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  1. With all the holes we have to jump through, the multiple background checks one with the FBI , surely to hell it won't be as easy as banning the bump stocks for them, witch was horse crap but whatever. I have them and I enjoy using them, especially my daughter shooting her 22. Trump Jr was all for cans when we had a chance on getting them off the list. Yes I know that doesn't mean anything about Daddy,.just saying. Unless you build something specifically to be super quite and use the right ammo you aren't going to be hiding from the cops sniping folks off, even with that probably not. They are a blast to use, I love shooting and they just make it better! Now I have to go get a few more in the works.
  2. I am going to be off topic but it was a big deal for me and I thought I should share. I wanted the M9A3 marked Gallatin and got it. About eight or nine hundred rounds in the gun completely locked up. Turns out the rails on the frame were the lug on the bottom of the barrel rides were off somehow, they curled in and locked up the barrel. I sent it back and a month later they sent me a brand new gun but from Italy. My case may have been a one-off but it's definitely something to look out for or keep an eye on it least.
  3. Congrats and welcome to the waiting club! Be careful, it very addictive.
  4. Praying for you guys.
  5. It's pistols only but The Gun Room has a nice and clean, well ventilated range.
  6. No problems with either of mine.
  7. I don't know how it changes anything. I do know for the first couple hundred rounds the slide would not close completely with the zev trigger but would with the stock trigger. Useless information I know. It works fine with both now.
  8. Thoughts and prayers
  9. Esko 270


  10. Esko 270


    https://www.flickr.com/gp/143485221@N08/dQq4r0. https://www.flickr.com/gp/143485221@N08/dQq4r0
  11. Sweet setup Cartel! I've been looking at the 509 for a while. How is it? My Omega 300 came in recently, we need to go again. Congrats
  12. I went through this with my G19 and Osprey 45 when I brought the Osprey home. I know this doesn't help but the problem fixed its self. Other than some lithium grease on the piston I haven't changed anything. Best of luck to you.
  13. Esko 270


    I inherited my Grandfather's sun conure. He thought I wanted it or maybe just thought it was funny, I'm not sure. It really is like living with a pissed off three year old. Beware of upgrading to a parakeet!
  14. I had to bring it waaaay in so you could have a peek. I was shooting pistols about 30 feet and the rifles a little farther out. I traded it to another member and of course immediately regretted it. Good to see you back around sir.

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