine
  4. I saw this at burger king the other day, I thought great they are now hiring rent a drunks.
  5. They have harder cups, which depending on what pistol you are using , it could present a light primer strike. I had this happen with a S&W performance center M&P.40, but they worked great in a Beretta M9A3
  6. And for some reason, I thought the 600 rds was $600 and thought you were asking if it was worth it. so disregard that post.
  7. Smokey Mountain Guns and Ammo has the base gun listed at $450 here: Canik @ SMGA While I don't have any experience with a canik, with all that he has done to it and with 2 extra mags, and the RDS it doesn't seem like a bad deal to me. Actually if it was close to me I would buy it so I could see what the caniks are all about.
  8. Ha, I was talking to a friend the other day and said to him, "I wonder why nobody has necked down a 10mm to a 9mm yet, since the .357 sig is a necked down .40" oh well, learn something new every day.
  9. I bought this about 2 months ago when these were hard to come by, and this one with the safety was all that was available. I do not like safeties on a carry gun, so I found one yesterday at a shop here in town without a safety and picked that one up. I have a holosun RDS that I swapped with the sig RDS so this one needs to be zero'd. 4 mags have been ran through this one with no hiccups. comes with gun, 2 12rd mags, Sig Romeo Zero RDS, hard case, paper work and lock. call or text (865)223-3028 If calling leave a voice mail as I set my phone to reject unknown callers due to a constant barrage of the extended car warranty calls. $700
  10. ah, thanks, I glossed right over the "licensee" part.
  11. So I am confused, (which is what I think is what they want with this). On page 21 it says "However, nothing in this rule would restrict persons not otherwise prohibited from possessing firearms from making their own firearms at home without markings solely for personal use (not for sale or distribution) in accordance with Federal, State, and local law." then on page 44 it says this "For PMFs acquired by licensees before the effective date of the rule, licensees would be required to mark or cause them to be marked by another licensee either within 60 days from that date, or before the date of final disposition (including to a personal collection), whichever is sooner." Doesn't one contradict the other?


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