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  1. for your stated uses, hunting and occasional range day, I am going against the grain here and saying SFP. FFP on lower powers at shorter ranges isn't ideal, I personally lose the reticle on my FFP scopes in that situation. In a hunting situation I would imagine that would be even more less than ideal, imo.
  2. yes that is what I did to mine, it has worked just fine since I did it.
  3. mine had fte when I first got it and if I remember right I bent mine in but if you bend it too far it hits something in there. Sorry I can't be more helpful on the actual bending part but I am going off memory and its been a couple of years. With that being said mine has worked really well with few problems after that, either running with a can or not.
  4. Had a nano and a shield, to me the nano was a little "snappier" on the recoil than the shield. I was a little less accurate with it because of that. So another vote for the shield.
  5. They have this rebate going on until 9/2. I just bought an m&p45 mid size for $350 then with the $50 rebate couldn't say no. https://www.smithandwessonrebates.com/media/uploads/1530115228880.pdf eh, but not for shields, my bad.
  6. I drilled my .45 cal form 1 ss baffles with a drill press and it worked just fine. Although a lathe would be ideal, it wasn't absolutely necessary. I don't remember the actual size of the bit, but I think it was .060" bigger. With aluminum baffles I would just drill them .25" and call it a day, it will work just fine. Those baffles you have look pretty beefy so I am confident it will work great. Also you have a pretty good sized center point already started so I don't think you will have a problem with the bit walking, mine were a lot smaller so I really had to slow my drill press down and take my time. Actually looking at them again they look like ss. what size tube? It has been a couple of years now since I have done mine but now that I am thinking about it my form 1 .45 was a ss spacer for the blast chamber, the first baffle was ss, and the rest were aluminum. My .30 cal form 1 was 100% ss and to my ear that one is just as quiet as my form 4 Thompson Machine Thirty with a monocore. After doing two form 1's and buying two form 4's it made me realize how overpriced suppressors really are.
  7. I got a victory when they first came out, and had failures to eject with mine for awhile. After a search on google I found out that the ejector on some of the earlier ones were bent so that they weren't contacting the case. So after bending it back in a hair, it has worked great since, suppressed or not. I also really like the sights on this gun as well. I have had great results with rem golden bullets, although looking at them you wouldn't think so, as they look like they washed them off in a mud puddle after they were loaded.
  8. I have a PC shield in .45(had one in 9 at one time) my wife has a G43, they are both great guns, I wear an XXL size glove so the 43 is a bit hard for me to keep a hold of when shooting, so that is why I went with an s&w over a glock. The .45 is even a little bigger than the 9 so for me that is even better. I say whichever fits you better, because none of ours have ever had any failures and all of them are reasonably accurate for their size.
  9. it is based on an ar15 lower, it is just marked valkyrie, I assume because some people are finicky about things like that. Mine, I just slapped a valkyrie barrel and BCG in one of my guns that I wasn't using, as I was thinking this would be the cheapest way for me to get into the caliber in case it is a flop I won't be out much. 6.5 creedmoor is in the AR10 family btw.
  10. so I am guessing changing out the barrel to one with normal lands and grooves of the same length would put you in some hot water eh?
  11. I agree, I don't see the problem with the $200 stamp, waiting 7"ish"months and having the real thing, or just slap a pistol brace on one and acting like it is the real thing. I think this is more of a "we did it" although it sucks, we did it thing. Also how long will it be before the BATF backpedals on this one.
  12. Nevermind, my it was for a friend of mine with a lefty son, but apparently son is on the sh*% list right now so he said no.
  13. Mine says made in Gallatin as well. I will say this is one of the best shooting berettas I have ever owned. I find this hard to believe just from how well mine seems to be made.
  14. doh, I guess that would have helped. Yes it is at Palmetto State Armory Sorry about that.

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