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  1. For hunt camp, or tailgating. $127 https://www.walmart.com/ip/Blackstone-Adventure-Ready-22-Propane-Griddle-Gift-Bundle-in-Black/124068209 Just got mine in and it's a bit heavy, which is good, the griddle is quite stout and makes up the majority of the weight. The carrying case seems well made but is a bit tight when you first use it. I also ordered a hose to run a 20lb tank, though the 1lb runs it pretty good for about an hour and a half, enough to get through a meal or two I would think.
  2. You can have it in an auto, take it to the range and buy ammo.
  3. Not supposed to, I think there has to be more energy, 2k fps, to do so.
  4. That looks like some serious pressure sign, possibly the infamous powder position detonation. Did the previous round sound right, and did it hit the target?
  5. You mean the guy in the back with a woody?
  6. Same here, and also ordered from these guys: https://ar500-targets.com/ they have sales quite often and some good target shapes along with the standard shapes.
  7. Primers are hard to kill, even intentionally. I would use them to develop your loads, if one fails to go off, no loss, just pull the bullet and reuse the rest of the components. Just be sure to let them dry for a few days.
  8. So, you are familiar with these forums I take it? Yes, that was rhetorical.
  9. Was it really worth it? Apparently some are slow learners. https://gab.com/SomeBitchIKnow/posts/109083247057721817
  10. Post the pic, maybe I or someone else would have better luck.
  11. I use the pillows, and find them much more comfortable since I flip often. The VA started me off with the one you have, and it was ok for a bit, but the pillows are much better.
  12. I do it on my phone with an app called photo compress. I reduce even the ones that are hosted on imgur because my phone takes 3 to 4 gb pics. Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.saawanapps.photocompress&gl=US I am sure a like program is on Apple, but I don't have one to recommend.
  13. I've always thought doing long range shots like this was maybe zeroing a rifle, then maybe doing a few calculations and a shot or two to make the hit, but that many?
  14. What, you didn't catch the wall to wall coverage, gold coffin burial, of a felon who died of a drug overdose?
  15. As a kids we used to drop ants into the funnels, it was cool watching the ant lion use its pincers to pull the ant under.
  16. The canine is a fox, while the coyote's tail is close, the body isn't. As to the funnels, probably ant lions by the description.
  17. Yea, but some are pissed because their great great grandfathers friend got punched in the nose by some other guys great great grandfather.
  18. Well, if you want to get all historical, America was founded by doing the same thing, hell most civilizations did the same, subjugating other less powerful peoples to become the ruling society in their area. But that made our countries what they are today, and nobody alive today, or even the recently deceased, was involved in any of that so its in bad form to hold them responsible for it. Many in Africa today are presently in the process of doing the same thing so if you want to blame anyone for these acts, there are many alive today that a finger can be pointed at.
  19. You may not agree, but the fact is that this is a lifestyle, and one that needs to be changed, these kids, with nothing going for them, look at the older...lets call them what they are, thugs, sporting nice cars, flashing money, sporting gold teeth, and bling out the ying-yang and having no jobs, as mentors, and what do you get?, a continuation of thug life. And yes, thug life bleeds right on over into the white, and yes, even my peeps, hispanics, that also want to imitate what they see and hear on the radio and tv. And that, coupled with the freaking crack and meth epidemic, you get these killers that do not care about or fear LEO. Here, it is in the black community, facts bear that out, but back where I am from originally (ish), Denver and other places like CA, its the hispanics. It is what it is, wish it wasn't, but this is where we are at.
  20. Sorry, but this won't come out in the wash, you first have to protect the citizens, then worry about the lifestyle that is responsible for the crime. Many come from a poor areas, with much the same obstacles and do not act in this manner. But the whole "Ganster, and Thug Life" way of life needs to be rejected by society before anything the .gov can do will take affect.
  21. I guess you may be on to something there, and with the article @Erik88 posted, it does put it in a different light. But It still makes me wonder a little, and hope it is just a case of a random crime, for all involved.
  22. Seems that attack lasted roughly 4 minutes, as circumstantial evidence revealed, he was washing out blood from where he put her into his vehicle, so he probably killed her then. It may be baseless, as no evidence yet, but you have to wonder why he immediately killed her. I hope investigators will dig more into it, just to make sure there wasn't more than just a random attack by a sex crazed lunatic.
  23. I see the "face" but it looks way out of proportion for the size of a cougar, looks the size of a house kitten.
  24. Much better, but still can't find the cougar, though I think the elk senses something making its hair stand on end.
  25. Colorado is more restrictive than here so he should be ok. The only thing I've read is that you can't have been adjudicated as a mental defective or has been committed to any mental institution.


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