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  1. I've had an android app for awhile, Reloading Cost Calculator from Midnight Tinkering (my preference) and Reloading Calculator by ReloadersHub. They both work decently and give you a cost per 1-1k. There are quite a few reloading, and shooting apps available, like ballistic, and shot timers for both android and iphone, many for free.
  2. I wonder what else they are covering up? https://fox17.com/news/local/covid-19-emails-from-nashville-mayors-office-show-disturbing-revelation?utm_source=second-street&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Cover+Up%3f
  3. Very little here in Clarksville, hope you guys dry out before the next one come in.
  4. They were trying to pass an anti mask law here in TN as well. https://www.newschannel5.com/news/bill-would-make-wearing-hoods-masks-illegal-in-tennessee But the rioters could also be charged if the DA had any balls. https://codes.findlaw.com/tn/title-39-criminal-offenses/tn-code-sect-39-17-309.html
  5. I don't get myself worked up about this, because no matter who wins, they will let the dogs loose upon the rioters that continue their mess. The left knows they are nor immune to these ANTIFA/BLM rioters, and the ones in power will be the target. But, I am well stocked up with the required equipment for even the worst case scenario, and better yet, I'm willing to use it.
  6. Hmm, never heard of this. Maybe due to possible straw purchase issues this rule is in effect? Was it the same FFL or was it a different one? Just wondering if the system prevented it or if the FFL used his knowledge of your previous CP to deny his purchase outright.
  7. Here is a great target I've trained with for years, it gives you a pretty good idea of what and where to aim for. Level IV plates are great, and can stop most rifle rounds in conjunction with Level IIIA soft body armor, but as with everything, your mileage may vary. As was said above, be prepared to get injured by the kinetic energy, bullet spalding or pieces of the plate itself. Quick medical aid is vital but I'd keep a trauma kit handy, aid may not be able to get to you in time, self or buddy aid may be all you can get, so I'd brush up on your first aid skills too.
  8. I think clarksville had one or two, but didn't hear of any BS kicking off. Just returned from a road trip to-from Denver, Co., nothing was evident there except one BLM poster on a school fence, near my mom's house. Drove through downtown, some of the old 'hoods' we used to hang out at and nothing. As a matter of fact, it was looking like many were deep into gentrification, lots of modern apartments in the middle of older homes. I think for the most part, except Washington, Oregon and a few other small pockets, it has mostly gone away. Maybe Soros funding is drying up, and or the gloves are off with LEO and making the paycheck less desirable.
  9. In Denver right now, most stores require masks, many have private security at the doors for troublemakers. But once inside, nobody bothers you if it's on your chin, as mine is most times. Outside, only a few, though its smoky as heck, with falling ash, due to the wildfires. I noticed on the way here that the hysteria is mostly in the cities, the rural areas are more relaxed about it.
  10. Sorry for the loss, but having her remaining time with you was sure better for her, and you I am sure.
  11. I can get behind that, but when you muddy the water by counting those that die due to accidents and the like, and when you intentionally infect some who may not of contracted the virus in the first place, well then many of the rest come into question.
  12. Do not buy an upper until you have decided to go SBR (and have an approved stamp), or a pistol brace. I don't do stamps, I use mine as a pistol with a brace, if that becomes an issue I will address it then.
  13. Back to China Virus; How does this virus affect the overall death rate...not much! As a matter of fact, it seems higher during Obama's last term. https://www.macrotrends.net/countries/USA/united-states/death-rate

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