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  1. BeltFed is correct the cross is NATO spec, nothing to do with .223 or 5.56. Any LC brass I have ever reloaded had a crimp of some form on it. Even if it had a sealer on it or not. I guess I have never picked up any reloaded LC brass.
  2. I have them, I am free all weekend. I will PM you my number.
  3. I think you are correct about most of them coming from the same forges. But I am sure DD do not, nor do LWRCI's. If you would have said S&W or Anderson or alex pro sure. Now that I think about it, DD's could, I was wrong in thinking it was the lower that is unique, but it is the upper that is unique on a DD.
  4. 6.5 creedmoor, 300 win mag, and I am about to start loading/shooting 6gt whenever MPA decides to send my gun this way.
  5. It is funny once you get into LR shooting how your scope to dollar comfort ratio starts to grow. I can remember when I would cringe at the thought of a $400 scope, now I don't have any that are less than $2k. Although I had thought about pulling the trigger on a ZCO, but that $4k plus price I just can't or won't do. I think after about $1800 there becomes very little improvement for any more money.
  6. I guess I should clarify, the tags say "range" not the gun sorry about that. lol
  7. I am pretty sure Buds sells off their range guns. I mean, I have seen guns in the used section that say "range" on them, so I am assuming that's where they came from. I never even thought about buying one, as the prices imo aren't that good for the potential amount of abuse the things have seen.
  8. no, I just went on a week day when nothing was going on. I have only been once, but plan on going more. It's just in an odd spot if you are coming from knoxville so it's kind of out there in no mans land for us.
  9. At Brownells they occasionally have them at $84.99 per 1,000 which all in by the time they get to your door, it is $137 per 1,000. I added these to a cart to see the total, it was $143 before tax. I am not that desperate yet.
  10. I usually am pretty positive about things, but this time, I have my doubts that they are coming back down at all. I am thinking this is the new norm unfortunately. Why would they? Most reloaders right now are paying $75-$100 per 1,000 primers whenever they pop up at legit retailers, and we are snatching them up at that price as fast as they can post them. I am not pointing a finger at anybody, I am just as guilty. I hope I am wrong though.
  11. yeah, I still would like to know where the primers are. The ammo manufacturers said they were focusing on factory ammo until it was caught back up. Well everywhere I have been lately the shelves are full of ammo. I was actually able to buy bulk blazer 10mm the other day.
  12. where was this? Last week I bought 2k small rifle from brownells for $84.99 per 1k. so it seems to be the going rate right now like it or not.
  13. This is a Beretta 92x performance. These come with an all steel frame, heavier brigadier slide, and the new extreme S trigger system. Comes with the gun, 2 15rd mags, extra grip module, and a very nice locking box. Knoxville area. $1200 Sold pending meet


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