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  1. The Polymer80 PF frames use Glock mags. Again I know you said no PCCs but since Cumberland already did, the Stribog now has a version that takes Glock mags. As many mag issues as they've allegedly had, probably should've done that sooner.
  2. If you weren't halfway across the state I would be interested in the 6.5 and 7.7 Japanese cases. Happen to have a trip to the Nashville area planned anytime soon?
  3. MidSouth has some Varget for sale this week in 1 lb containers, but something like $40/lb. A little rich for my blood.
  4. When did they phase out mercuric primers? That's what I'd be worried about most with components that old.
  5. Well way late but from what I've seen powder is available but more expensive than pre-2020. Projectiles seem to be about the same. Primers are almost non-existent and you'll pay dearly for them if you find them.
  6. Thanks Lynn for the kind offer. I didn’t have a very good description of them so I decided to bite the bullet and make the drive again. Unfortunately the vendor had left after Saturday so going over there wouldn’t have helped. Thankfully they had realized what happened so they left their card with one of the RK people in the front. I have their contact info now and they are willing to mail it out to me. So this should eventually have a happy ending. This is not a mistake I’ll be making again soon!
  7. A tip for those in the middle Tennessee area that don’t mind a bit of a drive. Midsouth Shooters Supply up in Clarksville has had powder in stock occasionally. If you go to their powder page they have an option along the side to filter by what’s in stock. Check it a couple times a day and you may just catch some in stock, but don’t dawdle or it might sell out (ask me how I know). Prices are higher than pre-2020 mess but not exorbitant. You can also pick up at their store instead of shipping and having to pay the hazmat fee. They’re open till 5 during the week.
  8. To start, after you get done reading the below you’ll probably think I’m an idiot. I totally agree, 100% guilty your honor, may the court have leniency on me. I went to the Knoxville show today and there was a vendor selling some of the Polymer 80 9/40 full-size and compact lowers for a pretty good price, so I bought one. Unfortunately I made the twin mistakes of not opening the box and double checking it, and also not grabbing a business card with their information. I got back to not-so-sunny Nashville this afternoon and lo and behold, my jig has no frame in it. I’m assuming I grabbed the box of the frame they had out on display. Again want to stress this was totally my fault, not blaming them at all. Is there a TGO member that’s planning to attend the show tomorrow that could do me a huge favor of either getting the vendor information for me, or passing my info to them? This particular vendor was in the back corner kitty corner from the entrance, maybe 1-2 aisles in from the far wall and about a quarter to third of the way up from the back wall. I would be willing to pay the postage for them to throw it in a flat rate box and mail it to me, and for the kind Samaritan that is willing to help, maybe a gift card to a restaurant or store of your choice? I really don’t want to do that round-trip again but might have no other choice.
  9. If you live in Franklin, Chip Cain has an office in the downtown area and does NFA trusts. He did mine for me a few years ago and it's gone through several Form 1s without an issue.
  10. Finished paying off my life membership a few months ago.
  11. I've done a few transfers with Bellshire Hardware on Dickerson Pike and they've always been good to me. I think most of their business is transfers but they do have some inventory in the store. Most of the online retailers already have their FFL info on file since they do a fair number of transfers. I think they charge $20 + TICS but could be $25, it has been a while since I've been in there.
  12. I recently bought a Lab Radar and I liked it the one time I had it out. I used it on some 223 loads I had and while shooting some 9mm handgun. You have to make sure your muzzle is positioned correctly in relation to the unit so it can pick up the report of the shot, but otherwise it worked well. Did try it with a 22lr that I had brought but couldn't get it to trigger. I'll probably have to buy the little microphone for airguns if I want to chrono any 22lr.
  13. I filed my last one 6/28. I'm thinking February or March at the very latest.
  14. I'm glad I'm not the only one that's annoyed by this. It also weakens both shows since the dealers can't cover both, or at least I don't know of any that do both if they're scheduled against each other. I've always liked the 'Boro show but the one in December wasn't very good.
  15. When I was living in Ohio before I moved here, the LGS used to have sales on the 500 Rd CCI Blazer loose bulk boxes for $17 each. How I miss those days, today anything under 6 cents/Rd for bulk I'll usually buy it.


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