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  1. Looking for a Threaded barrel for a S&W, M&P 40 Gen 1. From what I've found they don't make them anymore.
  2. If it wasn't true it would be funny. The whole thing is a giant joke, is it a stock or a brace. This is what they are concerned about when you can go in to any gas station and buy a crack pipe. Crazy times.
  3. I seen one at the Guncrew a few days ago in the used display.
  4. The Gun Crew is one of the few places that carry them.
  5. Still waiting also.
  6. Did something change? I used to share things with my dad and fellow member through email. Now it only gives me the option to share through Pinterest, Reddit, Twitter and something else I can't remember now.
  7. Cheaper Than Dirt definitely didn't waste any time!
  8. Kahrman knows his stuff for sure but, the 1894 357 with a can has become one of my favorites. I don't think you'll be going wrong whatever you do.
  9. https://www.dropbox.com/s/h7rc2ce2dxb0orl/20200220_183358.jpg?dl=0 Dead Air 45 Ghost M
  10. Someone needs to buy this! Free bump
  11. Ammo Empire hasn't started charging tax yet and has free shipping. Target Sports USA used to be a good one too.
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