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  1. Give/sell it to someone that can use the components, making sure to let them know they are unknown reloads.
  2. Yea, all she needed was a jump, took all of 2 hours.
  3. Pre-bs was around $40, at Midsouth, my last purchase was $71.15 for Federal Large and Small Rifle.
  4. Post some links or pictures to some packs online that might suit your needs, some of us may be have something on-hand that may work and can possibly work out a deal. I have packs that range in size, but being prior army my idea of a 3-day pack may not fit a hunters/hikers idea of a 3-day pack.
  5. Very interesting, you can't copy the entire link, but if you copy the end, and manually enter the "https://www." it parses the link into the video, yet the next video can be pasted right in.
  6. It is an old post, but it showed up in my Unread Content as well, thought it was a new post too.
  7. Hey, I bet someone got a decent return for it at one of the gun buy-backs.
  8. We just got through inspecting and putting Loctite on the sights of the Regiment's Sigs, lost a few sights due to them coming loose.
  9. I suppose it is not a question of can it be reloaded but will it be practical to do so, right now I would say no, specially with the expense of the brass and the proprietary powder. But when they fully field the caliber I guess things may get a bit cheaper, and more experimentation can occur in the field.
  10. Yea but, is it reloadeable? If not then that sucks for us wanting to stay with military calibers. But, I would guess that there will be plenty 5.56 surplus.
  11. Can only answer the breakdown question with any certainty, they do exist, I have one. As to the brace, I don't see any reason why not, at least not until the feds finalize their BS, which will go to court, but still.
  12. What's with that stock? Does it fit the shoulder better?
  13. Now that knife I like, great looking and has character, the sheath does match it quite nicely too. great job.
  14. Omega

    Carry History

    Been carrying my G23 since mid 90's, every now and then I carry the XDS. I have other guns, but those two get EDC duty.
  15. Yes, have two and their belt hanger. Not bad, I like the ratchet feature, makes adjusting the belt very easy when you add or remove your EDC. I ordered a black and brown belt that can be used with dress and casual clothes, not the tactical one. I have this buckle on a black belt, and different buckle for the brown one. I left it a bit long so the end of the belt would still reach the belt loop when I'm carrying. I rotate a Glock 23 and an XDS in an IWB holster, belt does fine with them both.
  16. Yea, no, I understand all that, still, not gonna sugarcoat it, But I too will just deal with whatever you decide to go with.
  17. Don't like it, there is a bunch of wasted real-estate.
  18. True, sort of, while a stamped deck does have good, possible better, airflow, most fabricated (welded) decks are just fine specially since most if not all have round baffles underneath to direct the airflow and increase suction. My Kubota tractor's deck spits out grass very forcibly, and if the guard is lifted can chuck a rock quite a distance. But the best feature of a fabricated deck is what you mentioned, the gauge of the steel, which will pay dividends down the road when you bump it against a tree or other hard object and it bounces vs fold in on itself like my JD's deck did.
  19. All I am going to say is get a welded deck vs stamped, you will thank me later for it.
  20. Yea, I am set, but I have a friend that got a new 270, on my recommendation. Had to have him buy two boxes of 308 to trade me for 270s. I have plenty of both but I didn't want to sell, and cheat one or the other so figured a trade was better. Got a 6.5 CM right before SHTF with these prices and shortages so have enough for working up a good load and have enough left over for 100 or so hunting rounds. The issue is I don't have any H4350, so will have to settle with A4350, but you have to use what you can get.
  21. Umm, I would think that proves it's not popular, don't even bother to stock it.
  22. I have plenty of gloves but wanted to say good on you for putting these up.
  23. I have two new ones, but they have serrated blades. I have a third used one, which could have used a new blade, I would have payed for the non serrated version but they said no blades left of either one.
  24. I would have told him to "walk the line"


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