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  1. A classic passive aggressive post that says: I got nothing, but personal attacks I can do. This is your first post in this thread, so what does that say about you?
  2. A few corrections. It was RRA, not RIA. Also, the major issue was that SA and RRA actively supported a gun control law in Illinois that would have put many FFLs out of business. See EDITORIAL: Can Springfield Armory and Rock River Arms be Trusted for the Long Haul?
  3. No, it's not. It's rather unsafe. You do not go to a training class to learn and repeat all day how to unload your rifle. In contrast, you go there to learn and repeat all day how to keep that rifle loaded at all times. After all, what good is an unloaded rifle for. The 4 rules of firearm safety shall not be violated. None of them state: keep your firearm unloaded. In fact, the first one states to treat all firearms loaded, so why not keep them loaded?
  4. Yes, they did, at least in West Knoxville they did. I went to check and see if they really did hide them and asked at the counter to see an AR.
  5. Sure, it's less than 2-years old and they put them back on the shelf. They do PC both ways.
  6. Having a stuck case commonly happens in rifle classes, because we leave our rifles loaded all-day.
  7. You may want to re-read what I stated before making assumptions that go further down a rabbit hole. Did I state that I do or don't clear my AR after I am done shooting? What does being done shooting even mean? I emptied a magazine? I am leaving the range?
  8. Springfield Armory, Rock River Arms Trade Opposition to Illinois FFL Licensing Scheme for Carve-Out Springfield Armory & Rock River Arms Made Campaign Contributions to Anti-Gun Rights Politicians Academy Sports pulls AR-15 style rifles from display cases
  9. I wouldn't leave a hot (temperature) rifle chambered with lacquer-coated steel case ammo, as I don't shoot such ammo.
  10. Both, Springfield Armory and Academy Sports, are on my naughty list. I bought a Daniel Defense M4V11 Pro at Buds Gun Shop & Range in Sevierville instead. I exclusively shoot brass-cased ammo, usually PMC. If you leave a hot (temperature) rifle chambered with lacquer-coated steel case ammo, you are risking a stuck case.
  11. Already running here: Yeti drops NRA foundation. You might want to read my post in that thread, before crucifying YETI.
  12. The State of Illinois requires a FOID for possession of a firearm. Loaning him the firearm in Illinois would have violated Illinois law. As for federal law, the father would have a difficult time to argue that what he was doing was loaning and not transferring ownership to someone residing out of state.
  13. If he gave the gun to his son in Illinois, he broke state law. If he gave the gun to his son in Illinois while his son was visiting from and residing in another state, he broke federal law. If he traveled with the gun to another state and gave the gun to his son, he broke federal law. The only option not breaking the law would have been to transfer the gun to his son via an FFL while his son is residing in another state. I doubt he did that. From Man wanted in deadly Waffle House shooting in Tennessee had delusions about Taylor Swift, arrested at White House:
  14. I was looking them up on WHOIS only because there is not a single person, name, or contact on https://thenccpa.com. Would you attend a rally that is organized by people who refuse to identify themselves? Ever heard of this: A Russian Facebook page organized a protest in Texas. A different Russian page launched the counterprotest.
  15. This is about the planned and now cancelled Atlanta rally posted by Iraqveteran8888 on their Facebook page. They were supposed to speak there: From a comment by Iraqveteran8888: So, it appears it's the clowns behind Vice's Inside America's Largest Right Wing Militia organized the Georgia event. Who is behind the original call for protests is still unclear.


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