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  1. What Garufa and peejman said. I'll add that mine locks tight when open and closed. Can't say I dislike anything from my yugo but my wife says its "too heavy." Hope this helps you and if you have any other questions just ask; I'll try my best to answer.
  2. Wow! And I thought I had problems choosing what to shoot...
  3. [quote name="Garufa" post="1188219" timestamp="1410304711"]I predict the AppleWatch will be the biggest technology bust of the 21st century.[/quote] You underestimate the sheeple.
  4. Don't know you David and don't pretend to. What I do know is the love we share for our furry family members and the loss you have suffered. My condolences fellow TGO'er.
  5. I really like that red color. What stain did you use, if you don't mind me asking? Thanks in advance.
  6. [quote name="Mike.357" post="1182794" timestamp="1408896279"]Obama has been playing with the upgrades on the Internet Kill Switch. That's my guess.[/quote] Clearly it can't be his fault... He's busy golfing.
  7. [quote name="bersaguy" post="1156077" timestamp="1402076156"]My guess would be they are watching every move you make in your home through your own TV if you have one of their boxes even when TV is off. I think they are totally in bed with Feds..................jmho[/quote] This reminds of a time when I told my gf that their remote control had been acting up. A couple days later a tech shows up randomly with a work order for my specific complaint. Brand new control and fresh batteries. I asked him how or who called him and he said I did. My girl never called them cause she didn't know my address then and I didn't either because I was gonna try new batteries first. To this day, I don't know how Charter knew. Wonder if anyone else has experienced something similar to this? Some might be skeptical of this, with reason. If it hadn't happen to me I'm sure I would be too.
  8. [quote name="Raoul" post="1174705" timestamp="1406923255"]Actually there's free shipping in August of orders of $150.00 or more. Nice bullets.[/quote] Nice!
  9. I got the chance to shoot one and I really liked it. So much, I got one for me :-)
  10. Free shipping on your first order only, have to be a first time customer. Still great prices!
  11. I'm a memeber and yes they are still remodeling. You can shoot what ever you like. However some people get too happy or don't know what their doing and have shot the hell out of the hangers/wires. That leaves the lane unsuable until they fix it. Which happens pretty quick. I just don't understand how someone can miss THAT bad in a indoor rage that probably is at max 20 yards. If you reload, paying for a year that includes unlimited visits, works. Or else its $10 a visit. Well worth it in my opinion. I'm sure there are other "better" places but not for me. They've earned my loyalty even though volunteer ordanace is way closer to me. Just my two cents. In the end its your opinion that matters.


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