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  1. As I said, I live in this reality, but that doesn't mean we blame the victims, it is the thieves that are to blame. We need to stop using their talking points, they just want to control us, through removal of Constitutionally protected rights.
  2. Have to disagree with you there, I should be able to leave it on the dashboard with the window down and still find it when I return. That doesn't mean I did anything wrong, it is the thief that is wrong, all day long. Now, I live in this reality, so I won't do that, but the premise stands. If they don't want us to leave our weapons in our vehicles, then maybe they shouldn't have so many no-gun zones. But as it has been said, ad nauseam, it isn't about safety, it is about control, they want us disarmed the entire time.
  3. He is still listed as part of Rust, oh and her husband: WTF, joined the project after they killed his wife???
  4. Well, had to clean out the feeders today, as I'm making their food, here comes one and feeds out of the old food, probably giving me a bad yelp review now. I change it out once a week until I start getting birds, then they decide when, 2-3 days last year.
  5. Nothing here yet, but a few guys on another site are reporting some, someone posted this link. Interactive map shows spring hummingbird migration (yahoo.com)
  6. Well then, we would be talking about three more dead or injured thugs on the street to go along with the 6yo kids then wouldn't we? Instead we are discussing a video where some young lady was set upon by lowlifes.
  7. Well, I'll say this, no matter if she ran her mouth, called them racial slurs, or whatever, it does not mean she needed a beatdown from three assailants. I am definitely not in the shape I once was, and if one or more try and give me a beatdown, someone is not walking away. I am armed, and if I become incapacitated, they will then be armed if they are not armed already, so I will not allow myself to become incapacitated if I can help it. I have this attitude because I know I will not be the aggressor in that kind of situation, I am not one to start fights, and will walk away if I can. So there is no chance I will be involved in a drunken brawl, specially because I am armed most times.
  8. https://www.atf.gov/firearms/atf-form-4473-firearms-transaction-record-revisions Don't recall these so must have been added after my last few FFL purchases. I just noticed they added ammo, I guess they expect BG checks for ammo to become popular. https://bearingarms.com/camedwards/2020/06/24/ags-states-checks-ammo-purchases-n38245
  9. Are you serious? The investigation showed she broke the law with all the clasified, Comey even said so, but said no prosecutor would prosecute. What FBI Director James Comey Really Said About Hillary Clinton Email Probe - ABC News (go.com) Hillary is HQed in NY. right? Hillary Clinton campaign and DNC fined by FEC over Trump-Russia dossier research | CNN Politics Isn't this falsifying business records? Hmm, who is being charged with that right now? Hunter's Laptop, no evidence??? Say it isn't so.
  10. The FBI had Hunter's laptop during the last administration, Hillary, last administration, Russia Collusion hoax, with illegally obtained FISA warrants, spying on a presidential campaign, and while in office, yea all last administration . As I said, three letter agencies are compromised and anti-American.
  11. No physical issues??? It wasn't the physical issues that were, no, are in question. I do think that if the public seen as many cases get filed against the left as there have been against the right, for virtually the same charges, more would at least have a sense that the justice system is working. But so many three letter agencies have been weaponized against the right that it will be hard to regain any semblance of trust in them again.
  12. I'd have to see what the interaction looked like. I've said in the past, when one party is armed and another party does something to handicap that party, it becomes a life and death confrontation because the assailant may just get hold of that weapon. So if she continued the assault, then yea, good shoot, if not, say she was trying to drive off, then no, bad shoot.
  13. Had not heard about this, not surprised seeing as how the MSM picks and chooses what to make viral. Why haven't these people at least been fired? ATF's mysterious grenade smuggler case: new photos, documents turned over to Congress - CBS News
  14. Right, but the way it's going I fear we will see more of the trials you would enjoy vs the ones I would. Like I would love to see Hillary go on trial for her illegal activities, the ones they didn't pursue even though they said she broke the law, and maybe Hunter and co as well. But heck, who am I kidding, that will never happen.
  15. Hard rain a day before had everything soaked and the ground squishy. But got another one lit and kept it going even through a 3-hour rain, falling hard at one point. The briars make a great kindling, I managed to burn a huge pile of willow oak leaves, and 3 piles of the same tree's branches. I brought along some edger bricks so it wouldn't get away, but needed taller ones, think I'll just take a smokeless burn barrel next time, I have loads of willow oak branches I need to get rid of and the barrel burns hotter, so faster. A great time to try different methods to get a fire going, last one was just a bic, this one was an army fire starter kit like the one below.
  16. IMO they are exactly like the people they represent, look who put them in office in the first place.
  17. He, he, you can change your vote! It is currently most definitely now, in case anyone was wondering. I trust them, but not in the sense that they are always right, but in that they report more of what isn't being reported elsewhere. I do know the difference between their news and commentary segments though, so there is that. That's ok, they have the best lawyers I hear, they must know what they are doing. I too would like to see everything come out at trial and would like to have many more of these trials as well.
  18. They make very long bolts nowadays. Personally I would not bolt mine down, a simple cable or clamp around a seat frame will suffice because I never leave a gun in the truck/car for longer than I have to, and it will take them more time to find it and try and cut it away than it will for me to return to my vehicle. If I have to go somewhere unarmed, I would rather leave my good EDC firearms at home, I'll carry a Jennings or High-point then.
  19. You would be wrong. So, current events then; I wonder why they haven't asked to have an independent audit of the machines? Get answers to questions like why do they connect to the internet.? Seems to me if they are being sued for slander then they should be trying to prove they were right and discovery would allow the deposition of executives and technicians to see if what was reported was right or not.
  20. NAGR is legit, but can't say about the email as some use legit companies to scam people. Home - National Association for Gun Rights (nationalgunrights.org)


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