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  1. The perforation engineer and the graphic designer at Federal got together on this one?
  2. You want a copy of my handgun carry permit to sell me ammo?
  3. Also, single action and double action. Both included in sale!
  4. SOLD!! Yet another handgun I just had to have and never shoot. According to the receipt, I bought this used from the Nashville Armory in November of 2018. I might have shot it twice? I would say good condition. . I'm a full time stay at home dad with three kids doing virtual school so FTF at my house in South Nashville near Nippers Corner is the best way to make a deal. Not interested in trades or shipping yet. thanks.SOLD
  5. I'm interested. How much? Respond here or through PM. Thanks
  6. All of a sudden my Facebook feed is inundated with ads for body armor or plate carriers. I'm completely ignorant about this subject but somewhat interested. Where is a good place to start learning about this? Thanks.
  7. 5 used Sig brand magazines. 21 round capacity. Good condition. 9mm. I believe they are these: https://osagecountyguns.com/sig-p320-p250-9mm-full-size-21rd-magazine.html I think 150$ for all five is reasonable. I'm certainly not giving them away I can't find them anywhere for under 40$ apiece. Pickup at my place in South Nashville near Nippers Corner. Thanks
  8. I remember. Sorry but another member already PMed me. You are second in Line though. Thanks
  9. Very good condition lightly used XD 9 sub compact pistol for sale. I bought from a member here.I might of shot it twice. One 13 round flush fit mag and one 16 round extended mag. With case and gun lock and instructions. Fiber optic front sight. I'm looking for on this. Not interested in trades or shipping. I'm a full time stay at home dad with three kids in virtual school so meeting at my house in South Nashville near Nippers Corner is the best way to make a deal. Thanks
  10. Comes with 5 x 21 round mags and 7 x17 rounds mags. Holster and two mag carriers
  11. I have this one on one of my rifles and it has worked well so far. It is completely different in it's function but I have liked mine. https://blackhawk.com/ar-15-no-latch-ambidextrous-charging-handle/
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