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  1. ah!! no I am using a desktop but it was at the bottom as well, thanks for that.
  2. Can somebody tell me where to go to change this site back off of dark mode? I have looked through my profile settings and can't find it. Unless it is in black text (as one of the for sale posts were, the price was anyway) and I just can't see it lol.
  3. If you ever go to the Norris range, I have a SRO, an RMR, and a 507k you are welcome to try all of them out to see if its your thing or not. Just send me a message if you are interested
  4. Sorry this has been sold. I don't think I would have been able to do cookeville anyway.
  5. I bought this about a week and a half ago, mounted it, zero'd it, shot around 50 rds, and just can't get along with the chevron aiming point. I have a Gen2 razor, and a NF NX8, and the glass in this one runs neck and neck with those two, to bad it don't have a floating center dot as I would keep it. This was over $1600 new after shipping and taxes, Yours for $1300 I live in Jefferson city and work in Knoxville.
  6. I bought this a few months ago from buds but prefer a sig 365XL for EDC. Somewhere between 100-200rds through it. comes with gun, 3 pmags/1 ETS mag, soft case, box, manual, screws and spacers for a RDS. Basically as it came, but with 2 extra mags. I live in the Jefferson city area, but work in Knoxville. $800
  7. Also I would like to respond to this comment "An old saying that I truly believe in: Never trust your life to anything that requires a battery. " There are people in far nastier places than most of us will ever be in trusting lots of things requiring batteries. Also I can still see my sights through the RMR so I don't get it? Am I missing something?
  8. go to buds and fondle a shadow systems MR920 it has IMO the best optics mounting system there is and it is an excellent shooting gun. It is similarly priced to the FN509
  9. I have the red dot/pistol bug as well, I ended with a Trijicon SRO on a FNX-45 tactical, and a RMR on a shadow systems MR920, me personally I like the SRO better for the little bit bigger window, but the RMR is excellent as well. For me they are so much faster getting back on target vs irons.
  10. Here is a little something to throw a wrench into all that. lol
  11. I have tried that (308->6.5) and got some bulges at the shoulder. But a friend of mine swears he was able to do it by heating up the brass with a torch and then run it through the sizing die. I am not in dire need of 6.5cm to waste anymore 308 cases.
  12. 300 BO is a no go, these are 308
  13. I have seen the ad you speak of, I have run into brass before that had the 3 point crimp really similar to what he is picturing and it was berdan primers. Not saying that these are as I don't remember the headstamp but I do remember the crimp.
  14. I ordered them last friday, and just received an email saying they will be here this friday via fed ex.


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