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  1. Yea, same here, they must be heading south and just taking a break before they continue on. Last year, some stopped at my place on the way north and stayed, but usually it is only one or two that stay all season.
  2. Omega


    I got Tremidor from these guys and followed these steps when I found termites had infested a corner of my garage. Took care of the colony, cost a fraction of what the pest control guys wanted, and stopped any further damage to the frame around the old garage door.
  3. I was the same way, but last week I noticed the feeder level was lower than usual, so started watching for more birds, sure enough there are now more.
  4. Well sure, but there are not too many career military men left that will take one for the team when someone finds out.
  5. Legit Black programs have congressional oversite, any program that does not is illegal because there is no appropriation to fund them. If the UFO/UAP programs exist, they should have a line of accounting somewhere, it may not be available to every congressman, but some committee or another should have knowledge of it.
  6. Omega

    Close Call

    Wow, sure glad she wasn't hurt worse, and that she didn't have any passengers, because it looks like it would have been bad for them.
  7. I love my surface pro. You should check with the UPS manufacturer, many have warranties to cover equipment connected to their UPS. Sorry you had to go through that but glad your insurance is covering at least some of that.
  8. Most Garmin units that mention Geocaching will have all the features you need, I have four units, the two with GMRS radios are pretty good, and they can send positions between the two radios. My units are a bit older but they still function fine, and I loaded the TOPO maps interlaced with the roads and trails map for utility reasons.
  9. And the hits keep coming for the ATF
  10. Those weird cold snaps may have halted their usual migration. Last year I started with just a couple here and there then towards the end of the season I had a bunch, figured they used me as a stop on the way south.
  11. Not me, just have one as far as I can tell, he just sits there drinking without worrying about being buzzed.
  12. Video at the link has been pulled, it's here, for now. https://townhall.com/tipsheet/juliorosas/2023/06/18/biden-might-have-said-the-dumbest-thing-about-firearms-stabilizing-braces-n2624635
  13. Ah, now I get why they want to outlaw them /sarc https://twitter.com/Breaking911/status/1670168576571965446
  14. Related to Kamala no doubt.
  15. You have the right to sell to whom you wish, and to set the conditions of such sales, but you did say you would operate according to the law as you know it. And for clarification from the horses..well you know. https://www.atf.gov/firearms/qa/may-individual-between-ages-18-and-21-years-age-acquire-handgun-unlicensed-individual
  16. The law states that you have to be 21 to buy a handgun from an FFL, not from a private person. So an 18 YO can legally purchase a handgun in an in-state personal transaction.
  17. Nope, we sent our AI robots and ruined the entire exploration industry.
  18. Meh, I can see that. While I don't think cannabis should be illegal, I agree that until it is, it should be treated as the law prescribes.
  19. I was camping out at my land in Hadin County this past Saturday, heard the call of a hummingbird and started looking, there were a few flying around eating, something, but couldn't tell what. No flowers I could see anywhere, no blossoms, nothing like that so it must have been bugs. I was a bit surprised to see them like in the area.
  20. Once they approve it as an SBR, it's an SBR. Not too late to file, but cutting it close.
  21. I remember that incident. ‘I thought I was OK’: Montgomery County man describes being shot by car burglary suspect | ClarksvilleNow.com And it continues to get bad around here, but I'm not asked why I go armed all the time by my wife anymore. Now I am reminded to carry. Clarksville Police arrest Vehicle Burglar Travis Moore, charged with Aggravated Assault - Clarksville Online - Clarksville News, Sports, Events and Information Clarksville Police Department reports Carjacking, Attempted Murder, Suspects still at Large - Clarksville Online - Clarksville News, Sports, Events and Information
  22. Now we have better ways to handle these wounds, but they are not in most people's kits, and yes, it would hurt like hell, but the patient normally passes out, so there's that. We have lost a few guys to wounds like this because they are in a place that is very difficult to put pressure on so tourniquets and pressure bandages just don't do it. So they developed methods using Quikclot and Chitogauze which can be put right into the wound channel, but it's manually done so like I said, painful and takes time someone bleeding out may not have. Now we have Xstat, which is a syringe full of compressed sponges that you insert into the wound channel, again painful and must be done right to work. A bit bloody but good to see how it is done in practice (non human).


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