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  1. One must do what one is comfortable with, but I for one refuse to play the "what if" game. If the ATF decides to change their mind later, I'll wait until lawsuits are settled *before I decide if I become a criminal or continue to follow the law, but for now I will enjoy them. * The bumpstock ban screwed a bunch who got rid of theirs, but now ATF says they don't have the authority to ban them. And too, quite possibly, the FA Reformation folks.
  2. I like it; does it have last round hold open (PSA one doesn't)? That is not a big deal to me as it's just a fun plinker, but I suppose it can have it's merit in an SD event. Also, "they" seem to be listening, I just got a Rural King ad with this one: https://www.rkguns.com/freedom-ordnance-fx-9-9mm-semi-automatic-33rd-8-25-ar-pistol-0254453.html
  3. Buy at PSA, much cheaper that way and they are pretty decent. They are fun to shoot, and 9mm ammo is currently cheap to buy and reload. I bought this one https://palmettostatearmory.com/psa-gen4-10-5-9mm-1-10-lightweight-m-lok-moe-sob-ept-pistol-5165449802.html Keep an eye on the daily deals, which normally makes up for shipping and transfer fees.
  4. The injuries were more akin to concussions, so headaches and blurred vision a day or two later. The reports started to come in that a few needed further tests so were sent back to better facilities. Now, it's a bit late to start saber rattling, so sanctions will have to do.
  5. It's hard to speculate about the crash, there are many possibilities and without more information it is all a guess. But, I do wonder about the comment you made as to the pilots experience. Isn't it like in other areas, that it's sometimes the fact that a persons experience is such that they get complacent and trust their knowledge more than the instruments and or make simple mistakes, such as not setting MSL before flight? I've seen it mentioned many times in other areas, such as reloading, where this is known to happen, and feel it may be the same for flying.
  6. Well, considering their audience, 46% is pretty darn good. I wonder what the numbers would look like on a neutral site...if there are any left.
  7. Which speaks volumes of our (society at large) priorities. We hold the lives of celebrities, who do nothing but entertain us, on a pedestal while we hardly knowledge those who lay their lives on the line for our way of life. But that is ok, speaking for me, I did not do it for idolization or even gratitude but for my own sense of patriotism. But I refuse to pander to the masses that insist on holding these people in such high regard. I'll acknowledge their death, and wish their family well, but that is as far as I'll go.
  8. Posting this to see if we can turn this around. http://www.msnbc.com/msnbc/poll-do-you-think-people-should-be-allowed-carry-guns-public
  9. So, what you guys are saying is that insurance thinks it more likely there will be a problem if a business doesn't post, then if they do? In either case, it matters little to me what their reasoning is, I chose not to patronize establishments that post their business.
  10. Sure, an owner or corporate may have their reasons, but that does not change my stance. If their insurance is the issue, I would ask if they are covered in case there is a shooting in their place, because some will surely sue if they do not provide for the safety of unarmed customers.
  11. I disagree, if the management posts their business, they do not want MY business because I legally carry when possible. I'm ok with some that ask for CC only, which still gives law abiding folks a choice, but to outright ban them is asking me to stay away.
  12. We know this now, but the statement was "No mention of another player but that would be even more terrible", which is what I was responding to. None the less, sad, even sadder that the headlines seem to all mention "Kobe Bryant, his 13 yo daughter, and 7 others" as if the rest don't matter, which @FUJIMO was eluding to in the first place.
  13. Yea, had forgotten about that. But I still think he was in the news less often than many of these other sports figures. Even so, I'm sure none of the talking heads will care either way, they will just hold him up on a pedestal like all celebs.
  14. 71 AMC Javelin SST, similar to this one except had white pinstripes.

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